Female college students are suspected of committing suicide due to hepatitis B discrimination. Is the disease easy to spread?

This morning, a domestic media published an article entitled “The Last 125 Days of Suicide by Burning Charcoal for Female College Students”. Wu Mou, a freshman at Tianjin Normal University, ended his life with a pot of charcoal fire in his solitary dormitory on April 10, 2015.

This year, she just turned 19.

At the end of November 2014, The school organizes freshmen to donate blood voluntarily, Wu classmate because [infectious disease] problem did not pass the blood station screening. After going to the hospital for examination, she was diagnosed as [big three yang], hepatitis B virus carrier. The physical examination results made her suffer [discrimination]: the school asked her to open a [hepatitis B virus carrier does not affect normal school] certificate, roommate began to alienate her, Wu classmate was also arranged to live in a single room.

All misunderstandings come from ignorance. Hepatitis B, a seemingly familiar disease, is still a horrible infectious disease in the eyes of the public. People also seem to be accustomed to looking at hepatitis B patients through colored glasses.

Dr. Clove does not verify the authenticity of the news, but only tells everyone about things you may not know about hepatitis B.

1. [Big and Small Three Yang] and [Two Half]

Even if you don’t actually know what kind of disease hepatitis B is, you must have heard of [two and a half], [big three yang], [small three yang]. They are all what?

[Two Halves]: To detect whether a person is infected with hepatitis B virus, it will be judged by checking [two halves] in blood.

In people infected with hepatitis B virus, the virus antigen enters the body and stimulates the immune system, which will produce guard-antibody. One antigen stimulates to produce a corresponding antibody, so there are three pairs of six antigen-antibody structures.

The first two items are paired and the latter one is single, so this check is called [two-and-a-half].

For people with different infection states, the two halves will have different positive results, [big three positive] and [small three positive] means that there are different positive combinations.

As shown in the above picture

It is worth noting that folklore [big three positive] is better than [small three positive], this idea is one-sided. [two-and-a-half] examination results only represent the status of hepatitis B immune markers, and the severity of the disease should be judged according to a series of examination results such as clinical signs and liver function examination.

2. Daily contact will not spread hepatitis B

According to media reports, the deceased classmate Wu disclosed before his death that her roommate did not dare to touch her clothes rack after learning about her infection. Her mobile phone was placed on someone else’s desk and everyone would take away their belongings in a hurry.

Dr. Clove warns everyone that daily contact will not spread hepatitis B!

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease transmitted by body fluids. Many countries classify hepatitis B as a blood and sexually transmitted disease. Hepatitis B virus is a virus that only likes liver cells. To enter the liver cell, need a corresponding receptor coordination, like the relationship between lock and key. Only liver cells have this [keyhole], human complete oral cavity, esophagus, gastrointestinal cells, without this receptor, that is, without this [keyhole]. Therefore, [eat] things will not cause hepatitis B infection.

In case you unfortunately eat hepatitis B virus, there is no need to panic.

The complete surface of the digestive tract has its own powerful immune system, which, like a military defense line equipped with biological and chemical weapons, can prevent hepatitis B virus from entering the blood circulation from the digestive tract to a certain extent. It is either directly killed in your intestinal tract or discharged into the toilet.

In fact, no matter acute hepatitis B infection, chronic hepatitis B carriers, or [big three positive] [small three positive]-hepatitis B virus will not spread from the mouth. You know, in the United States and Japan, even people engaged in the catering industry do not need to be tested.

The digestive tract is still not the channel for hepatitis B infection, let alone physical touch or even the use of the same daily necessities.

Doctor Clove once again warns everyone that daily contact will not spread hepatitis B!

3. How to prevent it?

Vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine is currently the best population prevention strategy.

Before vaccination, it is recommended to detect hepatitis B [two-and-a-half] first to understand their own hepatitis B infection. Although there are only 5 indicators, there will be no less than 10 kinds of situations in permutation and combination, and clinical interpretation is quite troublesome. Here, only a judgment on whether to vaccinate hepatitis B vaccine is needed can simplify the complicated situation into two kinds of situations:

Case 1: If all five indicators are negative, hepatitis B vaccine is recommended.

Case 2: If any one or more of the five indicators are positive, hepatitis B vaccine cannot play a protective role.

Detection of hepatitis B [two-and-a-half] is not necessary for vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine, just to avoid misunderstanding and waste. For example, to avoid the original is hepatitis B infected person, mistakenly think vaccination is invalid, even think that vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine leads to their own hepatitis B such a situation.

Vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine, generally according to the procedures of 0, 1, 6 vaccination of 3 doses, namely:

Procedure [0]: 1 dose is currently inoculated;

Procedure [1]: The second dose was inoculated after 1 month.

Procedure [6]: The third dose was inoculated after 6 months.

If necessary, contact local disease control or nearby community health service centers to consult or seek medical treatment.

Conclusion: We can’t blame anyone or anyone for Wu’s injustice. This is just a tragedy caused by ignorance and fear of the disease. Dr. Clove is committed to spreading health information. I hope everyone can understand hepatitis B better and let the tragedy not happen again.

Responsible Editor: Cat Capricorn