Is irregular menstruation a disease?

As mentioned in the previous [menstruation personal file], the occupation of menstruation is to transmit physical information to you, and irregular menstruation means that there may be what abnormalities in the body.

Therefore, irregular menstruation is only a symptom, just like fever, stomachache, just an external manifestation of a certain disease. For example, stomachache may be appendicitis, or intestinal obstruction, or ectopic pregnancy rupture, etc., so stomachache itself is not important, important, is what kind of disease causes stomachache, doctors should treat this disease.

The same is true of irregular menstruation, When irregular menstruation occurs, In fact, it reflects that the reproductive system or various hormones related to reproduction have problems, so doctors should also carry out various examinations to find out which disease causes irregular menstruation. For example, hysteromyoma, intrauterine adhesion, polycystic ovary syndrome, hyperprolactinemia and so on, and then treat these diseases.

Therefore, if irregular menstruation occurs, don’t blindly look at the advertisement saying that so-and-so tonic can adjust menstruation and beautify face, and then you will use it. Instead, they should go to regular hospitals for examination and treatment by professional doctors.