Drinking more water has many benefits. These five kinds of people should really drink more.

Honey, I have a stomachache… Drink plenty of water!

Honey, I have a headache… Drink plenty of water!

Dear, I love dearly… Drink more water!

Dear, I am in a bad mood… Drink more water!

Honey, I’m so cold… Drink plenty of water!

Dear, I am so hungry… Drink more water!

Honey, I went to take a bath… Drink more water!

… …

What do you mean?

Well, with our unremitting efforts, drinking more water has finally changed from a thoughtful greeting to the most versatile but also seems to be the most perfunctory reply.

In fact, Dr. Clove thinks that it is also quite good that there are still people in life who can say to you to drink more water. After all, some people may never have told him about it.

Don’t you think so?

Why do you always drink more water? Because it is really good for the body!

Thirsty? Drink plenty of water

This sentence is sheer nonsense. Is there any…


In fact, drinking water is like completing a task for many people. These people can’t drink a few saliva a day, at most they only drink one cup, and they still feel that they have drunk enough.

Our body is losing water all the time, plus the loss of water when sweating and urinating. Most adults should replenish at least 1.5 ~ 2 L of water every day in order to meet the body’s need for water. If there is exercise and the weather is hot, you have to drink more water.

Constipation? Drink plenty of water

There are many reasons for constipation, and being too dry is one of them.

If you drink too little water and sweat too much, you may cause dry poop.

Drinking plenty of water helps to improve painful constipation.

Oh, you said you weren’t constipated? That should keep the good habit of drinking more water!

You don’t want to have the experience of being in the bathroom every day one day.

Want to reduce uric acid? Drink plenty of water

I believe most gout patients are familiar with the word uric acid. Uric acid is mainly dissolved in urine. The more urine is discharged, the more uric acid will be discharged.

Want to reduce uric acid? How much piss! Want to pee more? Drink plenty of water!

This truth is simply too smooth…

Drunk? Drink plenty of water

After drinking, not only will the whole person become dazed and unrestrained in words and deeds, but also alcohol will accelerate the dehydration rate of the body, in other words, more urine will be urinated.

In order to prevent dehydration, it is recommended to drink more water after drinking. Although this method cannot relieve alcoholism, it will make you feel much more comfortable when drunk.

Cough, dry throat, talking too much? Drink plenty of water

When the field is dry, the farmer’s uncle will water it. His throat is uncomfortable. Give it some water too.

Especially for children, drinking more water or other hot drinks will make their throat much more comfortable.

Seeing this, Dr. Clove guessed that you may have fallen in love with the words [drink more water] again. In fact, most of the time, drinking water is really like restarting. Although the action is simple, the effect is outstanding.