Family members have thyroid diseases. What problems should we pay attention to in daily life?

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism require long-term medication, even lifelong medication.

As a result, many patients will take their illness too seriously and carry a heavy ideological burden, which is not conducive to their illness. However, some patients will not take medicine according to the doctor’s advice, take therapeutic drugs one after another, and do not pay attention to their diet and life. This is also not good.

For these problems, doctors are beyond their reach, and they also need more dissuasion and supervision from the family members and relatives who get along with the patients day and night.

As a family member, you can help from the following aspects.

Step 1 Relax

Especially hyperthyroidism, excessive mental pressure will aggravate the condition of hyperthyroidism. Therefore, assist doctors to do a good job in the ideological work of patients, help patients to correctly understand the current diseases, and do not have too much psychological burden.

In daily life, give patients more understanding and try to avoid large mood swings.

2. Early detection of problems

Learn the knowledge related to this disease and find out the symptoms of aggravation as early as possible.

Understand the adverse reactions related to the drugs being taken. If the patient has any discomfort, send him to a doctor in time.

3. [Accompanying] Is Important

(1) Supervise and urge regular review

Especially at the beginning of the medication stage, the drug has a great influence on the disease condition, and regular reexamination is needed to determine the best dose. However, the side effects of drugs are also more common in the just-taking stage.

Through regular review, it can be determined whether the drug dose is appropriate and whether there are adverse reactions.

(2) Remind to take medicine on time

Just like eating, one meal is too hungry to panic, one often eats irregularly, and one has to make some minor stomach problems. Irregular medication can also cause damage to the body.

(3) Regular daily life

    Let patients pay more attention to rest and not overwork. Choose a diet suitable for patients to ensure adequate nutrition; What the patient cannot eat should appear in front of his eyes as little as possible to tempt [crime]; Quit smoking, limit alcohol and eat less spicy and stimulating food.