Eggs are especially nutritious, but it is wrong to eat them like this.

Eggs are much stronger than people.

An egg that has received sperm, without the help of nutritional aid, only needs appropriate temperature and humidity, and with its own nutrients, can complete the whole process of a chicken’s growth and development to hatching.

However, the natural nutritional advantages of eggs can really support people to be so willful. Since eggs are so nutritious, can we eat them willfully?

I think too much, friends, these 10 points should be paid attention to…

Don’t eat too many eggs

Eggs are delicious, cheap and nutritious, which does not mean that you can eat them willfully.

< < Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents 2016 > > It is recommended not to have more than 7 eggs per week. As to how many eggs to eat, it depends on the situation, such as:

    Normal adults and the elderly are recommended to eat one egg every day. Children, pregnant women, lactating mothers and people who exercise a lot can eat 1-2 eggs a day due to their high demand for protein. Cholecystitis patients can eat egg white, egg yolk should be cautious; For people with liver and kidney dysfunction, ask the doctor’s advice before eating wildly, after all, too much protein will increase the kidney burden.

Don’t throw away the yolk

In fact, most of the nutrition of eggs is still in the yolk.

However, many friends are afraid of high cholesterol and are used to throwing away egg yolks and eating only white eggs.

It is strange how human cholesterol has become a bad thing. It is also an important component that every cell in the human body needs. In fact, what should be feared is cholesterol oxidation.

However, the egg yolk itself is not guilty. Its cholesterol is tightly wrapped and it is difficult to contact with oxygen. Those improper cooking are the main culprits for making oxidized cholesterol, such as baked egg yolk, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, etc.

Don’t overcook your eggs

Generally, the time for boiling and steaming eggs should be controlled within 10 minutes. If the time is too long, the protein will solidify in addition to poor taste, making it difficult for people to digest.

In addition, steaming and frying eggs for too long will also cause the oxidation degree of fat and cholesterol to rise rapidly, thus greatly reducing nutrition.

It is not advisable to eat eggs raw.

Many friends saw that heating was risky and immediately came up with the idea of eating raw.

Although eating raw eggs escapes the danger of cholesterol oxidation, it may be difficult to escape the threat of salmonella.

After all, who can guarantee where the eggs to be eaten come from, must be careful of bacterial contamination.

In addition, raw egg white contains avidin and antitrypsin, which hinders the absorption of biotin and inhibits the activity of trypsin, making it difficult for people to digest and poor nutrition absorption.

Don’t believe that eggs are compatible with food.

The reason why [eggs and soya-bean milk cannot be eaten together] is actually [antitrypsin] pot, which is easy for people to indigest. Raw soya-bean milk and raw eggs are available.

This substance dies of heat. As long as the eggs are boiled thoroughly, you can eat them at ease.

Do not keep eggs at room temperature

Eggs are rich in nutrition and are not only liked by people, but also by bacteria. As long as the temperature is appropriate, it is easy to cultivate bacteria.

However, no matter from the perspective of safety or nutrition, eggs should be stored in the refrigerator in time when they are bought. The best storage temperature is 0 ℃ ~ 4 ℃, and the storage time should not exceed 30 days.

Eggs are not good iron supplements

Although the iron content of egg yolk is not low, the absorption rate is very low, but animal foods, such as liver and red meat, not only have high iron content, but also have good absorption rate.

Therefore, don’t rely on eggs to supplement iron, especially the baby’s first supplementary food should be rich in iron, meat mud is really much better than egg yolk.

Don’t care about the color of the egg shell.

The reason why eggs have different colors is not determined by the taste of chickens, but by the breeds of chickens, and there is no difference in nutrition and taste between these eggs with different color shells in what.

In short, you can buy whatever you like.

Don’t be infatuated with native eggs

There is no difference in nutrition between native eggs and raised eggs, but native eggs are more likely to be polluted by the environment.

Therefore, don’t be infatuated with local eggs.

Don’t ignore the phenomenon of egg allergy.

Eggs are the second largest food allergen in human beings, after dairy products.

This is because the human immune system attacks egg proteins like bacteria and viruses. This excessively wrong reaction is called allergy.

People who are allergic to eggs should try their best to avoid eating eggs, and even foods containing eggs must be paid close attention to. Especially when buying other foods, they should remember to look at the ingredient list to avoid being allergic by mistake.