Excessive sweating can discharge uric acid and treat gout?

During the sweating season, many gout friends are struggling with the problem of [sweating to cure gout]:

Can sweating in summer also expel uric acid?

Drinking more water, sweating more, but urinating less, is it not conducive to uric acid excretion?

Can sweat steaming and sauna treat gout?

[Sweating more and excreting uric acid to treat gout] Sounds beautiful, natural and economical, with no side effects, but I always feel weak when I say it.

Is sweating more good for gout? Dr. Clove will take you to find out.

Can sweating excrete uric acid in the body?

To understand this problem, the most direct way is, of course, to check whether there is uric acid in sweat.

However, you will find that blood can be used to measure uric acid and urine can be used to measure uric acid, but you have never heard of collecting sweat to measure uric acid. The fact is that such tests basically stay at the level of laboratory research and have not even entered the hospital.

The earlier analysis report of sweat composition was published about 100 years ago. Embden et al. Discovered that sweat contained free amino acids, especially serine, through microbial technology. Later, Mickelsen et al. Studied the composition of sweat in more detail in 1943 and found that sweat contained sodium chloride, lactic acid, urea, creatinine, uric acid, etc.

It is an indisputable fact that sweat contains uric acid, so sweating can certainly excrete some uric acid.

Can excessive sweating reduce uric acid and treat gout?

Sweating can excrete part of uric acid, but this does not mean that [uric acid can be reduced and gout can be treated by sweating more].

Uric acid in the body is mainly excreted through gastrointestinal tract and kidney with stool and urine. However, uric acid excreted with stool accounts for 20-30% of the total excretion, and the rest is almost excreted with urine through kidney.

Of course, sweating can also excrete some uric acid, but the excretion is very small and even negligible.

Some studies have shown that the concentration of uric acid in sweat can reach 35.7 mol/L, assuming that after strenuous exercise and sauna perspiration, the maximum daily sweat volume is 5L, and the uric acid excreted through sweat is only 178.5 mol/L.

These data may be too abstract, but when compared with the amount of uric acid excreted by urine, you will find that uric acid excreted by sweat is really insignificant.

The uric acid excreted with urine is 1500-4500mol per day, which is 10-30 times of the uric acid excreted from sweat.

At the same time, the vast majority of hyperuricemia is caused by the reduction of renal excretion of uric acid, which is the main [root] of hyperuric acid and gout. Of course, the root cannot go astray. The amount of sweat excretion of uric acid is limited by the speed and amount of sweat, and we cannot always be in a state of sweating.

Therefore, sweating more to excrete uric acid is not a [low cost and high return] therapy. Instead of sweating more, it is better to drink more water and urinate more.

Excessive sweating is also bad for gout.

Since the amount of uric acid excreted through sweating is very small, it is naturally not advisable to reduce uric acid and treat gout through strenuous exercise, sweat steaming and sauna.

And after sweating a lot of water loss in the body, on the one hand, blood will concentrate to cause the relative concentration of blood uric acid to rise, and even induce gout attacks. At the same time, a large amount of sweat will reduce the formation of urine, and then reduce the amount of uric acid discharged through urine, which can be described as losing watermelons and picking up sesame seeds.

If you really like sauna and sweat steaming, it is also possible, but you must remember to supplement more water and try to ensure that the daily urine volume reaches 1500 ~ 2000 ml.