How to give primary school students popular science knowledge?

Primary school students need to understand the concepts of body, puberty, sexual behavior and fertility of both sexes through correct sex education. They do not need very formal and rigid lectures to instill these knowledge. Repeat them with guiding words over and over again, In this way, they can better accept and learn these contents. Children who have not received correctness education, In the face of the sudden changes in puberty, May panic. Therefore, targeted and guided sex education is very important for primary school students. It is necessary to let them know the changes that may occur in puberty before puberty occurs. Understanding the process of children’s sexual development We often hear parents share stories about their children’s first walk or first tooth change with each other. But they have never heard each other share the story of their children’s sexual development. Because the topic of sexual development has always been regarded as very private and untouchable. No one dares to involve it very much. But this will easily lead children not to understand sexual development. Children who are not properly guided will instead become very interested in nudity and sexual behavior. As parents, It is your responsibility to tell your child about the various physical and psychological changes they may experience later. Let them face these better. Many parents will struggle with how to speak, how to better organize easy-to-understand language, But in fact these details are not so important. Talking to children about [sex] is the theme of sex education for primary school students. It usually includes the following aspects: Sex organs include what, Their function is that what cherishes and cares for their bodies. Adolescence will bring about changes in how. Where do people come from? What is love. Every parent can choose the best time to discuss these topics according to his or her situation and that of his or her children. There is no clear rule that you must know these things at the age of several. Many children will have various sexual problems at the age of school. Around the third grade, Curiosity will reach its peak, They began to associate fertility with sex, And began to actively explore and find these answers. At this time, parents took the initiative to communicate with them, It will enable children to acquire the right knowledge from the right channels. Establish correct concepts about sex, responsibility, love and marriage, Let them not take sex as an untouchable topic, After that, you can ask your parents more naturally for help when you encounter relevant problems. At the same time, the relevant courses carried out by the school are also very helpful. Schools also have to take part in the responsibility for students’ sex education. When parents and schools do not give sex education to primary school students, The children had to turn around, Go to the mixed network and media to search for relevant knowledge, This is definitely something parents don’t want to see. The normal [sexual development] process that primary school students will go through. If you find your child becoming curious about sex, Or show some behaviors involving both sexes, don’t panic too much. These are normal behaviors in development. As long as they are correctly guided, this period will pass smoothly. Some possible behaviors include: they will be embarrassed to expose their bodies in front of the opposite sex at first; They began to like to play with the same sex and deliberately alienated their opposite sex partners. They began to like to play games that require kissing or family role-playing. They began to discuss topics such as gender, sexual behavior and pregnancy, but the specific details may deviate a lot from the real situation. They will continue to enjoy playing the role of doctor, But maybe the focus will be on the sex organs, Because they have too many questions about sex. Parents should do this: 1. Active education should take the initiative to talk about these problems with children, Don’t wait for him to ask you. Because children are always shy, If by the time you are 10 years old, you and your child do not take the initiative to put this issue on the table, Then it is very likely that your child will no longer regard you as the correct source of sexual knowledge. To tell the child, Masturbation is a normal behavior, There is no shame in what. But at the same time, we should tell the children that this is an extremely private act. It needs to be done in private. Even if the children are embarrassed to say something to you, Also make sure they don’t turn to the wrong source of information. 2. Choose the right time. Some children may have sexual consciousness at the age of 6. And asked to take a bath alone, I don’t want anyone to touch and see his naked body. This is actually a good time for sex education. And tell your child to firmly refuse others to touch your body when you don’t want to. Many girls start to develop breasts when they are 8 years old. Therefore, parents should popularize knowledge about puberty and physical development to boys and girls at least by the age of 9. Many parents think sex education will begin before school age. But if your child is still completely ignorant, you need to find an opportunity to start this topic. For example, you can ask him [have you ever thought about where you come from? ], through this question to trigger a series of topics later, Or through the contents of a book he loves to read, Or through a pregnant relative to explain to him. 4. Repeatedly stress that parents should not think that it is enough to say many words again. You may need to repeat some concepts over and over again. Because sometimes children don’t really understand them. And through repeated communication, Children are also willing to tell you about the problems they encounter. 