Doctors may not play well, but they cannot play well without medical knowledge.

Doctors are often portrayed as very serious, boring and telling the truth. It is really very difficult to turn around patients and sickbeds in clinical practice every day and have time and energy to keep [interesting].

But what’s interesting is what? Can how be a little more interesting?

How is [interesting]

Some people in Zhihu have asked a question about [interesting], and there is an answer of nearly 20K points of praise. I have briefly summarized its statement. There should be at least two things in common about [interesting]:

STEP 1 Unexpected

For example, the girls living in the Red Mansion, in everyone’s imagination, the good family should be gentle and quiet, reading poems, writing words, embroidering and drawing. However, this kind of girl who can be imagined is boring.

Therefore, we think Daiyu is interesting, because she can come up with such playing methods as [burying flowers] and can also have all kinds of loquacious and cheap tongues. Jia Tanchun, a toy collector, uses red mud to make a small stove in what. He keeps Baoyu to buy her fun things every day. Even her imperial concubine and sister know this point and always send her toys on her birthday.

2. There is no utilitarian [playing with the heart]

For example, one of Mr. Qian Zhongshu’s most praised interesting stories is that his cat fought with Lin Huiyin’s cat next door. He took a bamboo pole to cheer his cat on. This kind of play and life sentiment is a kind of [useless] fun.

It’s a long way to go, but it’s interesting. It’s almost the only way to fight against the sufferings of life.

I don’t know how many people, like me, studied medicine because they thought it was interesting. Today, clove garden (micro signal: dingxiangwang) wants to borrow a toy to help everyone recall [first heart] and the interesting things we felt when we studied medicine.

Talk of Strange Talks after School in Primary School

A toy manufacturer in Japan told its users a “horror talk”:

Japan’s primary schools will set up a [science class], which is a bit like the [nature class] we took when we were young. In this class, it is very important to teach primary school students anatomy.

The story takes place in a primary school called “Million Families”. One day after class, three good friends left school together. One of them found that his textbook had been left in the classroom where he took science class. But when he went back to look for his textbook, he found that the commonly used human anatomy model was a bit strange…

A laughing [horror model]

This toy, which won the Amazon Toy Award in 2014, is called [plop plop loose mannequin] (mannequin) in Japan. The play is very simple, that is, let small (DA) friends place their internal organs in the proper position of the model.

Therefore, this is a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle! It is the internal organs of the human body!

Ha ha, so now you understand why doctors may not play well with this toy, but they cannot play well without medical knowledge.

We found a video on YouTube, which is an introduction to the toy by a pair of little sisters and their father.

Let’s take a look at how this toy is played:

1. Toy body:

Body Trunk and Suspension Frame

2. Toy Description:

There is a game card to instruct the player that each [organ] is installed in that part. Of course, as a doctor, it would be too shameful if you still need instructions…

3. Toy accessories:

A complete set of [internal organs], a tweezers for assistance, and three batteries.

4. Victory Goal:

Place the internal organs one by one and all correctly in the corresponding positions of the mannequin. However, if the vibrating device is accidentally set off, the whole model will fall apart and will be sentenced to lose immediately!

5. Game Begins:

(1) At the beginning of the game, you need to remove all your internal organs and press the switch.

(2) Each player takes turns to draw a card. Each card corresponds to an internal organ or limb. The card to be drawn is responsible for installing the corresponding internal organ on the model with tweezers. The card will indicate the position of this organ in the human body and also explain the function of each internal organ. During this process, the trunk will always emit horrible laughter and BMG (background music).

(3) There is a vibration sensor hidden on this [trunk]. Once the sensor is triggered by excessive action or wrong placement, it will lose! Not only that, the game cards are randomly selected, and players may draw any organ at any time. If you install the large and small intestines first, but then draw the kidney… You can think of this trouble.

Do you still remember the experience of taking anatomy class for the first time?

Although this toy puts organs back into the trunk, it is a little different from taking out internal organs one by one in our anatomy class. But does it not more or less remind you of the first anatomy class?

How long has it been since your first anatomy class? Do you still remember the slight nervousness and excitement of the first anatomy class?

Remembering that I had asked my colleagues this question before, someone told me that they had diarrhea due to nervousness in anatomy class for the first time. Someone told me that when they opened the hidden body for the first time, they were caught off guard and rubbed a hand of corpse oil. Some people told me that many years later, I still remember the shock brought by the first general teacher.

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