If you know the consequences of holding your urine, you may never hold your urine again.

I believe everyone has experienced the matter of holding back their urine, and the moment they hold back for a long time and then [hiss] go out, the wonderful feeling is as if the whole person can ascend to heaven.

No matter if you hold your urine for what reasons, do you think that if you hold your urine, it will be a victory? As long as you don’t pee your pants, it won’t hurt?

No, no, on this question, Dr. Clove seriously asked Dr. Liang of urology department, and the answer was:

Hold your urine, it belongs to the kind of thing [not without reporting, the time has not come], always hold your urine, the harm to the body can be great!

To understand the problem of holding urine, we first need to know an organ-bladder.

The bladder is like a reservoir, storing urine that you want to discharge out of the body. What changes will happen to the reservoir of bladder if you always hold your urine?

When you want to urinate, you can’t urinate, but when you don’t want to urinate, you mistakenly think you want to urinate.

Always hold your urine, just like a rubber strip pulled over your head, which may make your bladder lose [elasticity] over time.

After a long time, or even if the gate is opened, urine cannot be discharged cleanly (because bladder contraction is not good); Either the water level monitoring instrument (bladder receptor) of the reservoir frequently sends wrong signals, and when the water level of the reservoir is not high, it will always receive instructions to open the gate.

The cycle goes on and on, and one day the gate will fail to open, coupled with the weakening of bladder contraction function, which will eventually lead to urinary retention. At this time, one has to turn to a doctor to dig a flood discharge ditch (catheterization).

Bladder protective layer damaged, bacteria invaded

If the reservoir is always at its maximum capacity and the embankment is always under the maximum pressure, if it is not maintained all the time, something will always happen.

This is also the reason why you often hold your urine.

After holding back for a long time, the blood vessels in the bladder wall were compressed, the mucosa became thinner, and the protective layer was damaged.

Although there are no bacteria in normal urine, it is just like a reservoir. If it is not properly preserved, exotic species will invade and destroy the local ecology. The same is true for a few bacteria that enter the bladder through the urethra. Once there is an opportunity, they will live down and multiply.

Affect renal function and bring renal infection.

If the reservoir is always full, it will definitely affect the inflow of upstream water.

Normally, the valve (ureter orifice) through which the upstream water enters the bladder is unidirectional, and the water in the reservoir cannot flow back.

However, if the bladder is always in a high pressure state for a long time, the valve will be damaged and urine may go upstream, which will not only lead to hydronephrosis, affect renal function, but also easily lead to renal pelvis infection.

You see, just hold it all the time, but it will hurt the kidney.


Don’t worry, we haven’t finished yet, holding urine is not as simple as destroying the reservoir…

To hold back one’s urine is still [nerve-racking]

Some people, especially old friends, often have diseases such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Brain arterioles have poor elasticity and can withstand little pressure.

Holding urine will stimulate blood pressure to rise and cause cerebrovascular rupture and hemorrhage.

Even if you say: I am young and strong, not afraid!

But keep holding your urine all the time, won’t you be nervous? Aren’t you restless? Can’t you stop shaking your legs? Yes, yes, yes, it is simply not good at anything!

Hold back one’s urine

Just like [nerve-racking], holding urine will also accelerate the heartbeat, induce arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and other problems.

When it comes to the more terrible [holding urine to cause cancer], although this cannot be determined now, holding urine will not prevent cancer. What are you holding back for?

Is it any good to hold your urine? It is said that holding urine can [help sex]!

Can holding urine [help]?

Don’t be ridiculous!

Some friends woke up with urine in the morning and were too lazy to get up, only to find that little Penis was very tall, so they thought it was helpful to hold urine.

In fact, holding urine is mainly to oppress and stimulate the nerves of prostate and other parts, and then through various nerve reflex, it will stand. But it is always like this, prostate and nerve tissue are pressed for a long time, maybe, but it will make you lose [sexual interest].

In fact, it’s not holding your urine [helping you], but when you suffer from severe distending pain, pee for a while… … …

Although you have got the last moment of happiness through hard and outstanding patience, I must tell you that it is also possible to be extremely happy and sad.

On the one hand, the huge bladder pressure is released instantly, and the reflex causes bradycardia, blood pressure drop, abdominal cavity blood vessel dilation, causing brain blood supply insufficiency and fainting to the ground. On the other hand, small blood vessels in the bladder wall will suddenly become hyperemia and rupture.

However, life is sometimes so helpless, there are always times when one has to hold one’s urine, what should one do?

Have to hold back, how to do?

Of course, the first criterion to solve this problem will always be-if you can not hold back, you will not hold back.

If you have to hold back, you can do this:

1. If the situation is special, I have a premonition that I have to hold my urine and drink less water in advance. Go to the toilet in advance! Even if you don’t want to go, go!

2. I had to hold it back for a long time. After the first release, I drank more water, urinated several times and washed the bladder and urethra wall.

3. It is safer to squat or sit when urinating for a long time, so as to prevent fainting after urinating. Elderly friends with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay special attention.

4. If there are diseases such as prostatic hyperplasia or urethral stricture that affect urination, you need to see a doctor in time to resume urination as soon as possible.

Having said so much about the disadvantages of holding your urine, Dr. Clove just hopes that everyone can not hold your urine in life, so you don’t hold your urine, and you can’t keep it after all. But you also don’t worry about anxiety because you hold it once in a while. After all, the bladder is not as fragile as a balloon. If you hold it once, it won’t explode.

Consulting Doctor

If you have other urological problems, you can ask a urologist first.