Half the time of October has passed, what should the pregnant father do?

It has been four months since I learned that my wife was pregnant, and half the time has passed since the month you don’t know yet.

Do you feel that the first few months seemed to blink of an eye, but the next few days seemed to be beyond your reach?

This may be because the signs of her pregnancy were not obvious in the first few months, and last month’s [baptism] has brought you back to reality.

I believe that the director of the garden, the woman really eats this set: on the first day of her five months of pregnancy, invite her to have a big meal to mark the commemoration of [half of the time]! If on a whim, prepare another gift for her.

Get ready, then, there are many, many, many complicated things waiting for you to finish.

Hurry up and go out to play!

It is definitely a good idea to go shopping in the city or go to the suburbs to relax. During the period of 4 ~ 6 months of pregnancy, under the premise of stable state, it is relatively safe to take all kinds of transportation.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, there are more restrictions on travel modes. After she unloads the cargo, it will be even more difficult for you to go out. While she has just stopped vomiting and returned (and is nervous), enjoying a short vacation on weekends is a very good way to rest.

If you drive by yourself, it is really not suitable to swim too far. Because at this stage, her waist is easy to ache, and you need to stop and rest for a while from time to time.

Vacation and leisure tours will be more suitable. Find a comfortable luxury hotel, preferably accompanied by beautiful scenery around. In an unguarded moment, romance will come back!

After all, there is no time when it is so easy and easy to take her out on a trip.

Buy buy!

Yes, Buy Buy should not give her everything she bought.

Don’t give her all the cribs, furniture, sheets and bedding to go out and buy alone, please accompany her.

Do you naively think that if you buy a crib, change the color of curtains, and have more color decorations on the wall, you will live together? No, you are too naive…

Here is a list of bags to be delivered, and here is a list that is not recommended to buy. If there is no knowledge in this area, please study carefully.

Looking at the cloth and oil, I feel [all the same]? Don’t be discouraged, you can show your prowess in such areas as choosing baby trolleys! This is almost the same as choosing your own first car. There are many technical parameters.

Store grain to guide her to eat healthily.

Maybe she used to [diet] to keep fit, or she loves food, but she won’t eat a refrigerator empty in one night, but now she does.

First of all, you all need to know that it is not good for pregnant women to eat too much weight. Of course, it is not good to go on a deliberate diet, which may lead to malnutrition, anemia and even affect the baby’s development.

What can I do? Simply put, eat less and eat more.

Before, her stomach became shallower, but now it is not shallower, and it has almost become an underfed mouse. You can study together which kind of food that takes up more than that high calorie in your stomach usually needs to be stored.

This is actually an artistic task: you can neither show [it is not good for you to eat fat] nor allow her to gain weight…

Maybe you secretly hid a hand to tear bread or a few slices of pizza for breakfast tomorrow morning, and then it mysteriously disappeared. Don’t be surprised, it’s normal. Sometimes, food really disappears out of thin air. Maybe they are hungry and eat themselves…

I often buy more and fill up the refrigerator and snack cabinet (with relatively healthy food) so that she will not be too greedy and will have to go to the supermarket in person (buy food you don’t necessarily want her to eat more).

Who will take care of the baby?

I suggested to the pregnant father before and discussed with her in advance who will assume the responsibility of [main caregiver] in the future. Now that the baby is five months old, you need to consider more details of care.

Is it traditional for mothers to take one year’s maternity leave to take care of their babies, or are you both going out to work?

If the mother takes one year’s maternity leave, as the main caregiver, who will take care of the baby when you two need to go out together (yes, there will be such times)?

If both of them have to go out to work, the children will basically be brought by relatives or the elderly in the family. However, there is a saying called “free is the most expensive”, which is also what you need to consider.

It is understood that the earliest day care centers will not accept children until they are at least one and a half years old, but different regions may have different situations. You can ask your neighbors and friends about their experience in this field and see what resources are available near your home.

This month is still early and will not be used as a decision for the time being, but it is time for you to start collecting information.

Have you figured out how to give birth?

Is it too early to discuss [how to give birth] only halfway through this time?

Not early.

If it is suitable for natural labor at present, will she be afraid?

People who have experienced it all say that the pain of Caesarean section [is at the back], so I suggest you also study the problem of [natural delivery or Caesarean section] and give her some effective suggestions.

If you are determined to give birth smoothly, then consider [painless childbirth]. The anesthesiologist had to make an appointment in advance, and then he would look for it. She was the one who suffered.

In addition to the production mode at that time, we must also make preparations for the future [unloading].

Last time we said, pregnant fathers have the responsibility to take their pregnant mothers to exercise well, which has many benefits:

    First, it helps relieve physical discomfort. Secondly, it helps to control weight gain. Third, it can reserve physical strength for future production. Fourth, it can speed up the process of natural labor.

By the way, the pain is hers and the scar is hers. You should not make decisions for her as to which way to choose.

Oh, by the way, eat less, can’t your stomach grow to be the same as hers, can you?

You have no goods to unload… … …