How much do you know when you get up?

Presumably everyone is more or less angry with getting up? In the middle of the night, you are on duty in the hospital, when you are dreaming and humming in bed, hey! Suddenly called up by the nurse, need to deal with a patient, no matter who is on the stand, the mood will not be happy? Of course, let’s put aside the part of the reason that disturbs our sleep, which also involves getting up angry, do you know?

[Get up angry], the consequences are very serious

Speaking of getting up angry, I have to say that a South Korean police officer, Yu Fankun, Because his girlfriend hit a fly parked on his chest while he was sleeping, after waking up, she quarreled with her girlfriend, then went to the police station to get two carbines, 180 live ammunition and 7 grenades. In the following 8 hours, 56 people were killed and 37 injured, which was the bloodiest shooting case in history. Of course, getting up angry was only the cause.

I believe everyone feels like waking up in a daze, right? This is like being drunk and delirious, which is called confusing awakens or sleep drunkenness.

It is defined as that after an individual wakes up from sleep, his perception of time and place is in a chaotic state, which may be accompanied by hostility or violence, usually occurring after the normal sleep cycle is disrupted or after waking up after a complete sleep.

[Wake-up Gas], Widely Existing

Therefore, sometimes the following situations occur: after being woken up by the alarm clock in the morning, I immediately grabbed my cell phone and thought it was the phone coming. After feeding it several times, I did not respond, only to find out that it was the alarm clock. Or during lunch break, I suddenly woke up and thought it was still in the morning. There are also times when you sleep at home at night and wake up in the middle of the night without reflecting where you are. How much do you account for such embarrassing things?

The study found that 15.2% of the interviewees had at least one chaotic awakening in the past year. During the chaotic awakening attack, 8.6% of the patients had partial or complete memory loss. Another 14.8% have both chaotic awakening and night roaming. 84% of the interviewees who had chaotic awakening had sleep/mental disorders or used psychotropic drugs.

Then why is there [getting up angry]?

Suddenly awake from sleep, Probably triggered a startle reflex in the brain, It can be induced by senses such as hearing, vision and touch. This is a defensive reflex, which can enable human beings or animals to quickly deal with possible threats. When a person who is sleeping is suddenly awakened by the phone, the information input into the brain through sensory organs such as ears is like sending a [dangerous] message to the brain: wake up quickly! !

When an individual is in a chaotic awakening, it may be accompanied by hostility or violence, so please don’t try to make faces to frighten the sleeping person, otherwise, you are likely to be beaten!