How to buy menstruation towel for girlfriend or wife?

Once I went to the supermarket to buy things, when I walked near the shelf selling menstruation towels, I saw two boys standing in front of the shelf. One of the boys made a low phone call while looking at this and that.

Not the one you said.

Are all these different?

I’ll take a picture of you, you choose…

It is estimated that this is also the scene when many people buy menstruation towels for their girlfriends and wives. So, if it is really forced by the situation, it must depend on you to buy menstruation towels at this moment, how should boyfriends choose menstruation towels? Today, Dr. Clove will teach you the entry-level skills of choosing menstruation towels!

Which brand do you buy?

Perhaps, when you first stood in front of the shelf selling menstruation towels, your inner play was like this:

My God… Why are there so many brands! ! !

Don’t panic, there are always ways.

In fact, the best way is to take a picture of the menstruation towel package commonly used by your girlfriend before buying it. The brand, length, material and so on are all available. Just buy it according to it. You are relieved and your girlfriend is relieved.

However, if the weather does not meet people’s wishes, unfortunately there is no girlfriend’s usual kind in the nearby supermarket, and she is unable to provide off-site assistance now, then the first principle of purchasing at this moment is to buy the one that looks at the most on the shelves.

Which length do you buy?

Perhaps you have never thought that menstruation towel has so many different lengths! ! ! Yes, and every length is exquisite.

Generally speaking, menstruation towels can be divided into night use and daily use (there will be instructions on the packaging, and small sun and small moon are painted). Some girls will also use pads before and after menstruation comes.

At this time, the best way is still to ask your girlfriend. If you can only rely on yourself, the daily choice of 240 mm ~ 280 mm will not be too bad. There are 290 mm ~ 400 mm + for night use. As for which length to choose, it depends on whether you know whether your girlfriend’s menstruation has come ferocious or not. The quantity is small and the quantity is short, and the quantity is long.

As for pads, if girlfriends can’t go out to buy things by themselves, it is estimated that pads are not needed at this time. You just have to remember that pads and menstruation towels are not the same thing, and don’t buy only one pack of pads back at the critical moment.

Which material do you buy?

At present, the three most kinds of menstruation towel materials in supermarkets are: dry mesh, cotton soft and pure cotton soft.

Pure cotton surface is the best, but many labeled [pure cotton] may not guarantee 100% pure cotton, so it is basically [dry] and [soft cotton] two types. Generally speaking, the sensitization of soft cotton material is slightly lower, but now it is impossible to give a clear recommendation, only depending on which one your girlfriend uses at ordinary times.

In addition, if the weather is relatively hot, or menstruation is leaving soon, it is recommended to choose a thinner one, and the package will also have instructions describing the thickness.

Do you want wings?

You may not know that the wing guard is what, it doesn’t matter, just buy the one with the wing guard.

Buy Xiang Xiang?

Unless your girlfriend has the request, it is not recommended to buy one with fragrance. Menstruation blood and fragrance are mixed together, and the taste is very intoxicating.

No matter which one you choose, don’t forget to check these

See if there is a hygiene license number on the package.

See if there is any standard number (GB8939-1999, GB15979-2002) on the package.

Look at the date of production;

Pinch the package to see if there is any damage or air leakage.

Of course, if your girlfriend usually uses tampons, buy tampons directly for her.

These are the most basic principles for choosing menstruation towels for girlfriends.

According to this, there is no guarantee that she will be able to buy the most suitable one for her girlfriend, but it should be able to guarantee that the menstruation towel she bought back can at least be used for emergency response.

Thank you for your kindness!