Don’t mess with irregular menstruation! Obstetricians and Gynecologists Give You Three Suggestions

Menstrual disorder may be a problem that troubles many women. Menstruation is already troublesome enough. If you add another [disorder], this is the rhythm that drives people crazy.

However, don’t worry, if you carefully analyze, in fact, many menstrual disorders are [pseudo] disorders, that is to say, they are normal and are mistaken for disorders.

Let’s talk about normal menstruation first.

Regarding menstruation, we generally focus on the following indicators:

    Menstrual cycle: that is, the interval between the first day of two menstruations, 21-35 days is normal, with an average of 28 days; Menstrual period: i.e. The time of continuous bleeding during menstruation, which is normal for 2-8 days, with an average of 4-6 days; Menstrual volume: i.e. The total bleeding volume during menstruation, 20 ~ 60 mL is normal.

Everyone’s menstrual condition is different. As long as the above indicators are within the normal range and are regular every time, then there is basically no problem.

Is what [pseudo] dysfunction?

After comparing with normal menstruation, you will know that what is a real menstrual disorder and what is only a [pseudo] disorder.