How to Avoid the Tragedy of Two Families-Thoughts Triggered by “Two Dads”

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Persistence is a kind of love, so is giving up.

Under normal circumstances, Everyone has 23 pairs of chromosomes, From father and mother respectively. If the number of these chromosomes is abnormal, Or duplication and loss of some fragments, Children will behave differently from other children. Such as abnormal face, multiple malformations, growth retardation, mental retardation, etc. Serious birth defects, It is a tragedy for every family. If serious abnormalities are found early in the prenatal examination, Termination of pregnancy can avoid tragedy. Whether to terminate pregnancy needs clear and strict scientific basis. People often ask: in fact, these questions have clear answers: there is no evidence that taboo contraceptives will harm the fetus; A small defect in the heart, It can be properly treated after birth. As long as the fetus has no serious defects that cannot be remedied, Should not give up. Life is not easy to come by, Termination of pregnancy requires caution, Life needs respect. Of course, Respect for life is not only respect for the formation of life, What is more important is to respect the quality of life. Therefore, in some cases, especially in the case of some chromosomal abnormalities, termination of pregnancy is responsible for the fetus, oneself and the family. In the face of newborns without hope of treatment, persistence is a kind of love, and abandonment is also a kind of love. How do you know whether to terminate pregnancy? Usually, expectant mothers need to have a prenatal examination once a month in the second trimester of pregnancy (12-28 weeks), Among them, [B super-large abnormality] and [Down’s screening] are important means to investigate birth defects. 1. B super-large abnormality B super-large abnormality means to check the condition of the fetus through B ultrasound, Find out if the fetus has abnormalities such as cleft lip, cleft palate, skeletal dysplasia, cardiovascular malformation, etc. As for genetic diseases that cannot be seen as abnormalities on the outside, B-ultrasound can do nothing to eliminate abnormalities. 2. Down’s screening Down’s screening is a combination of B-ultrasound and blood tests, To obtain the high and low risk level of fetal Down’s syndrome. This is only a screening test and cannot be diagnosed. The detection rate is about 60% ~ 80%. If the examination result is abnormal, Further checks are needed to find out. Even if the check results are normal, It doesn’t mean that the child will definitely not have birth defects. 3. The older the amniocentesis mother is, The higher the risk of chromosomal disease in children. Therefore, If the expectant mother is over 35 years old, It is necessary to increase some tests for genetic diseases. The most common is amniocentesis. Also known as “sheep wear”. The examination is to puncture a slender needle from the belly into the uterus. Take a little amniotic fluid for testing. It can detect chromosomal abnormalities and diseases caused by some serious genetic defects. The results will be available in about 2 weeks. This examination sounds horrible. But it is actually a safe and effective inspection method, Can accurately detect the chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus. The risk of miscarriage caused by this is about 3/1000. If the pregnant mother feels worried, Talk to your obstetrician, Understand the necessity of relevant inspections, As well as benefits and risks. 4. Non-invasive examination in addition to amniocentesis, At present, there is also a non-invasive method to test the fetus for certain types of chromosomal abnormalities by testing the blood of the pregnant mother. However, Pregnant women over 35 years old are not recommended to use this non-invasive method, because the abnormal range known by non-invasive examination is too narrow. The helpless choice is the best choice at present. The two precious mothers in the article < < two fathers > >, one over 40 years old, did not do relevant examination, and missed the opportunity of early diagnosis. The other is less than 30 years old, You can’t make sheep clothes routinely, I’m sorry it didn’t make an early diagnosis. In real life, It is not so much love, Rather than a heart-wrenching tragedy, We don’t need to be so touched. If congenital abnormalities in two children can be diagnosed early, Termination of pregnancy before birth, It is not so much a killing to life, It is more a kind of responsibility for the fetus. Life inherently follows some objective laws of survival of the fittest. Before medicine developed enough to reverse the situation, This is a helpless choice, But it is also the best choice. There are also times when, Even after the examination, There is no way to completely avoid the birth of babies with serious congenital abnormalities. The gap between the imaginary healthy and lively image of children and the reality often makes people feel collapsed. Parents may also feel remorse, I feel sorry for my child. However, in the face of illness, Life is still going on, please accept fate. What I want to tell the two fathers in particular is: I understand your thoughts. In fact, as long as it is in the interests of the children, no matter whether the parents make how’s choice, the doctor will not blame them. On the contrary, we will try our best to comfort and support them. Because our love for children is common.