Does the baby’s body temperature not measure well? These skills cannot be lacking.

When children are young, they always get sick and have a fever. Measuring body temperature has become a necessary skill for parents. Measuring body temperature seems to be a small matter, but in fact it is very learned. For example, it is necessary to know how much the normal temperature is in each position, how to choose a thermometer, how to measure body temperature, etc.

Temperature at different locations

First of all, we should know that there are the following parts for measuring body temperature: axillary temperature, ear temperature, anal temperature and mouth temperature. At present, axillary temperature and ear temperature are the most commonly used in China.

So how much of the temperature measured at these measuring positions means heating?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has given us such an answer:

    Anal temperature, ear temperature and forehead temperature: 38 ℃ or above; Oral temperature: 37.8 ℃ or above; Axillary temperature: 37.2 ℃ or above.

Are you still using a mercury thermometer?

It is believed that most families will choose to measure axillary temperature, and the measuring tool is usually mercury thermometer. However, mercury thermometer can cause accidents such as mercury poisoning and aspiration, so the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) recommends that pediatrics gradually stop using mercury thermometer. Compared with mercury thermometer, electronic thermometer and ear thermometer are safer.

Electronic thermometers are accurate, small in size and relatively low in price, but the measurement time is relatively long. If the baby does not cooperate, it is not easy to measure accurately.

The ear temperature gun is accurate, the measurement time is short, and the baby does not need to cooperate for a long time. The only disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive.

Therefore, if the price problem is put aside, in order to measure body temperature more conveniently and accurately, we prefer to use ear temperature guns.

But there will always be people who say, “Oh, what you said about this ear temperature gun is very inaccurate!” ]

Is it true that ear temperature guns are not allowed?

First of all, we need to understand the working mode of the ear temperature gun.

The ear temperature gun measures the body temperature according to the infrared heat wave released by the tympanic membrane, that is to say, to measure the body temperature accurately, the probe of the ear temperature gun and the tympanic membrane must be on the same horizontal line.

However, how to ensure that the probe and tympanic membrane are on the same horizontal line? Is it all right to just put the probe into your ear?

Of course not.

The external auditory canal of the human body is not a straight line, but a curved pipeline. The outer 1/3 turns inward, upward and backward first, and the inner 2/3 turns inward, forward and downward. That is to say, on the cross section, the external auditory canal is similar to [] shape, and the green circle in the following figure is the curved part.

If we directly insert the probe of the ear temperature gun into the ear, the result will be like this:

Obviously, at this time, the probe will not measure the tympanic membrane but the ear canal, which will naturally be inaccurate.

How to use the ear temperature gun correctly?

STEP 1 Proper Position

When using the ear temperature gun to measure the baby’s body temperature, it should be noted that the baby’s auricle should be properly lifted to ensure that the ear canal forms a straight line.

    For children under 1 year old, the external auditory canal is short and straight, and the tympanic membrane is close to the horizontal position, so gently pull the ear back and down before use to ensure that the ear canal can be straightened. For children over 1 year old, gently pull the ear back and up to ensure that the ear canal can be straightened.

It should also be noted that for children under 6 months old, ear temperature guns are inaccurate.

2. [Earwax] can make trouble

Perhaps some people will say: [the posture is correct, or not sure! ]

This kind of situation, is generally cerumen in tricks. Cerumen commonly known as [earwax] [earwax], is the secretion of the external auditory canal cerumen gland. It is weakly acidic, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, can protect the skin of the external auditory canal.

Under normal circumstances, cerumen will be discharged along with mandibular movement. If the ear canal is blocked due to inflammation and other reasons, the ear temperature gun will certainly be uncertain. At this time, you must find a doctor to deal with it, and do not pick out your ears by yourself. This may push earwax deeper, causing inflammation and infection.