How should men maintain themselves when they reach the age of 40?

As men get older, they should pay attention to [maintenance] of their bodies, including paying attention to weight, maintaining muscle strength, relieving mental pressure and keeping their brains healthy. Only by doing necessary health checks in time at different ages can they protect their health all the way.

STEP 1 Learn to decompress

For most men, the age of 40 or 50 is a very difficult period in their life, because they have to face various pressures from their career, economy and family.

For most men, some stress relief measures should be actively taken, such as daily exercise, meditation, or attending some stress relief courses.

2. Regular medical examinations

Men may have less routine health checks when they are young.

However, if you are already in middle age, you must get into the habit of taking routine health checks every year.

Step 3: Weight Control

Many men are in middle age and have a tendency to gain weight due to greasy diet, irregular life and less exercise. Please pay close attention to the changes in body weight and waist circumference. Research shows that abdominal obesity, even mild obesity, is also a high risk factor for heart disease and diabetes.

4. Don’t Forget Important Screening

Blood lipid: Healthy men aged 20-40 should check their blood lipid every five years. It is recommended to check it once a year for people over 40 years old. Blood sugar: Men over 40 years of age, If you are overweight and do little exercise, And has a family history of diabetes, You should go to the hospital for diabetes screening as early as possible. Blood pressure: Blood pressure should be monitored after the age of 40. If possible, keep a sphygmomanometer at home. Blood pressure should be measured at least every six months in order to detect hypertension early and minimize the occurrence of stroke and heart disease. Enteroscopy: Enteroscopy is recommended after the age of 50 (if there are high-risk factors, it is recommended to do it early).

5. Mental Exercise

As you grow older, you should pay attention to your cognitive function and keep your brain active. Reading, playing mahjong and social activities are all good ways.

6. Physical training

At the age of 65, you may think that you no longer need physical activity, which is wrong. As we grow older, we will inevitably lose bone mass and gradually lose flexibility.

However, regular strength training (with the doctor’s permission, of course) can help you stay alert, prevent premature muscle atrophy and reduce the occurrence of falls and other accidents.

STEP 7 Get rid of bad habits

I feel that I have been smoking and drinking for decades as I get older, and it is too late to quit? It is wrong to think so.

If you get rid of these bad habits now, you can repair or avoid these damages.

Studies have shown that people who quit smoking at the age of 65 can increase their life span by at least two years and reduce the risk of heart disease and lung cancer.

Responsible Editor: Chuyang