How to enjoy the small world of three people after having a baby? Listen to the other moms

A precious mother said: After having babies, all festivals have become Children’s Day…

Is the baby really a [third party] that destroys their romantic world?

Clove mother selects the romantic experience of treasure mothers, hoping to help you.

Gun: Celebrating Adorable Children on Valentine’s Day

I think the common language between us has increased and the programs we play together have become richer and more interesting.

On Valentine’s Day, when people take to the streets, they hold roses in the same way. We hold a cute doll in our own way. Which one is more enviable and yearning for? Anyway, we are proud of ourselves.

Xiaoyan in Hangzhou: Time after Children Sleep

Sometimes, we will pray for our children to go to bed early, and then we can go to the living room to choose a long-awaited movie, take out snacks that we usually hide, occasionally have some low-alcohol beer, and see that our eyes cannot be opened…

If one day occasionally, a popular movie is on the show in the cinema and a couple can be booked, it is simply Amitabha Buddha’s request.

Iceberg Man: Relaxation Is the First

In the world of two people, the important thing is not romance, but relaxation.

Watch TV and see 12 o’clock in one breath! Eat ice cream, eat whatever you want! Eat sugar, snacks, eat whatever you want, eat as much as you want! You won’t understand, it’s too hard to be a model for Eva…

Yan Liu: Private Space Is Important,

After having a baby, I kept my private space with my husband well.

Going out to play will be divided into two modes: taking a baby tour and not taking a baby tour. Two people will also go to the movies every week. The key is that the couple should consciously arrange separate activities.

There is also a very important point, also want to let the baby have their own space.

Vigorous: Find a New Balance

It has gone through two completely different stages: taking the baby together with her mother-in-law and taking the baby independently now.

It’s easy to bring babies together, Appoint a time with your family, For example, one day and half a day off a week, you can watch movies and go shopping with your husband, and you can also send your baby to your mother-in-law’s house at night for romance and tenderness. It is difficult to take her alone, especially when she is old and has become a part of you two. At this time, the couple should reach an agreement and take her together to find a happy way.

The stage of joint baby-taking: I went to Guangzhou on a business trip, and my husband was on a business trip to Shenzhen. We entrusted her to her mother-in-law for a week and took time to go to Hong Kong for three days on weekends.

At first, I was very sad, afraid that I would not see Eva. As a result, I went out and had a good time. I couldn’t wait to forget that I still had a Eva. At that time, I was as happy as returning to my love period.

You know, I was still nursing at that time. I didn’t even have a breast pump. I found a place to milk manually as soon as the alarm clock arrived for three hours (it was not delayed than going to work). Eva also didn’t add milk powder and ate at home for a week. I had filled a freezer of frozen milk before (see how prescient I was).

Then I said the full-time baby-taking stage: now I take it by myself, so it is impossible to throw it to my mother-in-law as frequently as before. I have this little tail everywhere, and I only have my own time when she is asleep.

Of course, it is impossible to go out and play alone with your husband, But I don’t think it has much effect on my relationship with my husband. Of course we will quarrel, In order to solve the problem of [two people’s thoughts are synchronized], we agreed that as long as both of them are at home, they must not play with their mobile phones when eating, and whoever plays will lose 100 yuan. In addition, no matter how late Eva falls asleep every day, if he is not busy, we will chat on the balcony and talk about the life of our working friends. If he is busy and has to work overtime, I will play mobile phone or watch movies beside him, at least it is OK to pretend that our hearts are together.

I would like to give you some [objection] to the statements that “having a baby does not affect the relationship between husband and wife” and “the relationship between husband and wife is better”.

The appearance of children has more or less influence on the love (not family affection) of the relationship between husband and wife, or the mother will put more energy on the baby and ignore the feelings of the father (that’s what my husband said about me), especially the lack of support for the father’s work and social intercourse. Otherwise, the father will think that it is natural for the mother to raise the baby and does not understand the hard work of being a mother.

After having a baby, it is impossible to return to the freedom and sweetness when there was no baby. It can only be said that mutual understanding finds a delicate balance.

Yining: My baby sleeps in separate rooms,

Although it is very happy to play with children, we still have to continue to run a love career. It is said that a loving family will be better for children to grow up, so we choose to sleep in separate rooms from the beginning (two months). The baby’s bedroom has a camera, which is monitored in real time from electronic devices such as mobile phones at any time.

Through monitoring and observation, it is found that the baby will sleep more safely and sweetly and for a longer time. After dividing the room, he will sleep all night soon. I don’t wake up at night. After waking up, I will play for a while. When I wake up or get bored, I will call people to hug me.

That is to say, our nightlife will not affect each other at all. More importantly, the baby’s sleep quality is guaranteed. Win-win!

From the beginning, we fully expressed our love for the baby’s bathing, nursing and coaxing. At last, the baby usually looked at the bed and said that he wanted to fall asleep by himself. We put her on the bed and covered her with quilt or sleeping bag. She ate quilt horn or doll, stretched herself and fell asleep.

When Eva also does not cooperate, we will adopt the method of appeasement according to random changes. It takes a longer time to hug and play. During this period, she will be induced to sleep imperceptibly, twice if she cannot do it once, but it will not be forced or emphasized.

Sometimes she will cry and cry, but she will speed up to sleep. As long as she sleeps well, we can be as romantic as we want, and when the baby wakes up naturally, she will always be happy.

In addition, our baby’s all-night sleep is from 7: 00 to about 6: 30 the next morning. Imagine how much time adults will have to rest, isn’t it tempting?

Gu Xinwei: Romance of Walking and Chat

My mother-in-law has always helped us take care of the children. My husband and I have a night off every week.

That night we would go for a walk in the small park next to our home on our first date. He asked me for marriage by the lake in the park. The place where he expressed his love was a small pavilion. At that time, he was shy and we were all embarrassed to hold hands. Life would be much busier with children. It was also very romantic to take a walk and chat together.

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