Gout patients speak out: My history of gout stone surgery, I hope you don’t come to this step!

Editor’s Note:

Dr. Clove used to ask doctors to talk about popular science. Today we invited a patient with gout for 14 years to share his story with you. I hope you can get some enlightenment from it. In the treatment of gout, you should take fewer detours and suffer less.

Hello, everyone! I am [Brother Floating], an old patient of gout for 14 years. To be exact, it should be 16 years, but it was only 14 years ago that the diagnosis was made.

I have the honor to share my gout story with you here. I hope my tortuous gout road can give you some reminders and make you suffer less.

The gout I discovered at the age of 30 was relatively young at that time, and I had never heard of it very much. But now, there are many patients in their teens and twenties, which is too cruel!

When I first discovered gout, I made many mistakes like many friends, but I didn’t think there was anything at that time.

Mistake 1, don’t avoid eating. Because of work reasons, there are always big fish and big meat at regular intervals, wine bureaus that drink big wine, and friends who drink beer as water around them.

Error 2, afraid of taking medicine to hurt liver and kidney. After finding gout, I have not taken the medicine to reduce uric acid. Every time I have an attack, I will take sodium diclofenac to relieve pain. At night, I will take sodium bicarbonate tablets to alkalize urine and drink more water. It will be good for a week or so.

Now that I think about it, I can really carry it. In the past, when I had an attack, I insisted on working and never rested. I didn’t ask for leave even if I turned my feet to work!

The most hateful thing is that gout attacks are not frequent at first, sometimes not once for two consecutive years. This also makes me relax my vigilance. After each pain, it is a big fish, big meat and big wine.

Now that I think about it, [the scar is healed and the pain is forgotten] can best describe the situation at that time.

After seven or eight years of pain and pain, some changes in my body made me feel a little scared: my fingers, wrists and other places slowly grew some induration (I didn’t know it was gout stone at that time).

However, the induration at that time did not affect the joint movement, so it dragged on for several years until tophus prevented wrists and fingers from bending.

As a last resort, I went to Beijing Shuishou Tan Surgery Department to remove tophus through surgery and perform two operations in three months.

Some patients may say: Look at your hands, you must be very fat. Obesity is not conducive to gout, but you must pay attention to weight loss. In fact, I am tall and thin, weighing 140kg. Looking at fat is due to swelling after surgery.

Gout stone surgery is to let me really sober up, began to attach importance to gout, serious taboo.

Two weeks after the operation, after stitches were removed and reexamined, uric acid rose to 632 again. If you don’t take medicine, even if you strictly avoid eating, you can only do this, alas!

The wound recovered well after the stitches were removed, but the scar was hard and the wrist was still not in place.

Although the gout stones that affect wrist and finger movement have been removed, there are still some small gout stones in other parts of the body. Now I have basically stopped drinking, taken benzbromarone, sodium bicarbonate, and regularly reviewed blood uric acid, liver and kidney function, etc.

Regular review of blood uric acid, liver and kidney function, etc., is still very necessary. When the examination results were taken.

Occasionally, I will try to stop benzbromarone secretly for a few days, but uric acid will rise immediately. It seems that this medicine still cannot be stopped.

Insist on lowering uric acid, and now the tophus on the heel is slowly softening and getting smaller.


From ignorance 14 years ago to attention now, it has been exchanged for many operations and joint function injuries.

I hope that friends who have just developed gout will not make the same mistake again and will not suffer this crime. Today’s sharing will be meaningful.

We beat gout together.