Don’t be too busy making up for pregnancy, it is the key to understand these first.

Pregnancy preparation has become one of the key words that young women who want babies pay most attention to. Many young women begin to actively prepare about half a year before preparing for pregnancy, pay attention to diet and supplement nutritional elements, and what’s more, adjust their work for pregnancy preparation so that they can easily and happily devote themselves to the army of pregnancy preparation.

Regarding pregnancy preparation, people’s views may be divided into two groups:

    Most older women think it is not so important to prepare for pregnancy. How can the older generation prepare their children through what? Pay more attention to rest and supplement nutrition after pregnancy. For young women, they must not fight uncertain battles. They generally believe that preparing for pregnancy is the key to superior pregnancy. Compared with unexpected surprises, they expect the baby to be the crystallization of parents’ love, the continuation of love and the sublimation of spirit. For the health of the fetus, preparing for pregnancy is essential.

What is the significance of preparing for pregnancy?

The main purpose of preparing for pregnancy is to increase the probability of pregnancy, reduce the rate of spontaneous abortion and reduce the occurrence of congenital diseases.

With the development of science, the etiology of many diseases has been clearly diagnosed and prevented. Scientific pregnancy preparation can obviously reduce the incidence of many congenital diseases and improve the health of mothers and babies.

Pre-pregnancy examination

This is an important part of scientific pregnancy preparation. In addition to excluding the possibility of chromosomes and other genetic diseases, pre-pregnancy examination can diagnose many diseases that have an important impact on pregnancy. Timely treatment can reduce the occurrence of abortion and fetal malformation.

    Such as TORCH examination for women, which is common in pre-pregnancy examination, It is about Toxoplasma gondii, herpes simplex virus, rubella virus, treponema pallidum and cytomegalovirus infection. IgM positive in TORCH test is one of the common causes of abortion. If positive is found before pregnancy, You can get pregnant after treatment, Avoid pregnancy without knowing the infection, Affect pregnancy or fetus. Another example is thyroid function. Thyroid abnormalities in women are important diseases that affect pregnancy and fetal development. If hypothyroidism patients are not treated in time after pregnancy, Can lead to fetal mental retardation, abnormal development and other diseases. For diseases such as thyroid diseases and unknown abortion history before, Examination of thyroid function before pregnancy, can timely find women’s thyroid abnormalities, avoid unnecessary tragedies. For example, for pregnant women with a history of oral diseases and breast diseases, oral examination and breast examination before pregnancy are also very necessary, which can save a lot of trouble after pregnancy.

Folic acid supplementation

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, If a woman insists on taking the recommended dose of folic acid every day at least one month before conception and three months after pregnancy, the risk of neural tube defects in the baby will be reduced by 50% ~ 70%. In addition, folic acid supplementation can also reduce the risk of preeclampsia for expectant mothers, which is beneficial to the health of pregnant women. Therefore, it is necessary to start supplementing folic acid when there is a pregnancy plan.

Quit smoking and drinking

The damage of alcohol and tobacco to sperm has long been familiar to people. Children born of alcohol-induced pregnancy are also at higher risk of mental retardation, minor motor development disorders and various deformities.

Men and women who are preparing for pregnancy should not drink or smoke during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

However, the influence of any factor is not absolute. If folic acid is not supplemented before pregnancy, or there is smoking or drinking, there is no need to worry too much after pregnancy. Nutrients should be supplemented according to the doctor’s advice during pregnancy and regular prenatal examination should be maintained.

Never take measures such as abortion because you are not prepared for pregnancy and worry that your baby is not perfect. Small losses make big losses.

Adjusting the mood and maintaining a relaxed and pleasant attitude are conducive to improving the success rate of pregnancy and the health of the baby.

Knowledge reserve

At present, it is difficult to distinguish the true and false knowledge of maternity from various sources, and various statements are even more different. Mothers-to-be are constantly disturbed by various [kind] relatives and friends during pregnancy, and they do not know who to trust, which is also a headache.

Dr. Clove has found a professional obstetrician and gynecologist to answer these questions. He suggests that he should look at them more if he has nothing to do, reserve knowledge and arm himself with knowledge.

Prepare for pregnancy: too much is better than too much.

Scientific pregnancy preparation is the key to giving birth to a healthy baby, but excessive attention to pregnancy preparation will sometimes get twice the result with half the effort and affect the success rate of pregnancy.

Don’t make up blindly and indiscriminately.

Attention should be paid to proper and reasonable nutrient supplements. Blind and random supplements will backfire.

    Excessive vitamin A supplementation will increase the possibility of abnormal baby. Another example is excessive intake of nutrients such as fat, which will lead to obesity and insulin resistance, and serious infertility.

No matter during pregnancy preparation or pregnancy, regular life, reasonable diet and moderate exercise are the basis for ensuring the health of expectant mothers and fetuses.

Avoid excessive psychological pressure

Psychological factors are another important aspect that affects pregnancy. Excessive attention to pregnancy preparation may cause great psychological pressure, directly affect pregnancy, and even cause depression of expectant mothers in serious cases, which does more harm than good.

Don’t be too superstitious about preparing for pregnancy.

Many young women will feel that preparing for pregnancy is equivalent to the starting line of the next generation. If they do not pay attention to preparing for pregnancy, it will affect the next generation to become a winner in life.

In fact, the most important meaning of preparing for pregnancy is to ensure that the child succeeds [leaving the factory] and will not become defective products. The development of the child still depends on the way of raising the child and the correct guidance of the family. If you eat folic acid less once in preparing for pregnancy, it will not become an obstacle to the baby’s life.

Therefore, we should attach importance to preparing for pregnancy, but we should be moderate. Grasp scientific methods and prepare with relaxed mood to welcome the arrival of healthy babies.

Editor: Zhang Jingyuan

Author: Zhai Junyu