High uric acid, gout gospel, these 7 kinds of food can rest assured to eat

People who have never had gout will never understand the importance gout patients attach to purine content in food. Because, that kind of pain is not understandable by ordinary people.

The following is a description of gout attacks by some friends:

Pain, pain, began to think about the meaning of living in the world.

It hurts when the wind blows!

When gout breaks out, it is like someone holding a file to keep breaking your bones. When you are getting used to going to bed, you suddenly hit a nail with one hammer to remind you [hey, man, we are having gout! Don’t fall asleep! ]

Friends who have had gout will certainly understand this kind of mood and will certainly be [jittery and treading on thin ice] when eating.

In order to reduce people’s confusion when choosing food, gout doctors have arranged some foods with low purine content. When people choose these foods, they hardly need to consider their effect on uric acid.

1. Milk

Milk, yogurt, etc.

Many studies have shown that drinking more low-fat dairy products is helpful to prevent gout.

However, considering that milk is rich in protein, if there are problems with its liver and kidney, it is still necessary to consult a doctor first.

2. All kinds of eggs

Eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, pigeon eggs, etc.

Gout friends may also have hyperlipidemia, so they may worry about [the cholesterol content in eggs is very high, will it not affect blood lipid? ]. In fact, such worries are unnecessary.

Recently, a number of medical studies have shown that cholesterol levels (i.e. Blood lipid) are closely related to fat intake and activity level, but not to daily cholesterol intake. Therefore, for gout patients, eating two or three eggs a day is no problem.

However, if there are problems with liver and kidney functions, you have to consult a doctor before [eating].

3. Root vegetables

Potatoes, taro, sweet potato, radish, carrot, etc.

Potatoes, taro and sweet potatoes have very low purine content and high starch content, which can replace some white rice and flour as staple food. At the same time, their potassium content is also very high.

Radish is also a good food for gout patients. Its purine content is low, usually below 10 mg/100 g. The water content is high and the calorie is low. Although radish is a good gout food, it cannot cure gout.

4. Solanaceous vegetables

Tomato, eggplant, green pepper.

The purine content of these eggplant fruits is usually below 15 mg/100 g, which is also a low purine food.

For friends with both gout and diabetes, tomatoes should be counted as a [kill two birds with one stone] food. Lycopene and tomato cellulose in tomatoes not only help stabilize blood sugar, but also relieve diabetes complicated with hypertension, retinopathy and control blood lipid.

5. Melon Vegetables

Wax gourd, loofah, cucumber, pumpkin, etc.

The purine content of these kinds of vegetables is usually below 15 mg/100 g, which belongs to low purine food.

Wax gourd and cucumber are rich in water and low in calories. Friends with gout can eat them at ease.

If a friend with gout suffers from diabetes at the same time, he still needs to pay attention to some when eating pumpkin. Because pumpkin contains dietary fiber, pumpkin polysaccharide and other hypoglycemic substances, it is also a food with a medium and high glycemic index. Therefore, for those suffering from diabetes, when choosing pumpkin, they should eat less staple food and reduce carbohydrate intake.

6. All kinds of foodstuffs

Rice, white flour, millet, corn, etc.

The purine content of rice is usually below 20 mg/100 g, which is a low purine food. White flour, millet and corn have lower purine content.

These foods have low purine content and little effect on uric acid level. Friends with gout should pay attention to calorie intake when eating, and should not just eat (be careful to gain weight).

7. Light-colored leafy vegetables

Chinese cabbage, cabbage, baby vegetables, etc.

As you can see, these vegetables are economical and low purine foods. Don’t worry about eating ~