Do you know these little secrets about Chenbo?

Xiao Wang has been busy with his work recently. He often works overtime. It’s almost midnight when he gets home at night. He usually has to accompany the leaders to socialize and drink. In recent days, Xiao Wang suddenly found that the morning phenomenon of [little brother] has disappeared!

Xiao Wang remembered that Penis had a hard erection when he first got up in the morning. What was going on? Is there a big problem with what?

What is Chenbo?

Chen Bo refers to the natural erection of men at 4 ~ 7 o’clock in the morning when the penis is unconscious and is not controlled by scenes, actions and thinking. With the growth of age, the number and duration of Chen Bo of the penis will gradually decrease. When men are 20 ~ 30 years old, the number of Chen Bo increases and will gradually decrease after middle age.

Chen Bo is one of the important manifestations to evaluate physical health and normal sexual function.

Do young people have morning waves every day?

Normal morning booms do not appear every day, and the hardness is often not the same. If it is found occasionally that the hardness of morning booms is not very good, or that morning booms decrease only in a few days, this is usually a normal phenomenon.

If you find that you don’t have Chenbo, it may be that you didn’t notice it. In fact, it has already come, but it has already left when you wake up.

At present, the main method used to detect the presence or absence of spontaneous erection at night is the Night Penile Erection (Enlargement) Test (NPT), of which the [Stamp Test] can be completed at home. Those who are interested can try it, but they should not drink alcohol or engage in sexual activities at night.

Stamp test

The method is to prepare a series of stamps that have not been torn open, and surround the stamps around the root of the penis in a soft state before going to bed and stick them firmly, with appropriate winding tightness. If the stamps are found to be broken when waking up the next day, it indicates that the penis had erection during sleep. If the stamp is not broken from the perforation but disengaged from the joint sticking point, it must be retested.

Because the stamp experiment is not very reliable for monitoring penile erectile function, it should be measured continuously for several nights to comprehensively judge the test results.

Good luck to you!

No morning wave = impotence?

This statement is wrong.

Morning Bo will be affected by many factors, such as age, mood, sleep quality, mental state, etc. If a person’s sleep quality is not good, emotional anxiety, mental stress, etc., it is likely that there will be no morning Bo.

Secondly, the evaluation of erectile ability is mainly based on the satisfaction of both husband and wife with their sexual life. If their sexual life is harmonious, there will usually be no big problem of what.

At present, young people like nightlife due to excessive work pressure, emotional pressure and life pressure. They often stay up late and sleep late, resulting in poor morning life. At this time, they should develop good living habits, proper and regular sex life, and maintain a healthy lifestyle and pleasant mood, which is conducive to harmonious sex life.

Why is there a morning phenomenon?

Chen Bo is a part of the night erection. Night erection can give penis perfusion high blood flow, ensure the supplement of oxygen and nutrients, is the self-maintenance of erectile function. Generally speaking, men will have 3-5 erections every night, with an average time of 15 minutes each time, but also as long as 1 hour or so.

The exact mechanism of early morning penile erection has not yet been clearly studied. At present, there are mainly the following statements:

1. Sleep-related

After entering deep sleep, muscles will become relaxed, body temperature and blood pressure will rise, and breathing and heart rate will accelerate. At this stage, people often dream, accompanied by penis erection.

2. It is related to androgen level,

Androgen plays a vital role in male erection. Androgen is highest in the morning and lowest at night, so there is morning blooming.

3. Reflex of visceral organs

For example, the bladder is not emptied overnight, the pressure increases, and the nearby accessory gonads are compressed, eventually stimulating penile reflex erection.

This is the phenomenon of penile erection that we can often observe after waking up from urine.

Chen Bo is a weathervane for men’s health.

1. Chenbo can be used to distinguish psychogenic and organic erectile dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction (ED), commonly known as impotence, is divided into psychogenic and organic, and the simplest way to distinguish the two is to observe the presence or absence of morning blooming phenomenon. If erectile phenomenon can be observed when sleeping in the morning, it is likely to be erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors. If not, further special examinations are needed to determine the cause.

2. Current research believes that male penile erectile function is very close to cardiovascular function.

If Chen Bo disappears and psychological and physiological factors are excluded, then we must be alert to whether there are any abnormal physical conditions, especially for elderly male patients, and go to the hospital in time.

Xiao Wang’s Medical Report

Etiology: Recently, I was too tired, and I smoked and drank more at ordinary times. My body was tired and my sleep quality was poor, resulting in poor morning.

Prescription: Quit smoking and drinking, work and rest regularly, and exercise properly. If there is still no morning fever within 3 months, come back to the clinic.

According to the doctor’s advice, Xiao Wang reduced his overtime entertainment and went to a nearby park for running and exercise in his spare time on weekends. It didn’t take long for Xiao Wang to find that Chen Bo’s phenomenon had returned.

Chen Bo is only one of the reference indicators for evaluating men’s sexual function ability, and cannot be used as the only gold standard. Male friends can pay more attention to their morning Bo phenomenon on weekdays. When they find that morning Bo disappears, it may be that they have not had a good rest recently, or it is a signal before some diseases come, which should be paid attention to.

If Chen Bo was normal in the past but not in the last three months, don’t be too nervous. At this time, don’t make random diagnosis and medication by yourself. You should go to a regular hospital and let the doctor help you analyze and solve the problem.

Responsible Editor: Haitang