Eating large-plate chicken infected with H7N9, the virus is making a comeback? The truth is here

There was abig news in the past two days, saying that the virus [mutated], so such news appeared in the circle of friends:

Chicken is so delicious that Dr. Clove is naturally angry when he sees this rumor. He must voice his grievances for the chicken!

Is it true that so many chickens are infected?

This is a piece of detailed (name, age, number…), seemingly credible [news], and even uses five commas to show the seriousness of the situation.

But is it true?

Dr. clove immediately went to search and found that there were many similar rumors… no, the same version:

The mutation of H7N9 virus poses a greater threat to us?

The news is also a pure misunderstanding.

The variation of H7N9 virus discovered this time is only an increase in [pathogenicity to poultry], that is to say, poultry may be more susceptible to infection with the virus, but its infectivity to human beings has not increased.

If you don’t believe me, look at the CDC’s official website and you will know:

Therefore, panic is also chicken panic, and it is not our turn.

Large plate chicken, eggs, chicken feet… can these still be eaten?

The chickens are bitter in their hearts, but the chickens can’t say it… so Dr. Clove must say something for them.

The route of transmission of H7N9 virus is temporarily believed to be [from birds (birds) to humans], because some confirmed infected people have been exposed to animals or are in an environment with animals.

Of course, these animals mainly refer to live birds and wild birds, not cooked chickens on our plates…

In addition, please note that Dr. Clove used a word-temporarily.

At present, the closure of the live poultry market reminds everyone to have less contact only for the sake of public safety and reduce the chance of contracting the virus. These measures are also temporary and we need not think too much.

Chickens that can be eaten and bought through regular channels are still good chickens, and eggs are also good eggs.

In short:

    Large plate chicken, eggs, chicken feet… These can be eaten. Judging from the current evidence, fully heated and boiled can kill the virus. Don’t buy chickens of unknown origin, be sure to choose poultry products with quarantine certificates.

Finally, I would like to thank the farmers. In order for Dr. Clove and everyone to eat good chicken, you are also very good at it.

However, personal protection should be done in the near future. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after contacting live poultry.