How to dial 120 to be saved as soon as possible?

[Dr. Liu, At Rongzhou Bridge, Car accident injury, The injured person was a middle-aged woman, Please make a visit.] This is when I am rotating in the emergency department. Almost every day. Every time it’s my turn to be on duty, As soon as the alarm goes off, It means someone called 120, I have to prepare for the visit immediately. 120 For the public, Is the lifeline, It is the most reliable hope for self-help or saving lives. For our doctors, 120 is also regarded as a clarion call for battle. Hearing the alarm, All I could think about was one sentence: Save people as soon as possible. However, Not all 120 calls, The caller can clearly state the need for first aid to the operator, resulting in the inevitable delay in the time for the rescuer to rush to the scene. You should know that time is life, and life cannot be delayed. To dial 120, for most people, it is nervous and flustered, so what can be done to help the rescuer understand the situation as soon as possible? In general, the following three points should be done: inform the detailed illness; Notify the specific location; Prepare for the ambulance. There are details that need to be paid attention to at each of the above three points. Now let’s go into details one by one. When dialing, should we say what? Although, when people are in a critical situation, There may be panic and anxiety. But in panic and anxiety, It may lead to unclear language expression, On the contrary, it will affect the rescue work. Therefore, Before deciding to dial 120, You need to stabilize your emotions first, Stop crying, Tell the operator clearly, The specific contents include: 1. Details of illness After the operator picked up the phone, Briefly inquire about the patient’s condition, Then dispatch doctors of corresponding specialties or departments according to the disease condition. The following contents should be included when describing the disease condition: The patient’s name, age (or simply tell the other party that he is a child/young person/middle age/old age), sex, what’s wrong, the first few items are simple, But the most important and difficult thing is how to say the disease well. Please collect the two formulas we have prepared for you: If it’s trauma, You can use this formula: what time + what reason + which part + what (for example: A lot of blood was shed in the head after the car accident ten minutes ago). If it weren’t for trauma, You can use this formula: Which part + how uncomfortable + how long (for example: Chest pain for ten minutes). The most important thing to remember is: With or without trauma, As long as the surrounding situation, It will not continue to cause harm to patients, As far as possible, do not move patients at will. So as not to cause further injury to the patient. 2. The importance of specific location, No less than the illness. I can’t say for sure the location, Can’t find it, It can be a big problem for the rescue. To clarify the location, It is also easy, Give the detailed address, such as [Room X, Lane X, XX Road, XX District]. However, sometimes the first aid site may take place in a strange area, so when making a phone call, you must tell the operator that there are prominent landmarks near the site, such as: beside the large XX shopping mall, the famous monument, the XX hotel, etc. In this way, it will also reduce the difficulty for the rescue location. How to prepare for the ambulance? After dialing 120, The distress procedure is not over, And get ready for the ambulance, The following four points are important details of the waiting process: 1. Keep the phone unblocked. After calling 120, Try not to make other calls. After the ambulance left, Rescue workers will also contact the rescuers by telephone, In order to further determine the change of illness and the address. So, Don’t let irrelevant phone call take up your lifeline. 2. Keep someone to guide that ambulance out of concern or curiosity, Patients are usually surrounded by a group of people, However, this is of no use in helping patients. At this time, What should be done is to send one or two onlookers, Go to the intersection or wait for an ambulance at the landmark mentioned on the phone. When the ambulance arrives, Actively guide ambulances to the scene, Reduce the time that ambulances spend searching blindly. 3. Dredge the aisles for carrying patients and put the patients around them. All items that may hinder the first aid will be taken away. Leave unimpeded passage for patients. 4. Ask about the location of the ambulance at the right time. Be sure. As long as the operator receives and confirms the 120 call for help, The emergency center will send an ambulance to the scene. Usually it will arrive within 20 minutes. However, due to various situations that may be encountered during driving, There are still a few ambulances, Can’t arrive in time. At this time, You need a call from the rescuer, Ask the exact location of the ambulance again, In addition to this, If you have a family member suffering from a chronic disease, you should prepare a small card for your family and keep it on your body. The small card should write that your family has suffered from what. The contact information of the emergency contact person is what in case of emergency. There is only one life. Seize the opportunity to make 120 calls every time, and don’t let your life pass through poor communication and endless delays.