How to Use Drugs Correctly

I often receive complaints from everyone. What else can [family medication] do besides checking the instructions? You may not know whether this App is used in what. I’ll give you a detailed explanation today, just once. Even if you think it is an advertisement, please watch it patiently. It will be useful to you.

Judging from everyone’s usual questions, the following questions are the most concerned:

How to use medicine for cold and fever?

Which medicines cannot be taken at the same time?

Which medicines cannot be taken by pregnant women?

Which medicines cannot be used by children and the elderly?

What if the old man has hypertension and diabetes but always forgets to take medicine?

Which drugs are unsafe?

What are the healthy popular medical knowledge?

Xiao Bian said responsibly that the [home medication] App can really help you solve half of these problems. The rest depends on doctors.

If you don’t know how to use [Home Medication] App to solve the above problems, please look down patiently.

1. Which drugs cannot be taken at the same time?

There is often interaction between drugs. Some drugs increase the effect when taken at the same time, some drugs weaken the effect when taken at the same time, and some drugs will lead to very serious consequences when taken at the same time. Therefore, we must know the interaction between drugs before taking drugs. How do we know? The method is as follows:

Set up corresponding members in the [Home Medication] App and add the medicine you want to take, which will automatically help you query the interaction.

For example, my mother has diabetes and hypertension. She needs to take antihypertensive drug Betaloc and hypoglycemic drug Beixin. After adding them to the medicine cabinet, you will find that the two drugs have warning messages. Click in and find that the two drugs cannot be taken at the same time. The following figure

2. Those medicines cannot be taken by pregnant women?

Only need to set up a pregnant woman member in the family medication, and every time you inquire about the medication, you will automatically judge whether the pregnant woman can take it, as shown in the following figure.

If it is not safe for pregnant women, it will be prompted. The safety grade is the medication safety grade for pregnant women from FDA.

3. Which medicines cannot be used by children and the elderly?

[Family Medication] You can inquire about the detailed instructions. You can read the matters needing attention in the detailed instructions carefully, and you will know the adverse reactions. Some instructions will specifically list the medication for children and the elderly.

You must be familiar with checking the instructions with [home medication], and you can also search by scanning bar codes.

4. What if the elderly have hypertension and diabetes but always forget to take medicine on time?

Don’t worry, take the medicine reminder to help you.

5. Which drugs are unsafe?

The child was ill and went to a nearby community hospital for infusion. The doctor prescribed Xiyanping injection. Is this medicine safe? Check with [family medicine], my heart is roaring, there is a safety warning.

Point safety warning to go in and have a look, immediately have the impulse to change hospitals.

6. Just arrived in the new environment, I don’t know where there is a pharmacy nearby.

[Family Medication] Bring your own map of the nearby pharmacy and contact the pharmacy by telephone for consultation.

7. The most complete and professional drug database will give you the most professional results.

Recently, we have cleaned up the data greatly. We can ensure that the ranking here is recommended by doctors. We do not charge any advertising fees for competitive ranking from pharmaceutical companies. And we will further optimize these data.

It is not convenient to input and can scan bar codes.

8. Give you the most scientific and reliable health knowledge and forward it to the people you cherish most.

[Family Medication] There is no folk prescription secret recipe health preserving soup, only scientific and rigorous medical popular science knowledge, all from doctors and experts, don’t be misled by wrong knowledge in the circle of friends, learn reliable health knowledge, for yourself and for your family.

I only send it this time, but I feel my conscience and recommend it to you, hoping it will be helpful to you.

If you think it is good to use it, I hope you can share it with your relatives and friends. Your sharing is the driving force for us to move forward.

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