Game [How many rumors can you see through? [The second level of topic analysis

1. Pregnant expectant mothers are prone to acne (acne). Is the following statement correct?

The sex hormone secreted by the baby will not affect the expectant mother. The biggest possibility for them to explode acne during pregnancy is the sharp rise of progesterone. 2. When the sister has dysmenorrhea, what’s advice is the most unreliable? A. Take a painkiller now B. Be good, drink some hot water and make some ginger juice brown sugar. C. You can take short-acting contraceptives in the future. Answer: B Analysis: Drink hot water, ginger soup brown sugar? Please, these placebo therapies are too weak. Give your sister painkillers quickly without worrying about side effects. In addition, taking short-acting contraceptives regularly can also relieve dysmenorrhea. 3. Which of the following fruits cannot diabetics eat? A. Litchi B. Watermelon C can be eaten, just pay attention to the amount. Answer: C Analysis: Fruit tastes sweet, but its ability to raise blood sugar is actually not as good as comb biscuits of the same weight. Diabetics can rest assured to eat fruit, as long as it is eaten between meals (instead of immediately after meals), no problem at all. As for heart stents, which of the following statements is right? A. Don’t pretend if you can, Foreign countries have long eliminated B. Cardiac stents have definite curative effects on saving patients with acute myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease C. Stents have great side effects. Insisting on taking medicine is more scientific answer: B Analysis: Stent surgery began in the 1980s, and millions of patients around the world receive the surgery every year. The new stent greatly reduces the incidence of thrombosis and restenosis on the stent. Regarding treatment, a doctor should be asked to make a comprehensive judgment and do not take hearsay methods. 5. Hyperplasia of mammary glands, what should I do? A. No special treatment is required, You can take some painkillers. B, don’t take any medicine, Eat goose eggs, breast massage can be good C. To operate as soon as possible, otherwise it will become cancer answer: A Analysis: Hyperplasia of mammary glands is common in young women, and the vast majority of hyperplasia of mammary glands will not become cancerous. Food cannot [treat] hyperplasia of mammary glands, breast massage not only cannot play a therapeutic role, but also may harm the breast. 6. How big is the radiation of floor heating? A. Extremely large, It can lead to leukemia, bone cancer B. It is heat radiation. It is not harmful to human body. C. This should be divided into plumbing and electric heating to see the answer: B Analysis: Radiation can be divided into two categories: ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. The low-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones, computers and WiFi devices that can be contacted in life belong to non-ionizing radiation. Relevant scientific research has not found any evidence to prove that non-ionizing radiation is harmful to human body. 7. How big is the radiation from computers? A. Extremely large, It can lead to eye tumors and miscarriage B. It is a safe [non-ionizing radiation] C. It is relatively large. Radiation can be divided into two categories: ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Low-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones, computers, WiFi devices and other devices that can be contacted in life all belong to non-ionizing radiation. Relevant scientific research has yet to find evidence to prove that non-ionizing radiation is harmful to human body. Can chemotherapy treat cancer? A. It kills a large number of body cells, People will only die faster B. It is very effective to deal with some types of cancer C. Chemotherapy is the best way to treat cancer. Answer: B Analysis: Cancer depends on the type, location, There are hundreds of them, Each has a different chemotherapy plan. The therapeutic effect of each cancer is different. The advantages and disadvantages of chemotherapy cannot be evaluated in large scale. Although some cancers are still very difficult to this day, quite a number of cancers have been well controlled. [The theory of ineffective chemotherapy] is typical alarmist talk. 9. Which of the following views on cancer treatment is wrong? A. There are still treatment methods for advanced cancer. B. Cancer cannot be cured. C. Early and timely treatment of cancer is expected to cure patients. Answers: B Analysis: Active treatment of early cancer patients can greatly improve the quality of life and even cure. Patients with advanced cancer should consider not receiving invasive treatment if the benefits of treatment cannot outweigh the damage of side effects, but it is also better to receive treatment that improves the quality of life, such as analgesia. 