Excessive narcissism is also a disease? Let’s test it

Occasional selfishness and conceit is a long-standing human nature. But real [narcissism] goes far beyond this. Narcissism is not only extraordinary [feeling good about themselves], They also never respect the feelings and thoughts of others, Ignore the needs of others. The word [narcissism] comes from a handsome man named Narcissis in Greek mythology. He is amazing in beauty. All the young girls who have seen him are deeply in love with him, but he is only infatuated with his reflection in the water. What I just said is different from narcissistic personality disorder, which is a mental problem. Are you narcissistic? Has it reached the level of personality disorder? Narcissistic people will meet a small number of the following characteristics; But if he has most of the following characteristics, Maybe he needs regular treatment. Do you or the people around you have similar situations: Others were very dissatisfied with his behavior, He handled his relationships poorly, He often put himself first, I think only I can solve the problem. At the same time, He may also have the following characteristics: I spend most of my time thinking about my own affairs. Or they often talk about their desire for attention and praise, exaggerate their talents and achievements, firmly believe that they are unique, set unrealistic goals, have great mood swings, completely ignore the feelings of others, and in order to succeed, People who may indulge in fantasies of unlimited success, money and power by hook or by crook, Most of them also show excessive high self-esteem, But in fact they may typically have low self-esteem-a deep sense of insecurity hidden under their strong appearance. They like to enjoy the envy of others, but in fact they are the ones who are envious. Their achievements will make them feel threatened. Their intimate relationship is stormy and often lasts for a short time. Looking back, All they see is a lot of damage. Yes, They are vulnerable, But either there will be no indication at all, Or they will overreact. They can’t stand any criticism either. In order to reject the responsibility for mistakes and failures, They will make up countless excuses. They regard themselves as natural leaders. They feel that they can manipulate others at will. They never listen to other people’s opinions. But they often interrupt others’ statements. Their behavior pattern is one-way-only asking for, Not in return. Of these people, Some can be called narcissists, But he does not suffer from personality disorders. Bill Gates, for example, is often called a “narcissist”. But his degree of narcissism does not ruin his life. Studies have confirmed that most people are narcissistic and find themselves attractive and liked by others. Self-confidence and self-love have a charm, while successful leaders tend to be more arbitrary and harsh. How diagnosed narcissistic personality disorder? Mental disorders cannot be diagnosed by laboratory methods. If there is a significant change in personality, doctors may perform physical examination, blood test or brain scan on the patient to exclude organic diseases on the body. If no definite cause is found, Psychologists or psychiatrists will conduct structured interviews and ask patients to make scales to assess their personality types. At this time, Most professionals will use the Narcissistic Personality Scale. This is a 40-question scale. It can judge your desire for power and attention. Narcissistic personality is often formed in the adolescent period when personality is established. But there are also some manifestations that can appear as early as 8 years old. Children at this age are beginning to care about how others react to themselves. A recent study shows that many people are willing to admit that they are narcissists. They don’t think it is what’s fault to rush to everything, but they also feel proud. Why do you suffer from narcissistic personality disorder? The exact cause of narcissistic personality disorder is still unclear. At present, there are several theories, Most scholars believe that it is caused by multiple factors, Including how people cope with stress and how they grow up from childhood. A recent study found that, Parents’ over-doting and endless praise of their children may be the trigger of narcissism. Parents need to remember that, There is a difference between [caring and nurturing] and [spoiling]. On the other hand, children who have been neglected and abused since childhood may also become self-centered. This is almost a survival instinct, because they feel that they have no one to rely on and must take care of themselves. Is there any cure for narcissistic personality disorder? Although there is no complete cure, But through treatment, Patients are expected to reshape distorted self-esteem and build realistic expectations. No what drug can cure personality disorders. However, depression and anxiety are often accompanied by narcissistic personality disorder. At this time, It is beneficial to treat these symptoms with drugs. In addition, Alcohol or drug abuse is also common in patients with narcissistic personality disorder, Therefore, special treatment for addiction is also very important. In childhood, Experts suggest that parents who dote too much and praise their children should be restrained. However, parents who do not pay enough attention to their children need to pay more attention and care. Patients with narcissistic personality disorder can learn to communicate with others in a more positive way, but the realization of this process depends on their acceptance of negative feedback and their desire to change.