Is eating and stuffing a disease? How?

The most embarrassing thing after eating is the discomfort that food is stuffed in your teeth, but you can’t remove it without licking your tongue or picking your hands. Oh, by the way, there is also an embarrassing thing, that is, when dating a lover, the teeth are still stuffed with the green vegetables and leaves left over from the previous dinner… eating and stuffing teeth, in fact, the incidence rate in the crowd is quite high, don’t believe you ask the people around you, believe most of them have this kind of experience. Why is it always me who stuffed teeth? Normally, the teeth are arranged side by side and there is no gap between each other-there is naturally no gap and food stuffing is rare. However, in many dental conditions, food stuffing often occurs. 1. Periodontitis Yes, it is periodontitis again! Periodontitis is the most common cause of food impaction in adults. Periodontitis often leads to tooth loosening, displacement, Gaps appeared between the tightly arranged teeth, Food residues can easily be embedded. Besides, After periodontitis is under control, Gingival inflammation is eliminated, But it is often accompanied by gingival recession, So that the gap originally covered by gums is also exposed, It is also easy to cause food stuffing. 2. Teeth wear teeth cut and grind food day after day. Can cause physiological tooth loss. Under normal circumstances, it is not easy to create gaps between teeth. However, If the crown is excessively worn, It is also easy to cause food impaction. 3. Tooth loss. After tooth loss, Without making dentures and leaving them to fend for themselves, Especially the teeth that were originally occlusal to the missing teeth, Loss of occlusal resistance, Often stretch out, The teeth on both sides of the lost tooth will also shift, Plug teeth are more likely to occur. 4. Tooth decay, tooth decay, Especially when tooth decay develops to a certain extent, Wormholes will appear in the teeth, These [holes] are high-risk areas for plug teeth, However, it is not so convenient to remove these impacted foreign bodies. If tooth decay occurs on the adjacent surface of the tooth, It creates a gap between the two teeth, It is easier to plug your teeth when eating. 5. If the impacted wisdom teeth do not grow out or grow very straight, It is not easy to cause plug teeth. But it often backfires. Wisdom tooth eruption is always not so smooth, The end result of the slanting is to make it easier for food residue to stay between the wisdom tooth and the big tooth in front of it. In addition, Even if the wisdom teeth are not crooked, Because the position is too backward, If you don’t do a good job in daily cleaning, the probability of tooth decay is also very high, and it will be easy to plug teeth over time. 6. The condition of uneven tooth growth is called irregular dentition. The arrangement of teeth [different distances and heights], such as dislocation and twisting of teeth, naturally makes it easier and more convenient for food to get stuck in these places, resulting in plug teeth. How to deal with plug teeth? When plugging teeth, the most direct experience is that food residue directly oppresses gums-uncomfortable; Moreover, if it is not disposed of in time, the food will slowly rot and ferment, giving off an unfriendly smell-halitosis. In addition, bacteria proliferate in large numbers, Not only can it lead to periodontitis, It can also cause caries of adjacent teeth. Plug problems, Zero tolerance. It is necessary to use various methods to remove the stuck food as soon as possible. Lick, rinse and brush your teeth with a flexible tongue to remove foreign matters that are not tightly stuffed. If it is still not effectively removed, It is necessary to use dental floss. Generally, food residues deep between teeth can be cleaned out. Toothpicks are not recommended. Toothpicks are hard and sharp, and most people cannot accurately control the strength and angle of toothpicks. It is easy to damage gums and is not the best choice. Is there any cure for old plug teeth? Recurrent food impaction, And has caused troubles to normal life, It is very necessary to visit the dentist for examination. Take symptomatic and cause-based treatment. You may need the help of the following doctors. 1. Periodontists who have loose teeth, enlarged teeth or shrinking gums, Caused by the plug teeth, Then you should take a good look at your periodontist. Thorough periodontal treatment is imperative. However, it is worth noting that, After basic periodontal treatment, Periodontal disease can be controlled, However, sometimes the problem of plug teeth cannot be completely solved. Because gingival recession is difficult to recover, At this time, the patient’s cooperation is needed. Regular brushing, flossing and tooth brushing are all helpful to clean up the food stuffed in the teeth in time. These practices can not only avoid the discomfort of the plug, It is also of great significance to the maintenance of oral health. 2. If prosthodontists suffer from tooth defects, missing teeth, Then it is very important to find a doctor in the department of prosthodontics. Quickly take the appropriate restoration plan, through removable food inlay prevention device, fixed inlay or full crown and other ways to fill up the defect or missing gap, not only eat well fragrant, it is not easy to plug things between teeth, why not do it! Of course, it is more important to keep oral hygiene after installing dentures. If it is a removable dentures, After eating, you should take it off and clean it up. 3. If tooth decay causes a hole in the tooth or between the teeth, better late than never, It is not too late, Find a dentist to fill the wormhole as soon as possible. There is no hole in the tooth, There is no hiding place for food. 4. Oral surgeons should resolutely find oral surgeons to pull out the plug teeth caused by impacted wisdom teeth. This wisdom tooth has no chewing function, but keeping it is a time bomb, sometimes even affecting the big teeth beside it! 5. The food impaction caused by irregular dentition by orthodontists is in line with the indications of orthodontic treatment, so correcting teeth may be the best way. [Kouga] is not exclusive to teenagers, orthodontics and age are not problems.