10. How to clear the stool and detoxify? A. You can buy the moistening tea on the market B. For intestinal spa C. No need to clear the stool. Answer: C Analysis: There is no concept of “constipation” in medicine. There will indeed be some unformed stool in the colon, but most of it is the absorption of water and electrolyte in the subsequent accumulation process. Long-term intestinal hydrotherapy will lead to dehydration or electrolyte disturbance, and may also lead to intestinal perforation, peritonitis, etc. Long-term use of health care products that moisten the bowels and relieve constipation will lead to irreversible intestinal nerve damage and muscle atrophy, requiring drug dependence to defecate. 11. Is the more moist the contact lens, the better for the eyes? A. The higher the water content, the better the contact lens. B. The higher the water content, the better. In fact, the lower the water content, the better C. Choose the answer according to your eyes: C Analysis: Contact lenses should be selected according to your eyes. It is not that the higher the water content, the more moist you wear. The higher the water content, the softer the lens, the weaker the foreign body sensation, and the better the oxygen permeability. But at the same time, it is also more likely to cause discomfort such as dry eyes. If your tear secretion is not good, in order to avoid discomfort such as dry eyes, it is recommended to choose products with lower water content. 12. What should I do if there are red blood streaks in my eyes? A. Use eye drops to remove red blood streaks B. Red blood streaks in eyes are excessive internal heat, Attention should be paid to a light diet C. Rest your eyes more, See a doctor as soon as necessary. Answer: C Analysis: There are red blood streaks in his eyes, Not [excessive internal heat]. In addition to overuse of eyes, conjunctivitis may also occur. If you still haven’t improved after rest, you need to see a doctor. Eye drops that remove red blood streaks only temporarily contract blood vessels and treat symptoms but not root causes. Long-term use will make blood vessels thicker and may be at risk to people with cardiovascular diseases. 13. Diabetic patients how should deal with hypoglycemia? A. Diabetics are hyperglycemic, There will be no hypoglycemia b. You can eat some high-sugar foods before meals, before going to bed and before driving c. Eat less and eat more. Taking Medicine to Delay Sugar Absorption Answer: C Analysis: Due to changes in insulin secretion patterns in diabetic patients, Two to three hours after the meal, Insulin levels are still high. However, by this time the blood sugar has been almost consumed. It causes hypoglycemia. To deal with hypoglycemia before meals, You can take the method of eating less and eating more. You can also eat some sugar food before meals to moderately improve blood sugar. Some friends sleep and drive will also have hypoglycemia. In order to prevent this situation, it is recommended to eat some carbohydrate or high protein food before sleeping and driving. Sugar food is not recommended to eat so as not to fluctuate blood sugar. 14. Some people in the dormitory have hepatitis B, how should they get along with her? A. Use towels and toothbrushes separately, Nothing else, b. Give her whatever she touched, In order to prevent the infection of the virus. C can’t sleep in the same bed, Can’t eat together, Can’t rely too close to the answer: A analysis: hepatitis B can only be transmitted through intimate contact (sexual behavior), blood transfusion or mother-to-child transmission. In our country, hepatitis B once accumulated a large number of patients through the way of mother-to-baby transmission, but at present the main way is sexual contact, and the transmission shows an upward trend. However, shaking hands, talking, eating together, etc., will not infect hepatitis B; Even under [extreme conditions], The possibility of transmission is also very low. 15. With regard to the use of refrigerators, The following statement is correct: A.[ Refrigeration] The contents in the cabinet cannot be kept fresh for a long time. [Freezing] can be used B. The refrigerator should be defrosted at intervals. Otherwise, the temperature will not drop, which is not conducive to the storage of food. Chocolate is kept in the refrigerator. The taste will be better the answer: B Analysis: Don’t think that the food can be kept fresh permanently in the freezer. The food will still deteriorate and spoil. Eat it within two months. Chocolate in the freezer will become rough in taste and frost on the surface. How many rumors can you see through? [How many rumors can you see through? [The third level of topic analysis