How to deal with arthritis pain attack?

Arthritis attacks are inevitable to some extent, When the attack occurs, the patient will feel increased pain, stiffness and fatigue in the affected joints. This intense arthritis symptom often appears suddenly and disturbs the daily life of the patient. Different types of arthritis attacks may be induced by excessive activity, weather changes, medication changes and stress, and sometimes there is no obvious inducing factor.

In order to minimize the impact and help you recover from arthritis attacks as quickly as possible, please consider the following suggestions:


This suggestion seems obvious, but it is often ignored by patients who have experienced attacks.

After the onset of arthritis, rest is very necessary. Pain joints need to stay away from exercise and weight bearing. Even temporary relaxation can help you return to your normal state earlier.

Increase the dose of painkillers

If your daily treatment plan includes taking painkillers, increasing the dose can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis attacks.

Of course, you must still follow the principle of taking the medicine and cannot exceed the maximum dose of the medicine. With the consent of the doctor, a temporary increase in the dosage of the drug may help you to relieve the arthritis attack.

Use anti-inflammatory drugs under the guidance of doctors.

Therefore, steroid injection should not be the first choice for treatment when arthritis occurs.

Intra-articular steroid injections are mainly aimed at localized and persistent joint pain. However, the number of such injections is limited, and most doctors recommend that steroid injections should not exceed three times a year in the same joint.

Hot pad or cold pack

Heat is a very effective and readily available solution when arthritis attacks. Heat can pass through muscles and tissues, stimulate blood circulation and reduce pain.

On the other hand, when there is swelling around the joint, cold bags can be used to relieve the symptoms by reducing inflammatory reactions.

Fixing the affected joint

Support materials such as bandages, wrist bands, knee pads or ankle protectors, as well as brackets, can reduce the weight of joints and relieve pain. These auxiliary materials can relieve pain by providing stability, heat preservation and pressure.

Prepare some emergency spare meals.

An arthritis attack can last for a day or two, a week or more. Each attack can disrupt your life rhythm. It is necessary to prepare emergency convenient meals, because you may want to minimize your activity before each attack improves. You will never know when arthritis will attack next, so you should be prepared at ordinary times.

Refrigerate the food so that you can eat it whenever you need it, and store some frozen fast food you like. If you don’t have any food reserves during the attack, you can also try to order take-out food.

Be kind to yourself

A sudden attack of arthritis can often make patients feel depressed.

Although usually follow the doctor’s advice to take medicine, adhere to daily activities, regular exercise, protect joints and maintain the balance of stress on both knees-arthritis will still occur.

Or the patient should try to let himself see the consequences and unhappiness of arthritis. Be kind to yourself, even when you have an attack, you can find some delicious food, listen to some soothing music, and turn over a book you have always wanted to finish reading. You know, psychological treatment also plays a certain role in the treatment of arthritis attacks.

Get advice from a doctor

Because arthritis attacks are inevitable to some extent, Patients should know that they should pay attention to what when they have an attack. It is worth recommending to get advice from a doctor in advance. Because attacks often occur day and night, Usually the doctor is not around during an attack. Therefore, you need to ask your doctor for the maximum dosage of painkillers and discuss with your doctor whether you need to have a pre-filled emergency painkit with you to deal with emergency pain. You should remember the doctor’s advice so as to deal with it calmly.

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