How to deal with bleeding from brushing teeth? Stomatologists Answer Questions Online (Ended)

Recently, Dr. Clove invited Xu Tongkai, a famous stomatologist and an excellent author of Dr. Clove, to give everyone an online question-and-answer.

The typical questions and answers in the comment area are specially selected and sorted out as follows:

Daily Nursing

1. I used to have dental calculus, which caused my gums to settle down. After washing my teeth, there were many gaps between my teeth. Now I brush my teeth with ultrasonic toothbrush every day, floss and gargle after meals, and wash my teeth regularly. However, the subsidence of the gums has not improved. How can I fill the gums into the gaps? Thank you

The shrinking gums will not grow back. To maintain oral hygiene well and keep it at its current level for a long time is victory.

2. After root canal treatment, the tooth was crowned. Excuse me, in daily life, besides not biting hard objects, is there anything what needs to pay attention to? I use electric toothbrushes and mouthwash every day, floss once a few days, wash my teeth every year, and have regular crown checks by the way.

It’s quite good. It’s best to floss every day.

3. After I have corrected my teeth, I often bleed from brushing my teeth. It has been more than a year now, and I still bleed from brushing my teeth every time. Is this the reason for what?

Bleeding from brushing teeth should generally be washed, and brushing methods are not in place.

Should I go to treatment?

4. Root canal therapy has been done for more than a year, but there is a swollen bag at the gingival root that has not subsided. May I ask if what examination should be done? How?

It seems that root canal therapy has not been successful and requires X-ray examination. More experienced doctors can be found for root canal therapy or apical surgery again.

5. Hello, doctor. My elderly people often bleed their teeth at night. The examination said that they were inflamed and did not improve after prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs. May I ask what is going on and how can they be treated how?

Taking medicine for gingival bleeding is only a temporary solution but not a permanent cure. It is rarely useful. It is still necessary to wash teeth.

6. The teeth are not arranged in order. The 24-year-old wants to ask the doctor if it is still too late to correct the teeth. Thank you ~

Just in time, just in time.

7. May I ask the doctor, can you not correct your teeth in the future when you have pulled out several decayed teeth (functional teeth) and then filled them?

As long as everything is repaired, teeth can still be corrected.

8. Hello! I have two teeth pulled out due to tooth decay in high school. I have been using denture. Now I am in my forties. I want to install porcelain teeth. Which material is better? Can it be convenient to chew food that is not too hard? The key is that these teeth can still serve until I get old and leave. Ha ha, don’t want to worry about teeth often! One-off is the best! Please tell me the price of each one by the way.

Go and see if you can do dental implants, about 10,000 to 20,000 each.

9. Dr. Xu, porcelain teeth, the kind glued with adhesive. My question is: (1) Is this adhesive safe for human body? Will there be any harmful substances? (2) How about the tightness? Will food residue enter? If so, after a long time, will the root inside break down because it cannot be cleaned everyday? (3) How to nurse porcelain teeth in daily life?

(1) Safe and non-toxic; (2) The tightness depends on the accuracy of doctors and porcelain crowns. If it is not done well, it will be bad inside. (3) Like natural teeth, brush your teeth, floss and wash your teeth regularly.

10. I have two teeth inlaid with porcelain covers, but they are not suitable. The braces have gaps and are always smelly. Almost every day I brush my teeth and bleed. It has been several years, how should I deal with it?

You also know that it is inappropriate, there are gaps and tastes, why not change two suitable porcelain covers?

11. Hello, I have wisdom teeth behind my teeth, but they cannot grow. They become inflamed many times a year and have to hang up water every time. What should I do?

Long pain is better than short pain, young man, pull out your wisdom teeth.

12. There is a small hole in my tooth. It doesn’t hurt. Do you need root canal therapy?

Go to the dentist early. The earlier you go, the less likely you are to have root canal treatment.

13. My teeth are yellow. I have changed a lot of toothpaste and tried many methods. Do I have to wash my teeth? The teeth used to be very white.

Washing teeth may not be useful either. You can try tooth bleaching to keep you white.

Stomatological Problems in Special Population

14. In the late pregnancy, when you brush your teeth, you bleed, sometimes a mouthful of blood, but there is no pain. Why?

Answer: During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels throughout the body, gingival inflammation is extremely easy. You must use a soft-haired toothbrush to keep your teeth and gingives clean and use mouthwash together.

15. The son is nine years old, and the gap between the two incisors is extremely large. His upper lip frenulum is connected to the lower part of gum. Some doctors said that it can be treated surgically. Will the gap between the two incisors be closed after the frenulum is treated? Thank you

It is also possible to close it if it is done in time, because the back teeth will be squeezed forward to squeeze the front teeth, and the operation is not big either. Now it can be done with laser, and the child is not uncomfortable. Do it earlier.