[Doctor Clove] Take You to Spit Out “Young Doctor”

Youth Idol Love Medical Drama < < Young Doctor > > is being broadcast in prime time on various TV stations. As its story is set between hospitals and medical staff, it is inevitable that there will be some medical treatment and medical scenes. The clove garden website has opened [< < Young Doctor > > What do you think? ], doctors have been enthusiastic about the medical common sense involved in this [medical drama].

Binglu 53: 9% normal saline, where are you pickling pickles? 40 ml of methylprednisolone, you treat Tyrannosaurus rex! Furosemide 10 g, you want to make mummies! 200 cc of blood is sent for testing. Your machine is thirsty! This kind of picture can no longer be seen happily. Is this rescue or help to ascend to heaven?

Of the negative comments, I’m afraid this is the one that has been forwarded the most times. [Doctor Clove] I’ll show you.

1. [9% normal saline, where are you pickling pickles? As anyone who has studied medicine knows, The so-called [normal saline], Is a 0.9% sodium chloride solution, Its osmotic pressure is exactly the same as that of human tissue fluid. If a concentration of 9% [normal saline] is injected, Because the concentration of liquid outside the cell is higher than that inside, the cell can only spit out the water inside continuously, just like pickles, which are soaked in special salt water and fade. Think about what kind of liquid with a concentration 10 times higher than the normal body state will [marinate] people into? 2. [200 cc of blood sent for testing, your machine is thirsty! [Young Doctor] It is true that there is no such mistake in [Young Doctor]. This is the plot of other TV plays, but we might as well understand. Is 200 cc the concept of what? If you have ever donated blood, that bag is 200 cc, also known as a blood transfusion unit. People with ordinary bodies may feel thirsty, dizzy, heartbeat faster, and hands and feet cold when they are quickly siphoned off from a blood transfusion unit, not to mention patients. How much blood should be drawn for laboratory tests after hospitalization? Basically, a test sheet corresponds to a blood pump, and about 1-5 mL of blood in a blood pump is sufficient.

Sao Li Corner: I took a casual look at it. In one scene, an intern went to great lengths to get the report of the patient’s myocardial enzyme, and the result was positive. Then the attending doctor told his family that bypass surgery was needed. This was not misleading but what?

1. Myocardial enzyme is positive, It is not necessary to have a heart bypass operation. Apart from the general conditions of the patient, The results of coronary angiography can make doctors clear whether and where to perform bypass surgery. 2. For patients with typical myocardial infarction symptoms, if myocardial enzymes are obviously elevated, what needs to be done as soon as possible is interventional therapy to recanalize narrow and blocked coronary arteries.

Is it procrastination syndrome or is it: during the operation, the patient was actually given an ordinary needle, how did several routes of saline get in, can it be saved, the defibrillation was still separated by clothes, and the others were unable to spit out.

1. [When rescuing patients, it was a common needle] Clinically, there is a T-shaped [three-way tube], One side is attached to a needle inserted into a blood vessel, The other two sides can be connected with infusion tubes. Its design is very exquisite, There is no chance to mix drugs from different entrances. When rescuing patients, Time is life, In addition to maintaining vital signs, The first thing to do is to establish venous passages, That is to say, the drug can smoothly enter the blood vessel. It is not practical to look for blood vessels many times and establish channels to administer drugs. Only embedding ordinary infusion needles cannot meet the needs of rescue. 2. In order to prevent a gap between the defibrillator and the chest wall, There was once a guideline requiring chest hair to be shaved before defibrillation to prevent poor conductivity or burns caused by strong current breaking through the air. Later, perhaps also considering shortening the rescue time, the requirement for chest hair removal in the guideline was removed. It is still necessary to open chest clothes, otherwise conductive paste is applied and what is used. Is it necessary to defibrillate clothes…

CXNP: Is this a spit? As a cardiologist, I have never heard of a PC examination for patients suspected of myocardial infarction. What is a PC examination? Sincerely solve!

I’m really ashamed. Dr. Clove doesn’t know what this is. Is it a misnomer for interventional therapy (PCI)?

Huanmengyunhai: It’s OK to show it to laymen. If you show it to insiders, it’s a bad movie! ! ! Full of commercial elements, all kinds of gossip objects, pure bullshit, traumatic spleen rupture + fracture, why didn’t you rub on your knees in the morgue to the ground, don’t you hurt? Can you move your legs? There is no drainage tube after spleen rupture? Oh, My God!

Well, that … move freely, should be the need of the plot … after watching the professional complaints, let’s stop dwelling on the details and see the doctors’ affirmation of the play!

SGJHSL: I watched the TV show of medical devices well. I opened my eyes and wanted to return to the Second Hospital of Jiaotong University when I was practicing.

Wu Qingqing 1753: Although this TV series does not exaggerate the plot, However, in reality, real doctors actually work harder. The 24-hour shift actually takes more than 30 hours to go up and down. They have to continue to work when they fall down, because they can’t ignore their patients. In fact, this TV series has well interpreted the current doctor-patient relationship and also let outsiders know that doctors are hard, humble and helpless. In fact, it is still good.

Bingsgui100VIP: It’s quite good. At the very least, let the public know a common sense. Most of the first aid patients who go to the emergency department of the hospital cannot be rescued. There are not too many miracles beyond medicine! As far as our reality is concerned, if there are those few deaths in the real society, they will all be medical disputes!

Linxiaolei8152: TV series does have many unreasonable points, but in today’s tense medical environment, I think this TV series is still good. It makes the society have less misunderstanding of doctors and more positive feelings. It makes people see that doctors also have feelings, treat patients sincerely and have a lot of helplessness.

Yellow, gray and red: quite good, after all, all cases can see the shadow, but after all, it cannot be described professionally. Sometimes it is more practical to give the public an understanding than to discuss the details with the public in a hurry.

Gan Yiying: It reflects that the government and the media are promoting the positive image of doctors and the positive energy of doctors, which can improve the doctor-patient relationship.

LP3100: Some of the conversations between doctors and patients are very true.

Heaven receives water: Although many places can compare with anti-Japanese Lei Ju, the only bright spot is to advocate that medical personnel should carry out more humanistic care, pay more attention to the patient’s psychology, family, economic situation, etc., and put themselves in the patient’s shoes. This is still desirable.

[Doctor Clove] also thinks that it is inevitable to exaggerate the plot for non-professional doctors to direct a film and television work that weaves first aid scenes, interspersed with love, hate, love and hatred, and is positioned in [large-scale youth medical professional drama]. I can’t help but think of the play “Dr. House”. Although the patient [vomiting blood every episode], he still couldn’t resist everyone’s love.

As mentioned by many netizens who did not present all of them here, the humanistic care and doctor-patient relationship in the series are the highlights worth thinking about. The most important thing in the TV series is to enjoy watching it. Are you hungry or not, I’ll give you a bowl of noodles to eat?