Foreign body stuck in the throat, how to do?

Is there what’s performance when foreign bodies get stuck in the throat?

When eating, throat or esophagus pain suddenly occurs, dysphagia occurs, and foreign bodies are obviously felt in the throat. Choking into the trachea will lead to severe dyspnea.

Foreign body stuck in the throat, what should I do?

  1. If the place where the card is located is shallow, you can try coughing or stimulating vomiting to see if you can cough up or vomit out foreign bodies.

  2. If not, don’t try further, let alone try to swallow foreign bodies into your stomach by gulping down rice balls, steamed buns, etc. Even if you swallow them safely, your stomach is large enough not to be blocked, and it may be blocked in your intestinal tract, which is even more dangerous.

  3. Go to the hospital as soon as possible and let the doctor take out the foreign body through laryngoscope or gastroscope.

  4. If the foreign body is stuck in the trachea, it will feel difficult to breathe. You should call 120 for help in time and immediately use Heimlick first aid method to rescue or save yourself.

How to avoid foreign body sticking in throat?

  1. When food contains fruit kernels, bones, fish bones, etc., it should be carefully removed. Or directly choose to eat denucleated red dates, boned chicken, salmon with few fish bones, cod and other ingredients;

  2. Chew slowly when eating, don’t be distracted by talking and other old people with bad eyes, see clearly before entering the food.

  3. Once eaten by mistake, do not blindly swallow other foods in an attempt to bring down foreign bodies. You should see a doctor as soon as possible and seek professional treatment to reduce the degree of injury.