Duodenal Ulcer-Health Question and Answer

The boundless end of the world is my love, Flowers are blooming at the foot of the continuous green mountains…] Every time I hear such music, Grandma Liu always dances to the dynamic rhythm involuntarily. Square dancing is a popular aerobic exercise. It can not only exercise [big] muscles in arms and thighs, It can also enhance cardiopulmonary function. As long as there is an open space with divine comedy, Grandma Liu and her old sisters will jump up without thunder. However, you can take it easy, Grandma Liu, be careful of your knees! Knees should be saved from using a layer of articular cartilage on the bone surface of the knee joint. It is like putting a [safety helmet] on the bone of the knee joint. The knee joint is one of the weight-bearing joints of the whole body. Many movements in square dancing, Can cause knee cartilage to wear, [Helmet] Broken, Causing uneven joint release surface, Friction increases, Further aggravating the damage of articular cartilage, And then cause joint pain. Most of the people who danced the square dance with Grandma Liu were elderly middle-aged and elderly people. In this crowd, The incidence rate of osteoarthritis is very high, so, the elderly, especially pay attention to the protection of the knee joint. The basic cultivation of square dancers, clove doctor recommended to the majority of middle-aged and elderly people’s exercise mode, called [low impact aerobic exercise]. Speak people’s words! Well, it is: Take your time and jump gently. 1. Do as you can: Not everyone can do square dancing, For people suffering from chronic diseases, Be sure to consult your doctor before exercising, See what degree of exercise your current physical condition is suitable for. 2. Posture is very important: Avoid: Quick translations, squats, jumps, All three movements will increase the weight-bearing burden on the knee, Accelerate the wear process of articular cartilage. 3. Pay attention to rhythm: Older people, You should choose the square dance with a slower rhythm. If the rhythm is too fast, To keep up with the pace, The faster the movement will be. This may also accelerate joint wear. 4. Enough is enough: The square dance is for fitness, Sweat a little and your heart beats a little faster. But if the intensity is too strong, Exceeding the exercise load corresponding to their age, Not only does joint wear intensify, It will also increase the burden on the heart and lungs, There is even a risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, This is to keep fit, But it turned out to be the opposite. As for the length of time, According to the 2008 edition of the American Physical Activity Guide, For aerobic exercise such as dancing, For people over 65 years old, The recommended duration is 5 hours per week. 5. Armed: Cement and tile floors, It’s all hard ground, Every time I jump, The impact is transmitted directly from the foot to the knee joint. Without good cushioning, The impact on the joints will be great. If you can choose rubber floor, Of course. But most of the ground is hard ground. So, Conditional square dance lovers, Try to choose sports shoes with good cushioning performance, Good sneakers, Can filter out a lot of shocks, The burden on the knee joint will also be much lighter. Square dancing, Don’t go into the square dance with injuries. It is inevitable that there will be times when you dance [hi]. After excessive exercise, Older persons are less resilient, Sour waist, soft back and knee pain are common. Most of the time, After a good rest, Symptoms can be improved, But sometimes, You may need to see a doctor. 1. Joint swelling: Take the knee joint as an example, In the event of tissue damage or inflammation in the joint, Synovial hyperemia and edema in knee joint capsule, Synovial fluid secretion increased, The fluid in the articular capsule gradually accumulates, Is the common people’s mouth [joint water], Causing progressive swelling. At this time, Is going to the hospital, Let the doctor diagnose you, Is ligament and meniscus injury or synovitis and arthritis occurring? 2. Unbearable pain: Muscle soreness, Everyone has felt it, Most of them are caused by lactic acid accumulation in muscles. Sometimes, Inflammatory reactions around joints or chronic strain, This requires medication with the help of doctors. Sometimes there will be heel pain, ankle pain, The specific reasons cannot be generalized, Even serious cases of fatigue fractures have been found. So, Unbearable pain in a certain part, There was no obvious relief after the rest, I also need to go to the hospital to see a doctor as soon as possible. If symptoms occur, Don’t stick to it. The self-handling of accidental injuries in square dancing the motor function of the elderly is much lower than that of the younger age. And the elasticity of muscles and ligaments is not as good as before. So, Sprain and other accidents are common during exercise. Once injured, Don’t panic, Before going to the hospital, You can also do simple things yourself. Dr. Clove gives you three magic weapons: 1. Ice application: Instead, the ice cubes are wrapped in clean cloth (towels, clothes). Apply it to the injured part. The purpose of this is to, Can make blood vessels contract, reduce local bleeding, will reduce the degree of swelling to a minimum. However, it should be noted that every 15 minutes, the ice cube should be removed, and the next cold compress should be carried out when the skin temperature of the cold compress rises to normal body temperature. Remember, don’t apply hot compress, hot compress will aggravate edema and hemorrhage instead, remember! 2. Fix: Once injured, Many friends will habitually rub injured joints, This is wrong. Whether there is a fracture or a torn ligament, After the injury, go to activities, Could aggravate the damage, It can even cause secondary damage. So, After the injury, Immediately fix the injured limbs with hard objects such as boards, Send a doctor as soon as possible. 3, don’t medicated wine, medicated oil: All kinds of medicated liquor and oil, All have dilated blood vessels, To speed up local blood circulation. But in the acute phase of trauma, With these drugs, Will aggravate local bleeding and swelling. So, Without the guidance of a professional doctor, Try not to use any external drugs. Dear friends of the middle-aged and elderly who love square dancing like Grandma Liu, Don’t stop eating because you are afraid of being injured. Scientific square dancing can improve your body function and, to exaggerate, prolong your life. According to the tips given to you by Dr. Clove, arm yourself with knowledge. Life in old age is also great!