Ending Rumors of Breast Diseases

Breast health is a topic that every woman cares about, Rumors about breast diseases are flooding the Internet, It has caused unnecessary troubles or careless contempt to the vast number of female compatriots. In the newly released Shanghai Cancer Incidence Survey, Breast cancer has become the number one killer threatening women’s health. However, rumors about breast diseases often make us look at flowers in the fog and at a loss. Today, as rumor terminators, we will lead everyone to see the day through the clouds and care for the breast correctly.

First, does lobular hyperplasia of breast necessarily develop into [cancer]?

Many people will mistakenly think that lobular hyperplasia will definitely become breast cancer when it develops, The heavier the hyperplasia, the more likely it is to get cancer. Since then, I have lived under the psychological shadow of this misunderstanding. I am in constant fear every day. In fact, this concept is one-sided. Lobular hyperplasia of the breast is common in young women, It is mainly manifested as breast distending pain related to menstrual cycle, Pain is obvious before menstruation, Pain relief after menstruation. Clinically, 95% of lobular hyperplasia is simple hyperplasia, Simple lobular hyperplasia is not cancerous, only patients with high hyperplasia of ductal epithelium and atypical hyperplasia may have canceration, and not all atypical hyperplasia will have canceration in the future, so most lobular hyperplasia will not be cancerous. It is wrong to equate lobular hyperplasia with precancerous lesions.

Second, those rumors about breast diet

As women pay more attention to their own health, The emergence of various media channels, Women friends often spend a lot of money on breast health care products, But sometimes it is often counterproductive, Spending money to eat out the problem. Many people say that eating taro and soya-bean milk can prevent and treat hyperplasia. In fact, dietotherapy has little effect, It alone cannot solve all the problems. Severe hyperplasia still depends on regular drug treatment. At the same time, in order to keep a youthful face, In particular, climacteric women supplement sheep placenta, propolis, royal jelly and other health products in large quantities. Even taking medicinal estrogen directly, The risk of doing so is very high, It will not only increase the risk of breast cancer, but also increase the risk of gynecological tumors such as hysteromyoma and endometrial cancer. Therefore, our suggestions for breast diet and health care are enough and carefully follow the doctor’s advice. For all health care and beauty health care products SAY NO with unknown components, a balanced diet and a pleasant mood are the best medicine for our health.

Three, those rumors about breast health care

Everyone has the heart to love beauty, everyone’s economic conditions are getting better and better, and more and more beauty salons in the society are also playing the idea of breast health care this cake. All kinds of breast massage under various pretexts have also begun to prevail. So, does breast massage really have therapeutic effects on diseases? Most of the so-called beauticians will only memorize a few words of traditional Chinese medicine theory, the set of words with one disease for a thousand people, and the essential oil with unknown ingredients. It is hard to say whether this massage is beneficial or harmful. I’m afraid it is the product driven by economic interests. This requires consumers to have a clear ear and a clear eye, and let them speak eloquently and do not step into this beautiful trap.

Four, talk about breast enlargement

Many outpatients come to the clinic because they are not satisfied with their breast size. Even some people feel inferior and self-closed because of this. In fact, The size of the breast is not a disease at all, let alone a defect. As a result, beauty lovers who blindly turn to some breast enhancement products often use hormone-rich breast enhancement drugs to promote hyperplasia and even breast lumps in the breast. For those who support the long-overthrown rumor that eating more papaya can enlarge breasts, We can only advise them that their ideal is very [plump] and their reality is very [bony]. Our slogan is: Never abuse breast enhancement products and fall into the strange circle of the world. Health is beauty and self-confidence is beauty. Every confident woman is a goddess!

Author: Zhang Zheng