During pregnancy, how’s sexual posture is better?

Most of the questions about sex during pregnancy contain two misconceptions.

The first misconception is that ordinary people think pregnancy is a pathological state and women are extremely vulnerable during pregnancy.

Although women do have some health risks and physical inconveniences during pregnancy, which will lead to difficulties in sexual life, in most cases, it is not necessary to prohibit sexual life during pregnancy, and there is no reason to treat pregnant women as weak and sick people.

The second misconception is that some couples think that they cannot have sex during pregnancy when they encounter difficulties or discomfort in their sex life, but the reason is often the wrong method.

In this case, learning and understanding the appropriate sex life method during pregnancy is the correct solution.

During pregnancy, women’s estrogen and progesterone levels will increase, blood flow near the pelvic cavity will also increase, and the sensitivity of other sexy parts of the body may be higher than before, so the feeling of sexual life may be better than before pregnancy.

Following some principles, sex during pregnancy can be carried out.

Which situations cannot have sex during pregnancy?

First of all, it must be clear whether there are the following taboos:

  1. Have a history of premature delivery;

  2. Vaginal bleeding of unknown cause;

  3. Premature rupture of membranes, i.e. Premature rupture of membranes wrapping the fetus and amniotic fluid;

  4. Cervical insufficiency, i.e. Premature opening of the cervix, weight gain of the fetus in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, cervical dilatation without abdominal pain, etc.;

  5. Multiple pregnancy;

  6. Placenta previa, i.e. The placenta partially or completely covers the cervical orifice;

  7. Other high-risk factors, such as partners having sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Principles of Sex Life during Pregnancy

Regarding the details of sex life, there are these things that need to be paid attention to:

1. In the early trimester of pregnancy, the general posture is OK. But be careful not to put too much pressure on the abdomen of the pregnant woman.

2. Adjust the posture as the gestational age increases. The pregnant woman’s belly is getting bigger and bigger. The traditional posture of men going up and women going down may make her feel uncomfortable. At this time, you can try the posture of women going up and men going down.

3. In the third trimester of pregnancy, sexual life should avoid the posture of women lying down. Because the enlarged uterus when pregnant women lie down will compress large blood vessels, which will not only cause pelvic pain, but also cause changes in heart rate and blood pressure, showing symptoms such as dizziness, namely [supine hypotension syndrome].

4. Oral sex during pregnancy is safe. However, when your partner gives you oral sex, be careful not to blow air into your vagina. Because in a few cases air may enter blood vessels and cause [air embolism], which will eventually lead to pulmonary embolism, which will threaten your life and that of your child.

5. Anal sex is forbidden. Because the incidence of hemorrhoids increases during pregnancy, anal sex makes you feel uncomfortable, and it may spread rectal bacteria to the vagina, causing infection.

6. Use other methods. If you have sex taboos, you can also improve your relationship with your partner through touching and other means.

7. Condoms can be used.

In short, the essential principle of sex life during pregnancy should be [avoiding taboos, enjoying pleasure and communicating frankly with partners].

Guidance on Sexual Life Posture during Pregnancy

Cuddle type

This is a very comfortable posture, there is no pressure on the abdomen of the pregnant woman, and both husband and wife can do many movements, and men can enter from different angles in the rear.

When taking this posture, care should be taken not to use the right decubitus position, and the left decubitus position is recommended.


In this posture, both husband and wife have more equal physical contact, but it may be difficult to [enter]. Try crossing your legs together.

This posture is the same as cuddling and has no pressure on the abdomen.

Female upper style

For some women, this posture is ideal.

It allows women to freely control the depth and angle during their sex life.

However, women in the third trimester of pregnancy may be more prone to fatigue if they take this posture, and attention should be paid to keeping balance.

Backward entry type

For some people, it is easier to stimulate to the G-spot. Taking this posture can find pleasure without changing positions so frequently.

This posture can be carried out on the bed and other places, and can also be slightly improved to make women more comfortable to support.

Bedside type

This posture makes it easier for pregnant couples to find a very comfortable feeling.

Women can lean on the bed to support their backs. Men stay slightly away from the bed and take kneeling or standing positions.

This posture can also be combined with the backward style, but at this time the woman needs her upper body to lie prone on the bed and let her abdomen leave the bed without pressing it.