Don’t blindly give your baby heightening drugs.

[Increasing Drugs] May Lead to Precocious Puberty

I once heard a specialist who treated dwarfism say that there was a little girl under the age of 10 who took heightening drugs indiscriminately and became precocious in less than a year. It was estimated that she would be less than 1.4 meters tall when she was an adult. This made the doctor hate her teeth itchy, hate cheats for being too wicked, and hate parents for being too ignorant! Parents should pay attention, Precocious puberty easily leads to short stature of babies, This is because when the baby has precocious puberty, Sex hormones are secreted in large quantities in advance, Growth hormone is also secreted in large quantities, Accelerate the growth of baby’s height in a short period of time, Causing the baby to be taller than the baby of the same age temporarily in the early stage. However, due to the stimulation of sex hormones, The bone matures earlier, The epiphysis closes prematurely, Causing the baby’s bone growth period to shorten, Premature cessation of height development, Eventually leading to short stature. At present, there is no definite heightening drug on the market, There is no real health food with heightening effect, and most of the products claiming to have [heightening effect] have illegally added sex hormones. If parents think that the baby is short, they should consult a specialist for short stature to determine the treatment plan and avoid buying heightening drugs indiscriminately. Why does [heightening drugs] seem effective? In addition, height is related to heredity, endocrine, acquired environment and other factors. According to measurements, a person’s height in the morning and at night is also different. And is always slightly taller when you get up in the morning, The difference in energy is about 0.5 ~ 1.5 cm. This is because the vertebrae of the human spine are all connected by intervertebral discs. In order to reduce friction, There is cartilage between intervertebral discs to help lubricate. Its shape can change with the change of stress: Can be flattened under pressure, The pressure can be removed and the original state can be restored. Due to the above characteristics of intervertebral discs, Therefore, after a day’s labor or a long time of standing and walking, Intervertebral discs flatten by gravity, The length of the whole spine will be shortened, The height will decrease, After a whole night’s sleep, The intervertebral disc was restored to its original state, So there is an interesting phenomenon of [tall in the morning and short in the evening]. Some swindlers use this to cheat, First, let the children measure their height in the afternoon, and then take the so-called heightened magic medicine. A week later, let him measure it in the morning. The height grew by 1 cm. Parents were tricked into buying the medicine for half a year. In the face of common sense cheats, parents should be more cautious and not easily cheated.