Do you really need to buy a washing machine with disinfection function?

[Chopping Hands Festival] Just after, Double Twelve is coming again. I don’t know how many hands this article can save. Let’s talk about the popular [disinfection washing machine] in recent years. By the way, I’d like to introduce some concepts about disinfection to see if the disinfection washing machine is a good [product marketing concept] or a well-founded [family expert].

As smart consumers, when we are preparing to buy disinfection washing machines, we should consider clearly that the poison of disinfection is what, and disinfection refers to what.

[Poison] Is it what poison?

Generally speaking, microorganisms include viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and algae. These microorganisms have different forms due to different stages of life. Of course, not all microorganisms need to be killed. Generally, microorganisms that cause harm to human beings are arranged according to the degree of difficulty in disinfection (easy to difficult):

1. Lipophilic viruses (viruses with lipid membranes): such as hepatitis B virus and influenza virus;

2. Bacterial propagules: such as active Vibrio cholerae, Escherichia coli, etc.;

3. Fungi: For example, pathogens causing tinea pedis (commonly known as [Hong Kong foot]), onychomycosis, etc.;

4. Hydrophilic viruses (viruses without lipid envelope): such as hepatitis a virus, polio virus, etc.;

5. Bifurcation bacteria: such as Bifurcation bacteria, Bifurcation bacteria, etc.

6. Bacterial spores: For example, Bacillus anthracis spores and Bacillus subtilis spores mentioned in many terrorist attacks.

As a businessman, he will tell you that his products can kill countless invisible microorganisms on articles, but in fact, under normal circumstances, only a small number of these countless microorganisms are mentioned above, and most of them are harmless to human body. Under normal circumstances, only general cleaning is needed to achieve the function of preventing and treating diseases.

How do I get rid of it?

[Alas, but there are children/old people/pregnant women/weak or sensitive people in my family. People are not afraid of my family.] Many friends may say so when they see here. No problem, let’s talk about it now. What is [sterilized].

Disinfection is the process of killing or removing pathogenic microorganisms in the excluded environment. The [pathogenic microorganisms] mentioned here include all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms except bacterial spores, pathogenicity ah hello!

Disinfection does not require killing or removing all pathogenic microorganisms of contaminated objects, but reduces them to a number that does not cause diseases. According to its severity, it can be divided into sterilization, high-level disinfection, medium-level disinfection and low-level disinfection.

Step 1 Sterilization

[Sterilization] is the most demanding among them. It requires killing [all microorganisms], including all pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms, as well as the most difficult bacterial spores and fungal spores. Ionizing radiation sterilization, thermal sterilization, etc. belong to this class of means.

It is undoubtedly impossible to kill all microorganisms. Therefore, the current international regulations stipulate that the survival probability of microorganisms contaminated by articles must be reduced to 10-6 during the sterilization process. In other words, if 1 million articles are sterilized, only one article is allowed to be detected with living microorganisms if it is qualified.

2. High level disinfection and medium level disinfection

[High-level] and [Medium-level] disinfection refers to the killing of spores and propagules other than spores of various pathogenic microorganisms. Ultraviolet disinfection, chlorine-containing disinfectants (common bleach, 84, etc.), iodophor tincture and alcohol disinfection belong to this grade of disinfection methods.

3. Low level disinfection

[Low level disinfection] requires the disinfection of bacterial propagules (except divergent bacteria) and lipophilic viruses to meet the disinfection requirements. Ventilation, flushing, disinfection of mercury, silver, copper and other metal ions are all of this grade.

Excessive disinfection is unnecessary and may be harmful.

Hey, speaking of which, do we want to buy a washing machine with disinfection function? Don’t worry.

In fact, according to different properties of disinfected articles, Divided into high, medium and low risk three types, clothing is the lowest risk one. Because, clothing is only directly or indirectly in contact with healthy skin, in addition to clothing, daily necessities, including towels, basins, floors, tableware, walls, toilet, are all items of this grade. For the above such items, should choose [low level disinfection].

In the medical scope, the corresponding disinfection methods for various types of articles are as follows:

There are several disinfection methods for popular [disinfection washing machines] on the market: high temperature, ozone, ultraviolet rays and silver ions.

Well, here’s the question. Do you want to disinfect the washing machine or not? It’s up to you to judge for yourself:

Clothes, towels, bed sheets and bedding only need low-level disinfection.

Just mentioned, [low level disinfection], through ventilation, flushing can achieve the goal;

The high temperature generated by the washing machine cannot reach the temperature required for sterilization.

Ozone is even harmful to human body in the process of generation.

Ultraviolet disinfection is effective but unnecessary, and leakage may also increase the chance of skin cancer.

Silver ion is a low-level disinfection method, and its effect may not be as good as 84 disinfectant at your reasonable concentration.

On the one hand, the [disinfection] function that the washing machine can have cannot achieve the real [disinfection] purpose, and even is harmful to health; On the other hand, simple [low-level disinfection] can kill pathogens on clothes, towels, bed sheets and bedding.

You said, why do you want to buy a washing machine with [disinfection function]?


For sensitive people at home, you can buy an experience in pursuit of superior [clean] moats. In fact, I still prefer to clean frequently, dry more and play more games in the sun.