Game [How many rumors can you see through? ] The first level of topic analysis

1. Which of the following statements is correct?

A white radish can cure cough b. Eat garlic, reduce blood lipid c. Health dietotherapy basically has no reliable basis answer: c analysis: although some chemical components in food seem to have therapeutic effect, but in the daily consumption of food, the content is not worth the drug after all. There are physical problems, need to check as soon as possible, rely on [dietotherapy] disease is not good; Can [cure], such as a cold, even if not dietotherapy, it can also heal itself. 2. When flying ears feel [stuffy], which of the following methods is effective? A swallowing action b. Chewing action c. All the above actions can be answered: c analysis: when flying, the reason why you feel uncomfortable in your ears is that the pressure on both sides of the tympanic membrane responsible for transmitting sound in your ears is different. Chewing, swallowing and opening your mouth can balance the pressure on both sides and relieve tightness and pain. 3. What kind of tomatoes cannot be eaten? A. Undercooked raw tomatoes B. Undercooked green tomatoes C. How to eat, how to eat the answer: B Analysis: Immature green tomatoes contain solanine, like sprouted potatoes, which is highly toxic to human body and cannot be detoxified when cooked. Since there are also cyan ripe tomatoes on the market, it is not possible to judge whether tomatoes are ripe only by color. But eating red tomatoes is always safe. 4. Mom is going to have bloodletting treatment. What do you think? A. I want to bleed too, but I’m not feeling well lately. B. She’s got hemochromatosis? ! C. Bloodletting can treat varicose veins. Is she varicose? Answer: B analysis: Modern medicine has come to the conclusion that bloodletting therapy does not have a clear curative effect. Bloodletting cannot [cure] varicose veins, but acute and severe cases such as cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction and asthma must be treated immediately and must not adopt folk remedies. Now, bloodletting is only used in the treatment process of [hemochromatosis]. 5. The next-door neighbor has lung cancer, do you want to visit? A. Lung cancer can be transmitted by coughing, Still don’t go to b. Have lung cancer, certainly don’t want to see people, don’t go to c. Cancer patients need the support of family and friends, go and have a look at the answer: c analysis: so far no cancer that can be directly transmitted between people has been found. Cancer patients need emotional support, don’t be afraid, please pay more attention to TA people. 6. Can acidic constitution drink alkaline water effectively prevent and treat various diseases? A. Yes! This is how I (my friend) became healthy. B can’t! Acid and alkali neutralization will release heat, and people will be burned to death C. No! There is no [acidic constitution] or [alkaline water] Answer: C Analysis: [acidic constitution] is a pseudo concept. Different parts of people and different body fluids have different acidity and alkalinity. Its change may mean illness, but there is no general statement. As for [alkaline water] [alkaline food], it is also a commercial pseudo concept that arises at the historic moment. 7. Do you want [confinement] after giving birth? A. No need at all, After giving birth, you should start to resume exercise as soon as possible. B Of course, Otherwise, it will be all sick in the future. C needs rest, But a month is too long, a week or two is enough answer: A analysis: Postpartum needs a balanced diet, hygiene and clean, moderate activities, in fact, what can eat, it is necessary to take a bath and wash your hair, and to walk around in bed when physical strength allows. Confinement is a unique cultural tradition in our country. Foreigners do not have confinement, nor do they have the so-called [confinement disease]. 8. Will blood donation hurt their bodies? A. Blood donation will hurt liver and spleen, Harmful to health B. Blood donation is beneficial to health, Can promote blood regeneration and reduce blood viscosity C. Blood donation generally does not harm health answer: C Analysis: Blood donation without compensation, most people donate 200 or 400 mL of blood at a time, this amount is less than 5% of the blood in the body, healthy human body can easily compensate, and even may not necessarily mobilize the blood in liver and spleen. At present, there is not enough research literature to support blood donation to promote blood regeneration, reduce blood viscosity and other effects. 9. What if you are stuck by fish bones? A. Swallow a mouthful of rice immediately B. Drink a mouthful of vinegar C. Try coughing Answer: C Analysis: Don’t try to swallow fish bones with rice balls and steamed buns, because it will push shallow thorns deep into the skin or even into the flesh. Drinking vinegar cannot soften fish bones. If the concentration of vinegar is too high, it may also burn the mouth and throat. After getting stuck in a fish bone, you should stop swallowing and try coughing. If you feel severe stabbing pain, or neck and chest stabbing pain, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately. 