Is going to Hong Kong to get cervical cancer vaccine a how experience?

Cancer is a word that everyone is afraid to hear.

In my eyes, the most terrible thing about it is not that it is difficult to find or treat, but that it is difficult to prevent. However, an exchange with a classmate of obstetrics and gynecology at a homecoming changed some of my inherent views.

Preventable cancer

She said, Do you know that the only cancer that can be prevented now is what? It’s cervical cancer.

Really? Cervical cancer is a common malignant tumor in gynecology and is the enemy of women. I vaguely remembered the advanced cervical cancer of those vegetable patterns on the textbook color picture and immediately got goose bumps.

In China, most cervical cancer patients are already in advanced stage when they are found, and more than half of them will die within 5 years.

Almost all cervical cancer is caused by high-risk infection of human papillomavirus (HPV). What is encouraging is that Now there is a vaccine that can prevent HPV infection, but this good thing has not been approved for listing in mainland China. The most [convenient] place to get HPV vaccine now is Hong Kong or Macao. However, it takes three times, costs thousands of dollars, and can only pay for it at one’s own expense.

How expensive! I am a hard-pressed graduate student with a monthly subsidy of hundreds of dollars. I am really not willing to fight.

Later, it was not until I was ready to get married and had a certain income that I made up my mind to fight. By the way, I could also go to Hong Kong to sweep the goods.

Assess the cost of money and time

Compared with other vaccines, the price of HPV vaccine is of course much higher. Now each person costs more than 2,000 RMB, which does not include transportation and accommodation.

If I start from the Pearl River Delta like this, the transportation time and cost are acceptable. If you take a bus, it takes a total of 6 hours to go back and forth, and the cost per person is less than 200 RMB. Moreover, in a place as big as Hong Kong, there are so many alighting points to choose from, how much more can you ask!

If you come from other provinces, you will naturally have a lot of trouble. In terms of expenses, air tickets are a large sum of money and trains are not cheap. In addition, HPV vaccine should be given three injections within half a year. Many institutions only open on Saturdays and do not open on Sundays. If the distance is far away, you must go one day in advance, but the unit which has so many leave can please oh, but also accommodation…

Which HPV vaccine to choose?

There are two HPV vaccines on the market in Hong Kong: Cervarix and Gardasil.

    Hui Yan Kang: It is a bivalent vaccine, aiming at HPV 16 and HPV 18 antigens. It is mainly used to prevent cervical cancer. It is only used in women and has stronger pertinence. It is also added with immune booster.
    Jia Wei Miao: It is a quadruple vaccine. In addition to HPV 16 and HPV 18, it is also aimed at the other two HPV antigens: HPV 6 and HPV 11. In addition to cervical cancer, it can also prevent vulvar diseases caused by infection of these types of HPV in men and women, such as condyloma acuminatum. It is said that vaccination for men can protect the other half to a certain extent. Naturally, the prevention scope is wider and the market share in the world is higher.

For women who have not yet been infected with HPV, the effectiveness of the two vaccines is equivalent.

There are different opinions on the maintenance time of the two effects. However, HPV vaccine has only been on the market for 9 years, and the antibody will disappear in what, which remains to be tested by time.

In the choice of vaccine, it is really difficult for a tangled person like me to make his own decision. Will I tell you that I decided to play Jia Weimiao because I wanted to take my husband to play with me? Think about it, what kind of experience it is to go back and forth to Hong Kong alone for three times and go shopping silently! Of course, it is also good to bring in friends or take your daughter to fight Hui Yan Kang.

If I still feel very tangled, I will give you another choice: Hui Yan Kang is the spokesperson of Deng Ziqi and Jia Wei Miao is the spokesperson of ASA and Zheng Yijian. Who do you prefer?

How to select service organizations?

There are many institutions in Hong Kong that can receive HPV vaccine, including various private clinics and some other institutions.

In order to understand the relevant information, the students recommended two websites: [Jianmiao Network] and [Hong Kong Cancer Prevention Angel Service Association]. In addition, if you search [HPV Hong Kong] online, various relevant experience posts will pop up.

I made a comparison, Prices vary little from institution to institution. I thought there would be a lot of people in the clinic at that time. Therefore, I finally chose the anti-cancer association with a slightly partial location. However, later, a classmate who went to a private clinic told me that I didn’t have to worry about this at all. Clinics all use telephone or online reservation system, with simple process, which is completely different from the mode of public hospitals [unlimited waiting] that we are accustomed to.

Who is suitable for HPV vaccine?

