For the first time, please make more [finger contact]

Recently, Ji Ge met several girls who came to consult [it hurts for the first time].

In fact, the vaginal expansion and contraction ability is quite strong, let alone Penis, even a baby can accommodate. But why do some people just feel so painful?

In fact, in addition to a very small part of the sexual intercourse caused by physiological problems is not smooth, there are two main reasons for not getting in: nervousness + lack of skills.

In terms of skills, foreplay is of course very important, such as using hands to help the other party adapt slowly.

All right, wash your car.

One, 10 ~ 15 minutes of foreplay

Step by step to create an appropriate atmosphere, straight to the point as soon as you get up, of course it will hurt, so take some time to warm up her slowly, kissing and caressing are good foreplay.

Of course, besides kissing, the mouth can also speak. The psychological pressure of girls will eventually be overcome by themselves, but the gentle encouragement of boys is also an essential support.

10 ~ 15 minutes is only a rough time range, really don’t need to pinch the watch to calculate. According to the flexible changes of the situation, can be extended or shortened.

Second, help her adapt slowly with her fingers.

Step 1 Start around the labia

Sorry, lemon.

Try to slowly touch the vagina with your fingers, such as labia majora and labia minora, and gently rub the surrounding skin.

Step 2 Rub the clitoris

Sorry, avocado.

Next, we can explore that small but magical place-the clitoris. What we usually say about the clitoris is actually the exposed head of the clitoris, like a small bean, above the vaginal opening, where the labia minora will mingle.

The clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings and is a very sensitive site. Less than a quarter of women can orgasm by simply stimulating the vagina, but most women can orgasm by stimulating the clitoris.

3. Finger into vagina

Sorry, grapefruit.

If the first two steps go smoothly, you can also try to enter her vagina with one or two fingers so that the vagina can slowly adapt to this feeling.

3. Observe her reaction and keep in touch at any time.

Never be self-righteous. Never be self-righteous. Never be self-righteous.

Observe each other’s reaction at any time and keep in touch. You may think you are very successful, but the other party may not really enjoy it.

You can let the other party guide your hand and cooperate closely to get a better experience.

Four, consider the lubricant

If you let your finger or penis into the vagina before you are ready, it will not only easily cause pain, but also cause serious injuries.

Some lubricants may be used when appropriate.

Five, don’t take it for granted

Every woman is different:

    Some prefer to rub the clitoris hard to reach orgasm, However, some women’s clitoris are too sensitive. Even a gentle touch can be uncomfortable. Some women may find it difficult to accept the feeling of fingers entering the vagina. Don’t force. There are some women who can do it again after reaching an orgasm, but there are also some who don’t like to be stimulated again after an orgasm… The above mentioned may not apply to you, because the other person’s reaction is your best guidance!