Do you need hot water to cook rice? Three Controversies on Using Cold Water or Hot Water

Do you cook rice in cold water or hot water? Wash your face with cold water or hot water? Brush your teeth with cold water or hot water?

In life, we always encounter this kind of problem of using cold water or hot water.

If you have had such a question, Dr. Clove’s article today will give you the answer.

Cooking Rice: Hot Water or Cold Water?

There are many articles on the Internet saying that water should be heated when cooking rice. It is said that 90% of the people have done something wrong… then the remaining 10% of this statement may not cook at all, right?

Dr. Clove carefully read this statement. Its reason is that the longer the cooking time, the greater the nutritional loss of rice. Heating water for cooking can shorten the cooking time, so cold water should not be added.

Only in theory, this makes sense.

But! (The important thing is always but)

At present, everyone basically uses electric rice cookers to cook rice. It doesn’t take long to cook a pot of rice. Even if it is not tens of thousands of high-grade electric rice cookers, only ordinary pressure electric rice cookers are much more efficient than old-style electric rice cookers.

How much difference can the nutrition loss be in a few minutes when a small pot of cooking water changes from cold to hot?

Cold water and hot water, which they like to use, 100% of the people are right.

If you really want to eat more nutritious rice, you may as well replace 1/3 ~ 1/2 of refined white rice with brown rice, oats, red beans and other coarse cereals and beans, and use pressure electric rice cookers to make coarse cereals.

Of course, if you don’t want to waste any nutrients, there are also ways, such as… eating uncooked rice.

Wash your face: Hot water or cold water?

Many people think that washing face with cold water can shrink pores and make skin better.

In fact, different skin types have different methods.

If you have dry skin, you can use more cold water. Too hot water will make your skin drier.

If you have oily skin, you can use more hot water to remove grease and wash it cleaner.

However, the [heat] mentioned here is the temperature that your face will not feel hot … If you turn your face red in order to wash off the grease, you will not be able to eat this pot on your face in the future, and Dr. Clove will not carry it back.

If your skin is sensitive, use warm water more often, that is, the temperature is similar to that of your face, too cold or too hot, which is a kind of irritation to your skin.

The face is your own, be nice to it.

Brush your teeth: cold water or hot water?

This is really voluntary. If you can, you can do it without water.

A good temperature is acceptable to you. After all, it is too hot or too cold, and your mouth will not agree.

As for the view that brushing teeth with cold water is not good for teeth, it is a bit too much to worry about.

If you just drink a mouthful of cold water while gargling, your teeth can’t stand it… Isn’t it also a kind of harm to your teeth to drink cold water and blow cold air at ordinary times? If you have another ice cream, don’t you have to lose all your teeth early?

Seeing here, you may feel that, after all, Dr. Clove seems to be just saying: What suits you is always the best.

Most of the time, things are like this. We don’t need to tangle with some details. It is good to do things. As for whether to use cold water or hot water, in the morning or at night, once a day or three times a day, it is not so important.

Life is no longer easy, don’t make things difficult for yourself.