6. Fully understand that parents need to understand the sex education content arranged in schools. And make corresponding supplements and repetitions according to these contents. Clearly tell children that these sexual issues are extremely private. Only with family members and teachers, Only in this way can we get the right help. About the Changes of Adolescence Adolescence will bring all kinds of physical and psychological changes to children. It makes them panic. At this time, if parents or family members are willing to communicate with them to discuss these changes, It can make children adapt better and faster. For example, parents can share with their children some problems they encounter during puberty (menarche, wet dream, etc.), and through these sharing, they can close the distance with their children and relieve their anxiety. What parents can do includes: starting to discuss the possible changes in puberty when their children are nine years old; If parents do not know puberty very well, they should understand it first, otherwise there is no way to guide their children correctly. Looking for sex education materials for children’s age, which can help children understand the changes that may take place next. Girls may have menstruation at the age of 12 to 14, so they need to know about menstruation before that. Tell them how to use sanitary articles and prepare these articles for them in their schoolbags when they approach menarche age to prevent sudden [big aunt]; Let boys know about these situations before they have their first wet dream (usually after the age of 12) and erection, so that they will not be at a loss. Let boys and girls understand each other’s possible sexual development changes in each other’s sex. Physiological knowledge about sex and fertility Parents can do things including: Keep a frank and sincere attitude. When the child asks you why men and women want to have sex, don’t answer stiffly [in order to have children], you may as well gently explain to him the relationship between love and sex and the happiness brought by sex. When they raise the issue of same-sex relations, you can tell your children that some people will associate and fall in love with people of the same sex. Buy sex education materials for children’s age, To help explain many problems. Regarding the personal safety of children, children need to learn how to protect themselves. Parents should clearly tell them that what is an act against themselves. Parents can educate their children through the following methods: let them know the names and functions of sexual organs of the body, so that children can be more accurate in expression and communication; Let them know some ways to protect themselves; Maintain a relationship that allows children not to shy away from being honest with you about all kinds of ideas and problems. Let the child realize that he has the right to decide who will touch his body and learn to refuse. Let the child recognize the right object for help, which may be the teacher or the family. Put an end to [secret touch]! Tell your child that if someone touches the private part of your body without any reason (even if this person is someone you know), it is absolutely impossible for you to regard this as a secret. Parents must be told! What parents can do about emotions and relationships: first sort out their standards for sexual concepts such as morality, race and religion as what, and then explain these issues to their children. In order to avoid conflicts of ideas between you and your partner, it is recommended to fully communicate with your partner first; If you have your own firm attitude on a certain issue, you need to tell your children. (But you must accept the possibility that the child may follow your requirements when he is young, and when he grows up, he may have his own views, which may be completely different from yours.) It is necessary to emphasize that one should always stick to oneself and respect oneself in love and marriage, but at the same time one should also respect and consider each other. Let children understand that sex is an indispensable part of life. It is not just about sex, It will also cover all kinds of activities that sustain our life, such as marriage and family. What if you find it too difficult to talk to your children? If you think it is possible to talk to your children [sex] before school age, However, it is too embarrassing to talk to the child about some more specific sexual issues. If you can’t even do it, then it is very likely that you can’t provide your child with correct sexual knowledge through your own efforts. At this time, you can do this: prepare materials. Buy some sex education materials for the corresponding age of the child, including books, video materials, etc., and read or watch with the child. Be frank. Tell your child’s mother (father) sincerely will also be embarrassed. If you really feel it is too embarrassing to talk to your child face to face, you can tell your children how you really feel, provide them with relevant educational materials for reading, and ask you if you don’t understand the questions. Show your attitude. Tell your child some basic questions that may be related to sex, such as your morality, values and beliefs. Use the Internet. Visit the website with correct guidance content, read the content with the child, and explain his various problems to the child; Ask others for help. You can turn to a family or friend who is good at educating in this field. When you still have questions, You can strengthen your study and acquire knowledge of sex education through multiple channels. What must be remembered is that if you don’t have sex education dialogue with your child all the time, he may turn to other incorrect channels for help. You need to know the content of sex education arranged in the school, and supplement and repeat it accordingly according to these contents. Read sex education books with your child for his age.