During the trip, I developed acne. Is it not acclimatized?

In their spare time, everyone packed up their bags one after another. When I came to the poetic distance in my heart, I found that my face was covered with… acne besides the expectant expression? !

I immediately felt that the famous mountains and great rivers were not gigantic either. The coconut trees and shadows looked a little evil in bullying outsiders. What’s outstanding people made me [disobedient to the water and soil]!

However, [acclimatization] such a general remark is just a casual remark. At the time of fire, don’t you want to know why acne likes to come out when you travel? Don’t you want to know how to prevent it?

Suspect 1: Unclean Textile

Follicle worms, also known as Demodex, The size is only 0.1-0.4 mm, It is impossible for the naked eye to distinguish, When viewed under a microscope, It can be seen that it has 8 feet and a pair of sharp mouthparts. The appearance is very unpleasing. They can parasitize on cats, dogs and other mammals, and can also adhere to textiles. When encountering human skin with exuberant oil secretion, they happily bite through the epidermis with mouthparts, drill into hair follicles and sebaceous glands, and begin to have children, causing mite dermatitis. Ordinary people cannot distinguish, and thought it was common acne.

How do you tell me?

Evidence-based medical professionals like us obviously have evidence! Because we can find it in the patient’s hair follicle to make a definite diagnosis, otherwise we won’t talk nonsense!

If textiles are often washed, sun-dried and disinfected, they can also be removed.

During the trip, if you covet a temporary bargain and choose a wild hotel that doesn’t know if you have a good wash and sun, disinfect bed sheets, pillowcases and towels, the hotel owner has a lot of cats and dogs that don’t look well washed…

Then if you find that your face has quite large erythema, papules and pustules within a few days, don’t complain!

Suspect 2: High Temperature

People often make a mistake about the concept that the bacteria on our skin surface are touched by contact with the world, but they do not know that some bacteria and fungi are long-term residents of our skin: Yes! There are also [normal flora] on the skin!

Malassezia furfur is one of the fungi. When the number is moderate, Malassezia furfur is also a good citizen, but if it is multiplied by some chance, it can cause tinea versicolor (yes, that is what you commonly call sweat spots) or folliculitis.

At present, it is extremely hot, and it is often scorching sun when traveling. During the journey, sweat is unavoidable, and sebaceous gland secretion is also very vigorous. It is suitable for Malassezia furfur reproduction. If acne and acne happen to exist originally, there is a breakthrough in the skin barrier, which is even more in line with its wishes.

It is precisely because pityrospore folliculitis is usually secondary to acne, Therefore, many people can’t distinguish, only wonder how they used to grow acne just like meticulous ink a few stars, how suddenly became so bold and unconstrained, splash ink freehand brushwork general red into a piece, and a little pus plug, or even a face can’t draw, but also to the chest and back rendering. I can’t help blaming the [soil and water] here is not good. In fact, [soil and water] good innocent ah! Those fungi are clearly brought by yourself!

Wiping your face in time and washing off the [fungus rations] on your face can effectively inhibit the proliferation of fungi. Don’t fatten up the fungi yourself, but blame others!

Suspect 3: Cosmetics

Since the sun is scorching, sunscreen is always indispensable. It’s rare to have a beautiful day. Always take photos as a souvenir. It’s not appropriate not to put on makeup. More than ten kilos of SLR cameras have been carried. Are you going to take a picture of a dark face with a tired face?

But when thick foundation is applied, The hair follicle is blocked. The hair follicle is blocked, Another permanent resident on the face: Acne bacillus, can be happy bad ah. It is an anaerobic bacteria, hair follicle unobstructed when there is oxygen, it is not good to reproduce, now blocked its opportunity to come ah. Just young people sebum secretion is exuberant, these oils and fats provide acne bacillus with rich food rations, such perfect conditions, don’t make a few inflammatory acne how can it be!

Boasting young girls, how can you allow acne bacilli to push their noses and faces like this! When traveling abroad, umbrellas are the first choice for sun protection!

Even if you go to a place like the seaside where holding an umbrella alone cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to the sun and peeling, you should also choose sunscreen products with fresh texture, especially physical sunscreen containing zinc oxide, which can protect yourself from the sun and absorb oil at the same time.

After returning to the room, wash off sunscreen with facial cleanser in time to ensure smooth pores and normal metabolism.

Suspect 4: High Sugar and High Fat Diet

It is inevitable to taste local snacks when traveling abroad. However, if we list the world’s famous snacks, we will find that: