How much milk does the baby eat every day?

Mothers often come to ask, my baby eats and stops every day, and wakes up again after a while. Is he not full?

How much milk should the baby eat every day?

The baby’s stomach volume is changing, so it is certain that each stage is different.

From June to June

From 0 to March: breast-feed on demand to ensure that the baby eats milk at least 8 times every 24 hours;


    WHO suggests that breast-feeding should still be carried out on demand, that is, as long as the baby needs it, it should be provided at any time. Dr. William Sears, a well-known parenting expert, suggested that a feeding mode of about 3-4 hours per time should be gradually formed to help babies develop EASY (eat-play-sleep) work and rest habits and realize regular parenting.

Full-term infants (body weight ≥ 2.5 kg) total milk volume 150 ml/(kg · day)

The situation of low birth weight infants (weight < 2.5 kg) is more complicated and is related to many factors such as gestational age, birth weight, feeding tolerance, etc. It should be determined after consulting a doctor.


(1) Exclusive breast milk

Feed the empty side and then feed the other side, starting with the breast that has never been fed empty next time.

If the baby’s monthly weight gain is less than 500g, otherwise it is not enough milk, and it is necessary to consider whether the feeding times are too few, the nursing time is short, the baby is not fed at night, and the baby’s nipples are not connected well.

(2) Mixed feeding

If the breast milk is still insufficient after adjusting the breast-feeding posture and other abnormal conditions, or due to various reasons, enough breast-feeding times cannot be given, milk substitutes (generally formula milk) can be considered under the guidance of doctors.

Feed breast milk first, and then supplement dairy products if you are not full. According to the baby’s appetite and the amount of breast milk, the amount of milk to be supplemented each time can be determined within 2-3 days.

July ~ 2 years old

Most infants start to add supplementary foods from 6 months old and should continue to breastfeed until one year old. WHO suggests that breast-feeding should be maintained until the age of 2.

    7 ~ 9 months old: the amount of breast milk should not be less than 600 mL per day, drink milk more than 4 times, and supplement 2 ~ 3 times. 10 ~ 12 months old: the amount of breast milk should be about 600 mL per day, and the infant should be breast fed about 4 times per day, and supplement 2 ~ 3 times. 13 ~ 24 months old: the total amount of milk should be 500 ml/day, 2 times of milk +3 times of cereal.

The summary table is as follows:

Milk volume per month (ml/day) Breastfeeding (times/day) Solid food (times/day)Breastfeeding at least 8 times as required from 0 to 3 months-From April to June, 150/kg at least 6 times-From July to September, at least 600 times, at least 4 times, and 2-3 times of supplementary foodFrom October to December, 6004 supplementary foods are given 2-3 times.13 ~ 24 Month 5003 ~ 42 ~ 3