Is it too difficult to quit smoking? Let’s take a look at the diseases caused by smoking.

Smoking can cause cancer, but its harm goes far beyond that. If you know the little knowledge about smoking that Dr. Clove talked about today, will you still smoke?

Smoking not only causes cancer, but also causes stroke, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

Speaking of smoking, many people think of lung cancer, which is actually a big blow to cardiovascular system.

People who smoke frequently have an increased risk of stroke, cardiomyopathy, aortic aneurysm and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

There are data showing:

Smoking is the first cause of young and middle-aged acute myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death. Smoking can advance the onset age of coronary heart disease by 10 years.

See here, do you feel the little heart trembling?

However, it is not too late to quit smoking in what.

As long as you start to stay away from cigarettes, the body’s self-repair function will play a role immediately, lung function will gradually improve, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases will gradually decrease. The sooner you quit smoking, the better the effect.

Tobacco smoke contains 69 carcinogens

Cloudy tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 kinds of chemical components, hundreds of which are harmful substances and at least 69 are carcinogens, such as benzopyrene, nicotine, formaldehyde, etc.

Among them, nicotine is the main cause of tobacco addiction and will affect reproduction, but it is not the main carcinogen.

Second-hand smoke is far more harmful than smog.

About one-third of adults in the world are exposed to secondhand smoke regularly.

Exposure to secondhand smoke not only leads to lung cancer, but also increases the risk of breast cancer and even affects reproductive function. What many people do not know is that if there are children in the family, secondhand smoke can also lead to diseases such as asthma in children.

Speaking of which, I can’t help but want to nag again. Smoking is harmful to health, which is certain. And quitting smoking is for one reason: for the health of myself and the people around me.

What is expensive is healthy?

Few things are really as expensive as possible, right?

In fact, what you buy with money is not [relatively healthy], but taxes and face.

The price of cigarettes is mainly affected by brand and tax rate, which has nothing to do with health. The more expensive the cigarette, the higher the tax rate, and brand is just a matter of marketing effect and face.

Women’s cigarettes contain less harmful substances than men’s cigarettes?

Many old smokers who know the harm of smoking well want to quit smoking but cannot quit, so they smoke small, slender, soft and sweet ladies’ cigarettes instead, believing that ladies’ tobacco shreds may be less harmful.

What, I don’t know you when I change my horse clip?

No matter how thin the cigarette is or how beautifully packaged it is, it cannot change the fact that smoking is harmful to health.

Moreover, the harmful substances released by the burning of fine cigarettes are not lower than those of ordinary cigarettes, and may even be slightly higher. At the same time, in order to get more nicotine, many people who smoke fine cigarettes often increase the number of cigarettes and smoke deeper, otherwise they always feel that they are not smoking properly.

Women’s cigarettes, in addition to the confusing fruit flavor, have no less harmful substances than ordinary cigarettes.

On the issue of cigarettes, Dr. Clove not only said that his mouth was worn out, but also felt that if he continued to say so, I’m afraid his mouth would be gone…

What about the agreement to quit smoking from today?