Growing flesh pimples on his body? You’d better do it

People often leave messages asking Dr. Clove: “I have a knot in one’s heart on my body. How can I treat it?” ]

Dr. Clove wants to say that this… should be directly consulted with dermatologists.

In fact, as long as you search the Internet, you will find that the word “meat pimples” has been turned over a lot of times. Just saying a “meat pimples”, there are too many possibilities behind it. Many different skin diseases may have meat pimples.

No? Next, Dr. Clove will invite Dr. Chen Yulan from the dermatology department to tell you about it.

I. Meat pimples the size of rice grains: skin excrescence

The most prone to skin growth are pregnant women and obese middle-aged and elderly people.

During pregnancy, the body shape will change drastically, and the skin will also undergo a series of changes. In addition to the striae gravidarum that may grow on the belly, some small flesh-colored pimples the size of rice grains may silently appear at skin folds such as armpits and neck, which is dermatophyte.

Skin excrescence is not caused by foreign infection, nor does it mean that the body is not healthy, it is just not good-looking.

If it happens to a pregnant woman and recovers well after delivery, she may disappear. Even if it doesn’t disappear, it can be easily done by going to the hospital for a minor operation or laser cauterization.

II. Pink and tender [Flammulina velutipes]: Filamentous wart

Filamentous wart is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). It looks very pink and tender, basically consistent with skin color, like a small Flammulina velutipes, which usually grows softly and weakly on the thin skin such as eyelids and neck.

Because filamentous wart looks weak, some patients will think, simply grind their teeth and tear it off, only to find that… it really hurts. Moreover, because the effect of hand tearing is not complete, a few months [Flammulina velutipes] grew out again, and finally there was a white pain.

Why… In fact, the number of filamentous warts is generally not very large. It is very fast and safe to go to the hospital for liquid nitrogen freezing or laser cauterization.

Three, smooth small round knot in one’s heart: contagious soft wart

Infectious molluscum is a relatively smooth knot in one’s heart, The center is slightly sunken and can squeeze out cheese-like things. It is caused by contagious molluscum virus, which can infect others, and can also spread from one part of the body to another. If children grow such small pimples, they often grow a row of small round pimples along the scratches due to scratching.

In fact, even if not treated, contagious molluscum usually fades naturally after 6 ~ 9 months, and individual time will not exceed 5 years. However, because it can spread on the body, it often disappears here and scratches out there, so the best thing you want to do is to go to the dermatology department to find a doctor, let the doctor to completely encircle and suppress, and eliminate future troubles.

Four, play with sand play out of small pimples: rub moss

Another kind of flesh pimples that children often grow is friction moss, and its patients will have a younger onset age.

Children who like to play with sand, This kind of pimples is easy to grow on hands, It is about the same size as rice grains. Many parents mistakenly think that this is because the sand is not clean. Contaminated with what worms or bacteria, but in fact rubbing moss is mainly induced by mechanical friction. Besides sand, clean blankets in the home can also cause rubbing moss. For example, when I was young, I liked to rub blankets with my hands unconsciously, rub and rub, and then… my mother took me to see a doctor.

As long as there is no friction, the rubbing moss can relieve itself, so the doctor only prescribed me a bottle of calamine lotion for relieving itching.

Calamine lotion is a liquid containing pink powder, After drying, it will condense into a very light pink putty on the skin. Although it is not very effective in relieving itching, it has a great advantage, that is, if I rub the blanket again, it will make the blanket full of powder, and the putty on the back of my hand will be scratched, which will be discovered by my parents, thus achieving the purpose of correcting behavior…

Grow [flesh bumps], you need to do this

The above list is four common types of small flesh pimples. As you can see, their morphology, pathogenesis and age of occurrence vary. In addition, from syringoma on the eyelid to swollen scar on the crab foot in front of the sternum, they may be called “pimples”-because “pimples” are colloquial and cannot accurately describe the disease.

If you are not sure whether your pimples are what, you can take a photo and ask a professional dermatologist to diagnose them on [Dr. Clove] ‘s App. The results you find online may not be the same as your pimples at all.