Has the child’s birthmark disappeared? These birthmarks should be treated in time

Usually when the child quacks and falls to the ground, the family watches that there is no shortage of arms and legs, and a big stone falls down in their hearts. However, some parents immediately discovered that although the child gave birth to nothing less important to what, there was something more unnecessary: birthmark!

These parents, especially the parents of female dolls, are anxious: What is the birthmark? How ugly, can you remove it? Will it affect the body?

Today we will talk about some common birthmarks.

Birthmark requiring treatment

1. Nevus of Ota

People who have seen < < The Water Margin > > may remember the character [Yang Zhi, a green-faced beast]. He was isolated, laughed at and nicknamed by children since childhood because of the large green-brown spots on one side of his eyebrow and eye. When he grew up, he was not easy to find a job or a daughter-in-law, so that he was extreme in character and embarked on the criminal road of becoming a mountain thief…

Ahem, well, in fact Yang Zhi is not a bad person.

To get back to the point, is what a mole of Ota? It’s not like a mole, It refers specifically to large brown, cyan gray or blue-purple spots on eyebrow eyes or cheeks. Most of them are unilateral, just like Yang Zhi, only a few people have both sides. Nearly half of Ota nevus are born and half appear after the age of 10. It cannot disappear on its own like Mongolian spot, but needs many laser treatments to fade away.

As Ota mole grows on the face, The area is large, The color is dark, Although it is not harmful to health, it has a great impact on people’s facial beauty. For a considerable number of patients, it will indeed have a certain degree of adverse impact on their work and life. Although it cannot disappear on its own, due to the relatively superficial pigment, the laser treatment effect is very good, and can generally see considerable improvement after three to five treatments.

Step 2: Coffee spots

Coffee spots do not hurt or itch, and are flush with the skin surface. There is no special hair site, it is possible to grow anywhere. The boundary with normal skin is very clear, and the color of the spot itself is like coffee and milk, hence the name coffee spot, also known as milk coffee spot.

Most coffee spots do not exist at birth, but more often when the child is a few months old or one or two years old, parents may suddenly find out, hey, the child developed a light brown spot when he was in what, and did not see him injured or scratched? It is so difficult to detect, precisely because the coffee spot itself does not cause abnormal feeling, it is just a spot. As you grow older, the coffee spot may slowly grow larger, but the diameter is mostly not more than 1.5 centimeters.

Coffee spots sometimes occur at the same time as neurofibroma. Neurofibroma is a hereditary benign tumor, which makes many people think that long coffee spots mean long tumors. However, people with long coffee spots do not necessarily have neurofibroma, but people with long neurofibroma usually have coffee spots.

Most children with coffee spots are in normal health. They may only have a spot all their lives, and this spot can also be removed by laser. However, the diameter of coffee spots is more than 1.5 cm, and the number of children is more than 6. Or in addition to multiple coffee spots, it is also found that the child has multiple nodules or lumps, so it is necessary to go to the hospital to perfect the relevant examination to see if there is neurofibroma and whether surgical resection is required.

Depending on the situation, decide whether to treat

Strawberry spot

This does not grow after eating strawberries. It is a hemangioma protruding from the skin surface, which is medically called [capillary hemangioma]. It is mostly red granular, just like strawberries.

It usually appears within a few weeks of the child’s birth, starts to increase in a few months, and grows to the maximum at about 1 year old. 75% ~ 95% of the children can completely or partially subside by themselves at the age of 5 ~ 7. Therefore, most doctors will advise the parents of the children: there is no need to treat them in a hurry. If they do not subside after primary school, it is not too late to do pulsed laser.

Therefore, daily as long as remind children, don’t often touch strawberry spots, because this may lead to ulceration bleeding and even infection. If parents feel that the existence of strawberry spots affects children’s interpersonal communication and psychological development, we suggest to give priority to education and guidance first, really not, can also consider treatment.

Untreated birthmark

1. Mongolian spot

Mongolian spot is not only Mongolian talent president. In fact, Mongolian spot can occur in any ethnic group of yellow newborns, white people rarely grow, black babies actually also grow, just because the whole is black, even if it grows, it can’t be seen very well.

This kind of blue-black patch, which is born to the lumbosacral region and buttocks and is flush with the skin, is a kind of developmental imperfection, rather than the folk saying that what [this patch was reborn after the doll was beaten by the King of Hell]; Besides, there is no such thing as hell in Africa. Negro babies are not still growing.

In fact, this is produced during the development of the baby in the mother’s body. These are melanocytes. Melanocytes will slowly move to the body surface of the fetus during the development of the fetus and disappear with the metabolism of the cells on the body surface.

Unfortunately, some melanocytes did not move to the body surface until the moment the baby was born, so they stayed awkwardly in the body and were difficult to metabolize, forming Mongolian spots. Among them, slightly superficial melanin was black, while slightly darker melanin was blue-black due to the superposition of more skin yellow.

Mongolian spot is not good-looking, but not many parents are worried about it. Because it has no effect on growth and development, and it does not grow on the face, but on a part that does not need to see people very much, so forget it! I relaxed my heart and took a look at it when I bathed my child in a year or two. Hey, how did it become smaller and shallower? In a year or two, hey, the Mongolian spot is gone!

Yes, the biggest characteristic of Mongolian spots is that they will subside naturally within a few years without treatment at all.

2. Nevus flammeus

When I was young, I asked my father: “Why does a red mark on my forehead never fade away?”

My father said: [I took you to a dermatologist when you were born, It’s called mole flammeus, Some places are also called stork “Guan” bite marks. Like to grow on the forehead or back neck, It is said to be a benign tumor, in fact, it is also a lump of capillary dilatation. Some people have to do pulse laser removal for fear of downward pressure on their eyes in the future. Some people have to do it as they grow thicker and thicker as they do not look good. You are small and do not protrude, and the bright red spot will not deteriorate, so you ignore it. “

I was a little unhappy and said, “But no one else is like this.”

My father said: “Because they are not as special as you, you will do great things in the future.”

I believe, believe, for a few years I even think that I grew up to save the world. Every time I cry, I lose my temper, my bright red spots will be more obvious, it reminds me: don’t be willful, don’t be willful, to be a good child, you are the child who will save the world in the future! Only when I grew up did I understand that 3-5 out of every 1,000 children in the world have bright red spots, which is really not very special. But my father’s approval made me confident for a long time.

Later, I gave birth to a child, and my child also had the same bright red spot on his forehead. I think, I will also tell him later, maybe others look at your birthmark, is not perfect, but in my mother’s eyes, you are so special, maybe you will save the world in the future!

The above just described a few common birthmarks. For parents, to remember that birthmarks are diverse, some can naturally fade away with age, some will affect the appearance of beauty or organ function and even have the possibility of malignant transformation, need timely treatment, encounter uncertainty, should be timely please professional dermatologists to diagnose.

At the same time, don’t think it is a bad thing for a child to have a birthmark, especially not to show it in words. Attention should also be paid to children’s mental health. If children tend to feel inferior and autistic due to birthmarks, psychological counseling should be given in a timely manner.