How to cut your baby’s nails?

Although the baby is small, But the baby’s little nails, But it is not soft at all. For babies, Due to age constraints, The baby can’t control his movements, As a result, small nails often follow casual movements, Streak across the baby’s own or parents’ face. If the small fingernails are long at this time, it may lead to damage. Folk people do not cut their fingernails for newborns or even bite their fingernails with their teeth. I don’t agree with such practices. Nails are not cut unhygienic, and may scratch the baby’s own. What are the tips for trimming your baby’s fingernails? First of all, you should prepare a set of special manicure tools for your baby. Including small round-headed scissors, nail clippers and nail files. Please ensure that the utensils are clean and safe. Avoid hurting the baby. In terms of timing, Nails are softer after bathing, It is a good time to trim nails. If the baby always moves around and does not cooperate, Or crying and resisting, Then you can finish the nail cutting while he is asleep. In detail, Please note the following points: 1. Hold the baby or let the baby sit on your lap, Hold his little hand. Make sure there is enough light for you to see clearly. Make sure you hold the baby’s small hand firmly. Press the flesh on the edge of the nail off the nail, Then trim it gently with round-headed scissors or nail clippers. If the nails are not too long, It is also a good way to gently grind off the edges of nails with a nail file. 2. When the baby is lying down, Nails should be cut away from the face, In case the nail dander spills out and hurts your eyes. Remember to pack it up after cutting, Don’t let nail scrap leave on the sheet. 3. Trim the edges of fingernails into an arc. Do not have sharp edges, In case the baby scratches himself. Toenails don’t have to worry too much about it. 4. If you accidentally cut the baby, The wound should be compressed with sterilized gauze or cotton balls first. Until the bleeding stops, After cleaning the wound, apply antibiotic ointment. The baby has strong repair ability, The wound will heal quickly. Don’t wrap it with gauze bandage, because if the bandage loosens when the baby eats his hand, he will be in danger of suffocating by mistake. At first, you may be nervous and afraid that the baby will be hurt if the bandage is not cut well. It doesn’t matter, after several cuts, you will be much more skilled, and then it will not be difficult for you to cut your baby’s nails.