After contacting the association, the other party first sent an email informing me that the situation in what is suitable for typing and that the situation in what cannot be typed. From those complicated traditional Chinese characters and my homework, I have extracted the following knowledge points:

Inoculation Restriction and Adverse Reactions

    With regard to age, Different regions and different institutions have different ages suitable for HPV vaccination, FDA-approved women are between 9 and 26 years old, Foreign countries are routinely vaccinated at the age of 11-12, But the age limit is not the key. No sex works best, But if you have sex, you can fight, Especially for people who have not been infected with HPV. Even if they have been infected, It can also prevent the infection of several other HPV, Therefore, it is not necessary to detect whether you have been infected with HPV before vaccination. People who are sensitive to HPV vaccine components or yeast (such as bread) cannot take it. For people with sensitive constitution, long-term patients and long-term medication, Consultation is required before a decision is made. Pregnant women cannot fight, And contraception is required during the medication period. Regarding the pregnancy time after the medication, Without a clear stipulation, It is said that you can get pregnant immediately after the third injection, Don’t wait, there are also data prompts to a month or even half a year later to be pregnant. During lactation can be vaccinated. Menstrual period can be played, but may aggravate dysmenorrhea and other discomfort. After playing, there may be local redness, swelling, pain, numbness and other discomfort, a few people may appear dizziness, fever and so on. It is recommended to sit or lie down for 15 minutes after playing.

Safety and preventive effect

    HPV vaccines are relatively safe, at least since they were listed in 2006, but the longer-term safety cannot be answered at present. There are many other subtypes of HPV virus, which cannot be 100% prevented. People who have had sex before playing may have been infected with HPV virus. However, no matter what kind of population, cervical examination still needs to be adhered to.

Field Service Experience

After confirming that there was no problem, I made an appointment for the first shot by email.

This institution closes early on Saturday, so we have to take an early bus to go there. When we push the door there, we feel that it is a room of about 20 square meters, with two injection rooms inside and a front desk outside full of people. Almost all of them are mainland residents like me, and most of them are women aged 20 to 30.

The receptionists were very friendly and spoke good Mandarin. They asked us if we had eaten breakfast, instructed us to fill in the form, sign the consent form, pay the total cost of the three injections, and then waited for the injection.

We were called in a few minutes. The girl in charge of the injection confirmed my name, To get what vaccine, then take out the vaccine to prepare. It was winter at that time, the clothes were very thick, I was about to take off the sweater inside, the girl said no, let me pull the collar to reveal the shoulders and upper arms. Therefore, if you wear more, remember to wear clothes with lower collar and better elasticity.

After playing, the girl reminded us not to drink and lift heavy objects today. The aunt outside handed us a glass of water and let us sit and rest for a while. Then she handed us a needle card, recording the time of this needle and the time of the next appointment. After returning home, you can modify the time of the next time by mail or telephone, but of course it should be within the time limit stipulated by the vaccine.

The discomfort of the injection

This process is the same as the feeling of other vaccines or spanking needles. Intramuscular injection is the feeling of distending pain.

After playing, the girl pressed the cotton ball for a few seconds, then tore up a small round Band-Aid to stick it on me. As a result, the needle eye was too small to find where it was.

All day after the fight, I feel sour and tingling in my shoulders and arms over there. Lift things will hurt. But slowly, there is no legendary dizziness, fever and other discomfort. However, the third time, I don’t know if it is because I am at the end of menstruation, coagulation function is poor, after playing a drop of blood from the eye of the needle, press for a long time to stop. After playing, the pain is also obvious, lasting for three days.

Aren’t men often more afraid of pain than women? Why does my husband feel nothing after playing every time? Just give him all the big bags and small bags.

After vaccination, it is only the beginning… … …

Some people said that after HPV, they seemed to feel more secure, but I didn’t feel this way.

I clearly know that there are many kinds of HPV that can cause cervical cancer, but the two vaccines currently available are only aimed at a few of the common types. HPV vaccination definitely does not mean that the possibility of HPV infection is eliminated. I will still follow the doctor’s advice and carry out regular cervical examination.

Finally, give interested friends a summary of my experience and the whole process:

  1. First of all, please fully understand this vaccine and calculate the cost of money and time.

  2. Make sure there is no contraindication to injection, or go there for nothing.

  3. After selecting the vaccine, select an organization with convenient place and time for injection, and make an appointment in advance.

  4. Go for an injection at the appointed time. It is better to stay in the organization for more than ten minutes after the injection and leave after making sure there are no adverse reactions.

  5. The time of the first needle is determined by oneself, and the second needle and the third needle can be adjusted within the allowable range.

  6. Finally, remember to have regular cervical examination.

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