10. Grandpa has coronary heart disease. Which of the following measures must stop him? A. Take aspirin every day b. Take a spoonful of [honey refining medicine] every day c. Go to see people dance in the square every day. Answer: B Analysis: Cardiac stenosis in patients with coronary heart disease, Regular use of aspirin under the supervision of doctors can prevent thrombosis, However, honey refining medicine contains a large amount of sugar, which will lead to obesity and increase the burden on the heart, and is not recommended to take it. Appropriate exercise such as walking is also helpful to the recovery of patients with cardiovascular diseases, but attention should be paid to prevent falls. If there is any discomfort, activities should be stopped and medical treatment should be sought as soon as possible. 11. Little cousin’s knee is bruised. Which of the following things is she best not to do? A. Eat soy sauce fried dishes B. Disinfect wounds with alcohol C. Disinfect wounds with iodophor Answer: B Analysis: Although soy sauce is rich in tyrosine, eating soy sauce will not blacken wounds, because tyrosine needs to become melanin under the action of cells to blacken skin. Smearing alcohol disinfection on wounds will irritate skin and really hurt. Iodophor is milder and can also play a very good disinfection role. 12. It seems a little cold outside. Do you want to wear a pair of autumn pants? A. No! I don’t want to weaken the cold resistance gene in my legs. No need to wear it, I can handle the temperature, C. Wear it, Answer to Arthritis Caused by Cold Knee: B Analysis: Almost all cells in the human body carry the same set of [genetic codes], It is impossible to protect the cold resistance gene of the leg just by freezing the leg and pass it on to the next generation. Compared with the genetic code passed down from generation to generation, What plays a greater role in cold resistance is the long-term environment after tomorrow. That is to say, it is more resistant to cold, not genetic changes, but adaptation to the environment. Joint cold is only the cause of arthritis, that is to say, if you did not have arthritis, you will not get arthritis due to cold. 13. Which is wrong about weight loss? A. Only when you have enough sleep can you lose fat. B. Weight loss strategy is more important than trying to stick to it. C. Weight loss through laxatives, Fast, Safe and Effective Answer: C Analysis: People who sleep for 7 to 8 hours, People who sleep only 4 or 5 hours are more likely to lose weight. So people who insist on getting up early to exercise in order to lose weight, Attention should be paid to ensuring sleep time. Sometimes, It is very difficult for us to resist the charm of junk food. The better way is to fill the stomach with healthy food as soon as possible. Laxatives mostly contain anthraquinones. Long-term use will not only dye the intestines black, but also damage intestinal nerves, causing or aggravating constipation. It is not safe at all. 14. Which of the following [food restriction] is true? A. Crabs and persimmons cannot be eaten together. B. Soymilk and eggs cannot be eaten together. C. [food restriction] are all lies! Answer: C Analysis: The so-called “food restriction”, It is nothing more than stomachache, swelling, even vomiting and diarrhea caused by unclean food, improper use, lactose intolerance or chronic gastrointestinal discomfort. However, some explanations in the guise of science, Such as [nutritional antagonism] [chemical reaction], it is even more speechless. Balanced nutrition is more important than [dietary taboos]. 15. Do you want to buy mushrooms on the market? A. Experts say mushrooms are rich in heavy metals, It is difficult to distinguish edible fungi from poisonous mushrooms. Poisoning C. Edible fungi are delicious and safe, Of course I can eat the answer: C Analysis: There are indeed some species of mushrooms that have a strong ability to enrich heavy metals. However, most edible fungi sold on the market do not have this ability, and even if the growth environment is polluted by heavy metals, the heavy metal content data obtained by market supervision are far lower than the national limit standard. In addition, edible fungi are artificially cultivated and cannot be mixed with poisonous mushrooms. 16. How should I take medicine if I have hypertension? A. Take as little medicine as possible, Take it again when you feel dizzy. Take medicine for a long time, Can’t stop the drug at will C. When the blood pressure is measured to be normal, the drug can be stopped. You should not take it for a long time. Answer: B analysis: Hypertensive patients cannot wait until they feel dizzy before taking medicine. Even if the blood pressure is normal, they should stick to taking medicine to avoid large fluctuations in blood pressure and cause more serious consequences. Most hypertensive patients need to take medicine for life. Regarding whether they can stop taking medicine or not, they need to consult their attending cardiology doctor. Game [How many rumors can you see through? How many rumors can you see through? [The third level of topic analysis