Is it just because the star’s chin has become sharp that he has a straight tooth?

Probably in the most recent years, Public aesthetics is more and more fond of [awl face]. Just click on microblogs and selfies of beautiful women in the circle of friends, It must be big eyes, white face and pointed chin. Among female stars, A pointed chin is even more standard. Careful viewers found that Some actresses with rounded or square faces before becoming famous, After becoming famous, he became a delicate pointed face. Faced with the doubts of [plastic surgery], The most common counterattack tricks of female stars are [correct teeth] [pulled wisdom teeth] and so on. Probably influenced by these statements, In the past two years, there have been many young girls in the orthodontic clinic. Their demands are all to sharpen their chin after orthodontic teeth and have a beautiful face that conforms to [contemporary aesthetics]. So, can orthodontic teeth change the face shape and achieve the effect of stars? Which teeth determine the face shape? There are many factors that determine the shape of the chin, The most important is the mandible. The mandible forms the skeleton of the chin. It determines its basic shape. Whether it is a round face, a Chinese character face, an awl face or a [tender cow’s five-square face], it is basically doomed here. Next is the soft tissue covering the mandible. Whether the face shape is full or thin, has a great relationship with the soft tissue. So, what role does teeth play in determining the face shape? On the one hand, the teeth themselves occupy a certain space, Hold up the fullness of the lips and cheeks, It has obvious influence on face shape. For example, people with buck teeth, The mouth is obviously protruding outward. And the old lady with missing teeth, The mouth and cheeks will sink inward. On the other hand, The arrangement of teeth and the position of the upper and lower jaws interact with each other. The chin protrudes forward, Or retracted inward, which has something to do with the arrangement and occlusion of teeth. For people with teeth covering the sky, the chin mostly protrudes forward or even tilts upward, and some even exaggerate to form a face shape that looks like a crescent moon on the side. However, these are all the effects of teeth on the overall face shape, but whether the chin is sharp or square has something to do with these what? You must have guessed by reading this, Whether you have orthodontic teeth, wisdom teeth, Or do you use other what methods to stir up your teeth, Even if it can change the position of the mandible, It is also unlikely to change the shape of the mandible. Seen from the front of the chin, What I saw was still the outline of the mandible. A square chin does not turn into a melon-shaped face. To give an extreme example, An old lady over seventy years old, The teeth fell out and did not turn into an awl face. This is enough to show that, You can’t sharpen your chin just by tossing your teeth. Orthodontic teeth can’t change your awl face. But it can make the face more beautiful. Although simple orthodontic teeth cannot achieve the effect of changing the Chinese character face into an awl face, However, the beautification effect of standard orthodontic teeth on face shape is also quite obvious. While many people do plastic surgery, It must also be matched with orthodontic teeth, In order to get the best beautification of the face shape. In fact, With the development of orthodontics, [Improving Facial Beauty] has long been its key mission. Orthodontic teeth mainly improve facial shape in the side. The main difference in facial side appearance is concentrated in the lower 1/3. That is, the relationship between nose, lip and chin, This is exactly what can be changed through orthodontics. The arrangement of teeth and the beauty of mouth shape are interdependent. With the development of orthodontic technology, By adjusting the arrangement and position of the teeth, Many mouth shapes that protrude outward or recess inward when viewed from the side can be significantly improved. Even achieve the perfect side face like a star. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, During orthodontic procedure, Appropriate orthodontic force guided mandibular position change, It does make the chin more prominent and upturned. Visually, you may feel your chin sharpening, But most of them are patients who still have growth potential. Having said so much, It is not to deny the meaning of orthodontics and plastic surgery. Everyone has the right to pursue beauty. Improved beauty is still beauty, It deserves tolerance and respect. I just hope that readers will understand that Each method has its scope of application and limitations, don’t have unrealistic expectations for a certain technology. In addition, whether orthodontic or plastic surgery, it is a serious medical technology with extremely high technical threshold. Only by choosing a regular and qualified hospital can safety be guaranteed and satisfactory results be achieved.