Is it suitable for what exercise during pregnancy? These 11 are recommended

Pregnancy is a special period in a woman ‘s life, Due to the family planning policy, most women will be pregnant to full-term delivery 1-2 times in their lifetime. And early pregnancy is prone to abortion and may also have serious pregnancy vomiting. At the end of pregnancy, high blood pressure edema, paunchy, waist and leg pain may also occur. It seems that there are 10,000 reasons to rest more. Should you exercise during pregnancy? The answer is: Be sure to exercise.

Some time ago, a patient was admitted to hospital to protect the fetus, In fact, there are no symptoms of abortion, Mainly because there have been abortions, Older, I want to be hospitalized to protect my baby. When I was hospitalized, I greeted me through my colleagues in the hospital. Told me that he wanted to live until he was born, I took her. Most of the drugs given to the hospital have the function of psychological comfort. The general condition is very good. No abdominal pain, There was no bleeding. After a week, After 45 days of menopause, Ultrasound saw the fetal heart, everyone is very happy, also very at ease. I advised the patient to leave the hospital, because now do not need drugs to protect the fetus, the hospital environment is not conducive to rest, the room is limited, imprisoned your exercise. The patient thought I drove her out of the hospital because of the bed problem, and went to find acquaintances again. Fortunately, my staff kept instilling the concept of discharge, and the patient was discharged from the hospital.

Pregnancy is a special period in a woman’s life. It seems that there are 10,000 reasons to rest more. So don’t exercise during pregnancy? No! Be sure to exercise.

1. Reasons for Exercise 1. Rest does not help to prevent miscarriage. Exercise does not increase miscarriage. Most of the causes of early miscarriage are chromosomal abnormalities of embryos, which will be lost whether you are active or bedridden.

2. The heart burden increases in the late pregnancy, and the heart function needs a certain reserve. Before pregnancy and in the early pregnancy, there should be a certain amount of exercise, and people who exercise regularly are not prone to hypertension.

3. Exercise can consume too much energy and prevent obesity, diabetes and macrosomia. Pregnant women are the treasures of the family. The family is fond of them. The appearance change is obesity, while the internal change is high blood sugar and large fetus.

4. Reduce thromboembolism. At the end of pregnancy, pregnant women’s blood is in a hypercoagulable state, that is to say, thrombosis is more likely to occur. If the amount of long-term activity is less, venous thrombosis and even pulmonary embolism are very likely to occur after delivery.

5. Delivery is a heavy physical activity. If you lack exercise at ordinary times, the process will be very difficult, which will affect the progress of labor and even affect the health of the fetus.

6. Weight-bearing exercise can prevent calcium loss. Weight-bearing exercise includes all upright exercises, including walking, running, weightlifting and ball games. Calcium loss during pregnancy is mainly due to calcium sharing to the fetus. Calcium supplement and weight-bearing exercise can reduce bone calcium loss.

Second, pregnant women are suitable for what sports.

1. Housework. If you wipe the table and sweep the floor every day, it is estimated that you will have to walk hundreds of steps, at least this time you are not lying and sitting. Doing some housework within your power is also physical exercise.

2. Work. Even if you are a mental worker, thinking, copywriting and typing will consume more energy than lying at home and watching TV. Moreover, you will have some walking time on the way to and from work.

3. Walking. Cardiologists and endocrinologists advise you to walk 10,000 steps a day without any other exercise. It is difficult to do in daily life and work. Therefore, take time for a walk. Walking for the purpose of consuming energy and increasing cardiovascular health needs to be faster, 6-7 kilometers per hour. It can be twice a day, half an hour to one hour each time. Suitable for the whole pregnancy, especially the first choice for the third trimester of pregnancy.

4. Jogging. Slightly faster than walking, is jogging. Walking and jogging can be combined. Suitable for early and middle trimester pregnancy.

5. Yoga. I don’t practice yoga myself and don’t know all yoga movements. Don’t take meditation as the main movement, but don’t do too difficult movements either. Suitable for the whole pregnancy.

6. Aerobics. Some slow-paced aerobics are good exercises. Can exercise the muscles of the whole body, is also aerobic exercise, can exercise heart and lung function.

7. Pass balloons. This is not my invention, but this is my recommendation to patients. There is no limit to the venue. Balloons move slowly, so athletes do not need to move fast and are not prone to falls. Balloons are light and fall on pregnant women’s stomachs, which will not harm the fetus. Just need the husband to accompany you, which is interesting to compete.

Step 8: Swimming. The swimming pool environment is better. Apart from hygiene, there should not be too many important people..The swimming pool with good environment is suitable for the whole pregnancy..

9. Taijiquan. It is a good way to play Taiji with moderate movements and whole body movements.

10. Badminton. Don’t move fast to catch the ball..Suitable for the second trimester of pregnancy.

11. Anal contraction exercise. This exercise can increase the strength of levator anus muscle, pelvic floor muscle group, This is one of the main forces that promote the delivery of the fetus in the final stage of labor. Postpartum is also conducive to the recovery of the birth canal. It is beneficial to postpartum sex life, Prevent uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence. This exercise cannot be learned by watching others do it. The act of defecating or urinating suddenly stops. It is the anal contraction movement. When you relieve defecation or urinate, Learn, can do this action when lying down, sit quietly. Contraction-relaxation, contraction time starts in 5 seconds, gradually extended to 30 seconds, twice a day, each time 15 minutes. Have a good experience, don’t do wrong, some people will make exercise to increase abdominal pressure, that is, hard defecation action. It will only increase the relaxation of pelvic floor, which is useless for childbirth and postpartum recovery.

Three, do not recommend pregnant women’s exercise

1. Table tennis. Table tennis is too fast and prone to human-table collisions. It is not recommended.

2. Basketball. It is only suitable for one person to play trick basketball on the court or practice shooting. It is not suitable for multi-player competition.

3. Football. Not recommended. It is a lower limb exercise-based activity. Not suitable for pregnant women.

4. Volleyball. Not recommended. Because the ball is heavy, it is easy to hit the abdomen.

5. Gymnasium equipment exercise. Not recommended. Although elliptical machines and spinning bicycles are relatively safe, they generally have resistance and require a lot of strength. They belong to anaerobic exercise and are mainly based on lower limb exercise.

4. Matters needing attention in sports 1. Diversification of sports. Diversified sports can avoid injuries and boredom caused by single and long-term sports.

2. Have good equipment. For pregnant women, loose, comfortable sweat-absorbing clothing is very important, more important is a pair of fit shoes. Pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy abdomen protruding, the center of gravity is not on the central axis, once the shoes are thrown off and twisted down during sports, it is very easy to fall down.

3. Be healthy during pregnancy. For example, there is no bleeding during pregnancy, no abdominal pain, normal blood pressure and normal placenta position after the middle stage. Please follow the doctor’s advice for other situations that reduce exercise. Those with gestational diabetes must exercise.

Exercise should be moderate, enough to sweat and increase heart rate.