Do you repeat these three behaviors that hurt blood vessels every day?

Cardiovascular diseases are more severe than tigers.

According to the World Health Organization:

In 2012, 17.5 million people worldwide died of cardiovascular diseases. This figure means that 30% of all deaths were caused by cardiovascular diseases.

Of these, about 7.4 million died of coronary heart disease and 6.7 million died of stroke.

Dr. Clove stressed that healthy living habits should be developed, which helps to keep blood vessels healthy.

However, there are always some friends who still persist in bad behavior unconsciously, and some even knowingly commit crimes.

The following three points to be discussed can be said to be the daily habits that hurt blood vessels most, but some people really repeat them every day. It is strange that blood vessels can be healthy if this goes on.

Diet is heavy salt, high sugar and a lot of oil.

At present, the index finger moves greatly and eats it.

However, if you eat too much food with high salt, high sugar and high fat for a long time, your intestines and stomach are satisfied, but your blood vessels are secretly complaining.

1. Eat too much salt and raise hypertension,

Both animal experiments and large-scale population statistical studies have confirmed that eating too much salt will increase hypertension.

A long-term [heavy taste] diet will increase the risk of hypertension and make it more likely to suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke and coronary heart disease.

In addition, excessive sodium salt will also increase the burden on the kidney, damage small blood vessels of the kidney, and further affect the normal function of the kidney.

The daily salt should not exceed that much (6g) of a beer bottle cap.

2. Eat too much polysaccharide, sweet to sadness

Eating a lot of sugar will make the heart beat faster, blood vessels contract and blood pressure rise.

On the other hand, eating too much polysaccharide is not conducive to the control of blood sugar, blood lipid, uric acid and body weight. If these indexes are always at abnormal levels, they often induce or aggravate vascular injury.

3. Eat oil to accelerate hardening.

The blood vessels of the human body are like tap water pipes. The inner wall of the pipes will form scale and rust. These [scale] are lipid plaques deposited on the inner wall of blood vessels.

Although the dietary guidelines in the United States have lifted the restriction on cholesterol intake, this does not mean that high-oil foods can be eaten freely.

Big fish and big meat, fried food, pastry, etc., contain a large amount of saturated fatty acid food, always eat a lot, it is difficult to control the blood lipid level. This will undoubtedly accelerate the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. The health of blood vessels will accelerate the deterioration.


Many people know that smoking will increase the risk of lung cancer, but few people know that smoking will damage blood vessels and increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Toxic substances in tobacco smoke can damage vascular endothelial cells and affect blood lipid, blood sugar and other indicators. Promote red blood cell aggregation and increase blood viscosity. It can also cause blood pressure rise, vascular inflammation and so on, accelerate atherosclerosis and increase the risk of thrombosis.

These conclusions have been confirmed by a large number of studies. To name a few:

Smoking increases the relative risk of cerebral infarction by 90%.

About 11% of patients with acute ischemic stroke are attributed to smoking.

The risks of cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage of smokers are 1.37 times and 1.21 times higher than those of non-smokers respectively.

The death risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases of smokers is higher than that of non-smokers. The more smokers, the greater the risk.

… …

So, for the sake of blood vessel health, are you not ready to quit smoking?


Some studies have found that after stopping exercise, blood sugar and blood pressure will obviously rise, which is not good for maintaining the normal functional state of blood vessels.

When you get rid of the good habit of exercising completely, your blood pressure level will rebound. Similarly, if you stick to moderate and regular exercise for a long time, your blood sugar level will drop. However, if you keep other conditions unchanged and just stop exercising completely, your blood sugar control will not be as good as before.

In addition, there is a dangerous situation.

During exercise, muscles will rhythmically squeeze blood vessels to assist venous blood to flow back to the heart. If you are always sedentary or keep standing still, especially the blood in your legs will deposit in the blood vessels of your lower limbs and even gather into small clots, i.e. [deep venous thrombosis of your lower limbs].

At this time, if the embolus falls off, the small clot flows to the pulmonary blood vessels with the blood flow and is blocked, which will form fatal pulmonary embolism.

Therefore, readers and friends should never sit in front of the TV or mahjong table for an afternoon.

Remember to exercise regularly. Five times a week, each time more than half an hour of moderate intensity exercise.

Do you have all the three bad habits mentioned above that hurt blood vessels?

As for what kind of good health habits should be formed, the health headlines have actually stressed many times. It is nothing more than:

    Actively control [three highs] and other chronic diseases, resolutely quit smoking, scientifically and moderately exercise, eat low salt and low fat, have sufficient fruits and vegetables, and are suitable for regular physical examination of coarse grains.

It is simple to say, but it is not easy to do it. It is necessary to form such awareness and stick to it for a long time.

Everyone knows that the health of blood vessels means what to a high quality of life. So, what should be done at ordinary times depends on everyone’s consciousness ~