How to eliminate pockmarks? Teach you a few tricks to ease [handle]

Acne will leave scars after it is cured. Many people cannot let it go. Here are some methods to remove acne marks and prevent the growth of new acne.

How can acne marks on the face be removed?

1. External drugs need to be selected according to the state of acne or scar.

(1) Anti-inflammatory hormone

If the scar still has inflammation or redness, hormone is needed to diminish inflammation. Many skin care products contain hormone ingredients, which can reduce skin inflammation and thus eliminate redness and swelling.

However, when using, attention should also be paid to the dependence of hormones on skin, which may become more fragile.

(2) Carefully choose whitening products that dilute pigment

After diminishing inflammation, we want to fade acne marks.

You can consider skin care products with some ingredients. These skin care products are usually available without a prescription and are common ingredients in whitening skin care cream:

    Kojic acid: arbutin, a natural skin lighter separated from mushroom extract: also called arbutin vitamin C: ascorbic acid

Other traditional pigment desalination drugs, such as [hydroquinone], are slowly no longer used due to certain carcinogenic risks.

2. Laser treatment is specially aimed at uneven pockmarks.

There is a type of pockmark, which is not simply pigmentation, but uneven skin surface. This is actually a manifestation of skin [dermis] damage. The uneven skin is usually caused by the damage of collagen in dermis, resulting in uneven distribution of collagen everywhere.

This type of pockmark usually cannot disappear slowly by itself and needs the help of dermatologists to eliminate it.

(1) Laser can smooth the raised pockmarks

Laser skin grinding is a kind of skin surgery technology. Its function is to use photothermal effect and photomechanical effect to carry out controllable and moderate [destruction] of skin. This destruction will break collagen, thus achieving remodeling and regeneration. Through such [destruction], remodeling and regeneration, skin becomes smooth again.

(2) Laser can also burn out protruding scars

Another laser treatment method is called laser ablation acne scar. It directly ablates prominent scars, allowing smooth skin to replace the location of scars.

(3) It is also possible to [fill] flat pockmarks without laser.

There is also a kind of cosmetic surgery, Contrary to laser ablation of acne scars, it helps fill the potholes left by deep acne scars by injecting fillers into the skin. However, this method of filling with fillers is flawed. Because the body absorbs the fillers, it needs to be repeated every four to six months.

How can acne prevent scars and recurrence?

Step 1 Be patient

Patience is the key to the disappearance of acne scars.

A few weeks after the outbreak of acne, in order to transport nutrition to the skin and restore the skin to health as soon as possible, many new blood vessels will appear in the nearby area, which is why most acne is pink in the early stage.

After a few months, the damaged skin is gradually filled with collagen and is not red.

However, skin damage caused by cystic acne will penetrate into the bottom dermis layer, and such scars may take several years to disappear.

Step 2 Stay away from the sun

Don’t expose the scar to the sun, which may blacken it and delay the process of scar self-healing.


It turns out that ultraviolet rays can stimulate melanocyte production, which leads to pigmentation and the formation of pockmarks.

So, what about sun protection in how?

    Avoid the sun as much as possible, Especially during the period from 10: 00 a.m. to 2: 00 p.m., remember to wear long-sleeved T-shirts, trousers, wide-brimmed hats and other sunscreen clothes when going out, remember to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with a SPF greater than 30. Attention, remember to apply sunscreen again after swimming or sweating. In order to ensure the sunscreen effect, you should also apply sunscreen again after 2 hours in the sun.

3. Don’t squeeze pimples!

Whether it is only picking out acne or squeezing through acne, it will cause serious inflammatory reaction, affect the distribution of collagen during regeneration, and increase dark spots and scars.

Scars are mainly caused by uneven distribution of collagen, which is a way for the human body to repair itself. Inflammation will lead to the loss of collagen. If pus and bacteria are squeezed into deeper skin during acne squeezing, inflammation will be aggravated and even infection will occur.

Step 4 Don’t apply vitamin E to the marks

Although there are some [secret recipes] that applying vitamin E will help scar recovery faster, studies have proved that directly applying vitamins to scars will hinder scar recovery.

In this study, 90% of scar patients did not use vitamin E or the situation became worse. Even 33% of people suffer from contact dermatitis due to vitamin E application.

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